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El Círculo de Expiación se complace en ofrecer los siguientes artículos en español, traducidos por Patricia Besada, Valerie Monk, y Rosa ern!nde" Mula# $e estamos muy agradecidos a nuestro e%uipo de traducción al español por permitirnos &rindarles estos artículos a los 'ispanoparlantes# (rtículos por Ro&ert Perry

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$os milagros como fuer"a de la realidad &y Ro&ert Perry# )Miracles as Po*er of Reality) +t may seem t'at seeing a miracle as an ama"ing 'appening *it'in t'e *orld is incompati&le *it' t'e Course,s teac'ing t'at t'e *orld is an illusion# +n t'is piece, Ro&ert defines )miracle) to s'o* t'at ama"ing 'appenings in t'e *orld are t'e natural conse%uence of t'e *orld,s unreality# El %ue reci&e milagros &y Ro&ert Perry# )Miracle Recei-er) .e* of us are a*are t'at t'is is e-en a Course term, &ut it is, and it 'elps re-eal t'e essential nature of t'e miracle# /Cómo el pecado dotó al cuerpo con o0os1 &y Ro&ert Perry# ) o* 2id 3in 4i-e t'e Body Eyes1) 5'e first paragrap' of )6'at +s 3in) makes t'e strange statement t'at )sin ga-e t'e &ody eyes#) 5'is statement at first seems to make no sense, yet it turns out to &e part of a profound, and c'allenging, -ie* of t'e purpose of t'e p'ysical *orld# El Espíritu 3anto, /planea los e-entos de nuestras -idas1 &y Ro&ert Perry# )2oes t'e oly 3pirit Plan t'e E-ents of 7ur $i-es1) /8u9 Es el Espíritu 3anto1 )6'at is t'e oly 3pirit1) Esta Es Mi Verdadera +glesia )5'is +s My 5rue C'urc') $a Visión 3ocial de :n Curso de Milagros )5'e 3ocial Vision of A Course in Miracles) :n Retrato Con0unto de ;es<s )( ;oint Portrait of ;esus) El Curso y la Madre =aturale"a )5'e Course and Mot'er =ature) Viendo El 3ignificado 2e $a $ecci>n 2el 2?a )3eeing t'e 3ignificance of t'e 2aily $esson) /8u9 %uiere decir el Curso por )cora"ón)1 &y Ro&ert Perry# 2oes t'e Course use t'e *ord )'eart) in t'e familiar *ay *e 'ear t'e *ord used in spiritual circles, as t'at unreser-edly positi-e place in us t'at *e need to reconnect *it', t'at place t'at is contrasted *it' t'e mind, t'e seat of t'e ego1 Ro&ert goes t'roug' t'e many references to )'eart) in t'e Course and pro-ides an ans*er# El Poder 7culto de las 2ecisiones +7+ &y Ro&ert Perry#

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Cómo Podemos Reci&ir Milagros &y (llen 6atson# ) o* Can 6e Recei-e Miracles1) 6'y don?t *e experience more miracles in our li-es1 +s it a misunderstanding of *'at a miracle is, or are *e failing to meet t'e conditions for miracles1 (llen addresses &ot' potential causes in t'is article#

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Etapas de la pr!ctica &y (llen 6atson# )3tages of Practice) (fter reading t'e Course, many people assume t'at enlig'tenment is supposed to &e some kind of instantaneous transformation# $ines suc' as, @Enlig'tenment is &ut a recognition, not a c'ange at allA or @6'y *ait for ea-en1A B&ot' from $esson CDDE seem to support t'is idea# +n t'is article (llen s'o*s t'at t'e Course also presents a clear picture of a gradual progression in spiritual attainment# /8u9 significa dar milagros a otros1 &y (llen 6atson# )6'at 2oes +t Mean to 4i-e Miracles to 7t'ers1) 5'e Course tells us to )offer miracles#) o* many of us are doing so1 6'at does it mean to offer a miracle1 /8u9 es un milagro1 Comentario so&re /8u9 es un Milagro1 &y (llen 6atson# 6'at +s ( Miracle1 /5e 'as preguntado alguna -e" por %u9 0u"gas tanto a la gente1 &y (llen 6atson# )6'y 2o 6e ;udge People1) (llen demonstrates t'at t'e source of our constant 0udgment of ot'ers is our pro&lem *it' t'e aut'ority of 4od in our li-es# :na =ue-a Manera de Mirarte ( 5i Mismo )( =e* 6ay of $ooking at Fourself) +n t'is s'ort, mo-ing piece, (llen attempts to encapsulate 'o* t'e Course *ould 'a-e us see oursel-es# e says, )5'ere is not'ing *rong *it' you# 5'ere is not'ing &ad a&out you, not'ing t*isted or spoiled# Fou really are t'e innocent c'ild of 4od#) $a Pr!ctica de la Vigilancia Mental )5'e Practice of Mental Vigilance) Reci&ir el +nstante 3anto )Recei-ing t'e oly +nstant) Mi 3al-ación Procede de Mí )5ips on Practice) Enamor!ndonos de 5odos ).alling in $o-e 6it' E-eryone) Conse0os so&re la pr!ctica &y (llen 6atson# ( &rief exploration of t*o po*erful tec'ni%ues for making our Course practice come ali-eG reading t'e lesson aloud, and turning *'at *e read into a spoken prayer#

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/Cómo discernimos entre la pala&ra de 2ios y meras pala&ras 'umanas1 &y 4reg Mackie# )5'e 8uest for 5rut' in Elaine Pagels?s Beyond Belief and in t'e Course Community) o* can *e tell t'e difference &et*een t'e *ord of 4od and mere 'uman *ords1 2o *e listen to *'at t'e aut'orities tell us or rely on personal experience alone1 7r is t'ere anot'er *ay1 Based on Elaine Pagels?s &estselling &ook Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, t'is essay explores Pagels?s account of t'e conflict in early C'ristianity &et*een 'eterodox )spiritual C'ristians) and t'e ort'odox C'ristianity t'at e-entually triump'ed# +t t'en applies *'at Pagels says a&out C'ristianity to t'e Course community and offers an ans*er to t'e %uestion of 'o* *e Course students can discern trut' *it'in our o*n de-eloping tradition# =o se &y 4reg Mackie# )+ 2o =ot Hno*) 4reg explains 'o* t'e simple p'rase )+ do not kno*,) rat'er t'an &eing a 'ead>in>t'e>sand approac', can actually &ring great peace# /8u9 son exactamente los )4randes Rayos)1 &y 4reg Mackie# )5'e 4reat Rays) 6'at exactly are t'e )4reat Rays)1 2esde $a Mente 2e Mono acia $a Mente 2e 2ios &y 4reg Mackie# ).rom Monkey Mind to t'e Mind of 4od) 5'e Course critici"es our current t'oug'ts

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&ut t'en rat'er t'an disparaging t'oug't altoget'er, urges us to find our real thoughts# 6'at are t'ese real t'oug'ts1 o* exactly can *e make contact *it' t'em1 /Para %u9) es la narrati-a na-ideña1 &y 4reg Mackie# )6'at +s t'e C'ristmas 3tory For1) ( comparison of t'e original 4ospel *riters? purpose for *riting *'at &ecame our C'ristmas story *it' t'e reinterpretation of t'at story?s imagery in A Course in Miracles. 6'ile t'e 4ospel *riters *rote it to exalt ;esus, t'e ;esus of t'e Course uses it to exalt everyone. /Cu!l es la -isión del Curso acerca del sexo1 )6'at is t'e Course?s -ie* of sex1) /Cómo +nterpreta El Curso $a +magen Bí&lica 2e $a Piedra Remo-ida 2e $a Entrada 2e $a5um&a 2e ;es<s1 o* does t'e Course material interpret t'e &i&lical image of t'e stone &eing rolled a*ay from t'e entrance to ;esus? tom&1 Comunicaci>n ilimitada )6'at does t'e Course mean &y unlimited communication1) Re-isando la analogía del proyector de películas &y 4reg Mackie#

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