This book would not be possible without my design partner, Erin Nichols

whose collaboration with me brought about Lately Lily. We’re both forever
grateful for the generosity and encouragement of Tom and Pat McDaniel.
Thank you to Jason for catching the vision of our little company and
making it a part of his life. Special thanks also go to Chronicle Books and
the incredibly talented friends we have been privileged to associate with
there, most especially and enduringly, Naomi and Amy.
This book is dedicated to Stephanie Jo Player, my closest confidante and
eternal accomplice.


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Adventures of
a Travelling Girl



Micah player

Bonjour! Ciao! Hola! Hello!
I’m Lily, the Travelling Girl.

My parents travel all over the world for work.

My best friend, Zeborah, and I are along for the ride.

We are always on the go . . .
By land!

By air!

By sea!
You name it.

I like to sit near the window.
Zeborah likes to sit by the snacks.

Every day is an adventure!
I wonder what we’ll do today?

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