Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - It ____ easy. am is are Q2 - There ____ some people waiting to see you. am is are Q3 - There ____ some money to pay into the bank. am is are Q4 - They ____ coming. am is are Q5 - We ____ nearly ready. am is are Q6 - It ____ impossible. am is are Q7 - He ____ unfriendly. am is are Q8 - You ____ not to blame. am is are Q9 - How much ____ it? am is are

Q10 - Who ____ on the phone? am is are Q11 - Each week ____ worse. am is are Q12 - Everybody ____ leaving now. am is are Q13 - ____ anybody there? Am Is Are Q14 - Whose ___ those books? am is are Q15 - I ____ feeling very tired. am is are Q16 - It ____ happen very often. don't doesn't Q17 - They ____ it much. don't like doesn't likes doesn't like Q18 - She ____ there very often. don't go don't goes doesn't go doesn't goes Q19 - He ____ the time to do it. don't have don't has

doesn't has doesn't have Q20 - These ____ very nice. don't look don't looks doesn't looks doesn't look Q21 - Everybody ____ to do it don't want don't wants doesn't wants doesn't want Q22 - Somebody ____ you. don't believe doesn't believe don't believes doesn't believes Q23 - My sister's friend ____ an invitation yet. don't have don't has doesn't has doesn't have Q24 - This ____ a battery. don't need doesn't needs doesn't need don't needs Q25 - Those who ____ the idea are very angry. don't like doesn't likes doesn't like don't likes

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