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You Might Be a Sex Offender If.Derek The Fallen One Logue Created November 11, 2008 -- La t !

"date O#t$ 1%, 2011 NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A STO Y TO A!! TO THIS "IST #"EASE EMAI" ME THE "IN$ TO THE NE%S A TI&"E: dere'(on)efa**en.)o+ One o& the "reva'l'ng m(th 'n o#'et( ' that ever(one on reg' tr'e are all )v'olent ra"' t ) or )un#ontrollable "edo"h'le *'th hundred o& v'#t'm $) +o*ever, land'ng on a e, o&&ender reg' tr( -or even the "ro "e#t o& land'ng on the reg' tr(. ' a ver( real threat$ Over the (ear , / have #olle#ted ome ver( outland' h #a e *h'#h have e'ther landed omeone on the reg' tr( or have at lea t made them "otent'all( ub0e#t to "la#ement on the reg' tr($ 1ome are ad, ome are lud'#rou , other leave (ou 2ue t'on'ng the la* $ +o*ever, 't ' 'm"ortant to kee" 'n m'nd ho* ea 'l( one #an be #aught u" 'n the reg' tr'e $ Th'nk about that ne,t t'me (ou look at a e, o&&ender reg' tr($ Thu,- in the tradition of another .o.u*ar )o+ed/ ,'it- I .re,ent to /ou the fo**o0ing )a,e, a, 1You +ight 2e a ,ex offender if:3 4"augh Tra)' NOT In)*uded5 1$ You might be a sex offender if (ou ever "a'd &or a "ro t'tute 'n Ne* 3ork 415 -unle , o& #our e, (our name ' Ne* 3ork 6ov$ 7l'ot 1"'t8er 425. 2$ You might be a sex offender if9 (ou u e a tolen #red't #ard to h're a tr'""er 'n Ne* 3ork 4%5 %$ :$ ;$ >$ ?$ 8$ @$ 10$ 11$ 12$ 1%$ 1:$ 1;$ 1>$ 1?$ 18$ 1@$ 20$ You might be a sex offender if... 3ou are a "ro t'tute 'n Lou' 'ana 4:5 -though onl( '& (ou engage 'n oral or anal e,. You might be a sex offender if9 3ou had e, *'th a teenager *h'le (ou *ere a teen (our el& 4;5, unle (our dadd(< name ' =ark Lun &ord 4>5 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou ever got drunk at a "art( and v'deota"ed (our el& hav'ng e, *'th (our teenage g'rl&r'end 4?5 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou have ever g'ven (our k'd too mu#h 'n&ormat'on *hen g'v'ng the b'rd and the bee "ee#h 485 You might be a sex offender if9 a to"le "ubl'# "ark 4@5 *oman ha ever talked (ou 'nto )un*ra""'ng (our *ho""er) 'n a

You might be a sex offender if9 an(one ha ever a##u ed (ou o& a e, #r'me 'n Oh'o -- thank to a #'v'l reg' tr(, (ou donAt even need a #r'm'nal #onv'#t'on, onl( a #'v'l #onv'#t'on, l'ke O$B$ 4105 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou ever "art'#'"ated 'n la" butt da( 'n #hool 4115 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou allo* (our teenage daughter to have e, or donAt do enough to to" her &rom gett'ng kno#ked u" 4125 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou tou#hed the knee o& another man over >0 (ear ago 41%5 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou have ever taken a "'#ture o& (our #h'ld "la('ng 'n the bathtub, or '& (ou have bathed a bab( 'n (our tub 41:5 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou<ve ever 'mulated e, on the 'de*alk 41;5 You might be a sex offender if9 (ou had e, *'th a "'#n'# table 41>5 -noteC *h( *a the "er on *ho v'deota"ed th' "er on NOT #harged *'th #reat'ng ob #ene mater'alD +m$$$. You might be a sex offender if9 (ou are a teen and (ou take "'#ture o& (our el& and end 't to other teen 41?5 You might be a sex offender if.$$ (ou have oral e, *'th an 'nto,'#ated "artner 4185 You might be sex offender if$$$ (ou look at a #h'ld too long 'n =a'ne 41@5 You might be a sex offender if... (ou are #aught ur'nat'ng 'n "ubl'# 4205 You might be a sex offender if... (ou grab the arm o& a 1: (ear old g'rl to #ha t' e her &or te""'ng 'n &ront o& (our mov'ng #ar 4215 You might be a sex offender if... (ou &l'rt *'th a g'rl 'n 7g("t 4225

21$ 22$ 2%$ 2:$ 2;$ 2>$ 2?$ 28$ 29.

You might be a sex offender if... (ou had e, *'th a b'#(#le, br'ng'ng ne* mean'ng to the brand name )+!FF3) 42%5 You might be a sex offender if$$$ (ou are a #hool tea#her at a #hool that &orgot to "a( &or ant'-v'ru o&t*are 42:5 -'ron'#all( enough, he<d have &a#ed le t'me &or lee"'ng *'th one o& her tudent . You might be a sex offender if... the lo#al "ol'#e #re* u" (our arre t re#ord E 42;5 You might be a sex offender if.$$ (ou 'nve t'gate a e, #r'me 42>5 You might be a sex offender if$$$ 3ou get #aught ma turbat'ng 'n "ubl'# -even '& (our name /1N<T Fee*ee +erman. 42?5 You might be a sex offender if$$$ 3ou a k a ne'ghbor< k'd to "ee 'n a #u" &or (ou o (ou #an "a te tE 4285 You might be a sex offender if$$$ 3ou are a man *ho ha (our &emale #om"an'on get o&& the hook. 42@5 a drug

e, *'th (our *'&e 'n a "ark 'n Oregon -though

You might be a sex offender if$$$ 3ou leave (ou )l'ttle *'mmer ) 'n a #o-*orker< *ater bottleE 4%05 You might be a sex offender if... 3ou g've omeone a ) t'nk&a#e) *'th (our bare bottom 4%15

Than', to #redator #ani)- e6en ,ee+ing*/ inno)uou, 2eha6ior 0i** rai,e ,u,.i)ion 0ith the Nan)/7 8ra)e70at)hing- .aranoid ,o))er +o+, of toda/. Be*o0 are a fe0 exa+.*e,: 1$ You might be CONFUSED FOR a sex offender if.$$ 3ou g've a k'd a #ook'eE -a""arentl( 't< #alled )6room'ng). 4%25 2$ You might be CONFUSED FOR a sex offender if.$$ (ou leave (our l'ght o&& and don<t "a out #and( at +allo*eenE 4%%5 %$ :$ 5. You might be CONFUSED FOR a sex offender if... ome 'd'ot m' read (our a#2u'ttal "a"er 4%:5 You might be CONFUSED FOR a sex offender if.$$ (ou ave a dro*n'ng #h'ldE 4%;5 You might be CONFUSED FOR a sex offender if... (ou are a F7D/GTH/C/GNE 4%>5

Be*o0 i, a *i,t of intere,ting and unu,ua* defen,e, to ,ex )ri+e )harge,: 1$ Man 0ho 2*a+ed )at for do0n*oading &# get, 9:.; /ear,: That ' D7GD 'n #at (ear $ 6ue the #at *anted to ee ome )k'tt( "ornE) 4%?5 2$ The <Sex,o+nia< !efen,e: =an *a a#2u'tted on e,ual abu e #harge a&ter 't *a determ'ned the man *a lee"*alk'ng at the t'me o& the 'n#'dent$ 4%85

REFERENCES 1. New York ena! Code" #rti$!e %&' --htt"CII("d#r'me$#omI"enal$la*Iart'#le2%0$htm -- S 230.02 Patronizing a prostitute; definitions. 1. A person patronizes a prostitute when: (a) Pursuant to a prior understanding, he pays a fee to another person as o!pensation for su h person or a third person ha"ing engaged in se#ua$ ondu t with hi!; or (%) &e pays or agrees to pay a fee to another person pursuant to an understanding that in return therefore su h person or a third person wi$$ engage in se#ua$ ondu t with hi!; or ( ) &e so$i its or re'uests another person to engage in se#ua$ ondu t with hi! in return for a fee. 2. As used in this arti $e, (person who is patronized( !eans the person with who! the defendant engaged in se#ua$ ondu t or was to ha"e engaged in se#ua$ ondu t pursuant to the understanding, or the person who was so$i ited or re'uested %y the defendant to engage in se#ua$ ondu t$ 2. )S(it)er won*t be $harged in (rostitution s$anda! $) CNN, Nov$ >, 2008$ htt"CII***$#nn$ #omI2008ICH/=7I11I0>I "'t8er$no$#harge I'nde,$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 10, 2011$ O& 'ntere t'ng note, 6ov$ 1"'t8er made "ro t'tut'on reg' terable o&&en e 'n N3 tate, (et *a #aught *'th a "ro t'tute$


Dav'd 6'a#alone$ +.#.S. ,ega! News -.. FIJIG +arvard Klog Gr#h've , De#$ 1%, 200?$ htt"CIIblog $la*$ harvard$eduIeth'#ale 2I200?I12I1%I*a -legal-ne* -1 I, Hetr'eved O#t$ 10, 2011$ )Sou ia )of the S hene tady

*ounty "i$$age of +e$anson, to$d an in"estigating deputy that he too- a .isa redit ard fro! inside the )%urg$ed, house and whi$e at the residen e, he used the redit ard to hire two strippers fro! Sheer P$easure in S hene tady. /he in"estigation report states that the two strippers 0perfor!ed in front of hi! for a%out an hour,1 and harged hi! 2300 for the ser"i e. Sin e there was a se#ua$ !oti"ation for the ri!e, *on%oy said, Sou ia was prose uted under the 0Se# 4ffender 5anage!ent and /reat!ent A t,1 whi h %e a!e state $aw in Apri$. . . . 06f you o!!it a %urg$ary and your goa$ is %e ause of your own se#ua$ gratifi ation, it7s a se#ua$$y !oti"ated fe$ony,1 *on%oy said./he $aw in 'uestion is the S89 4::8;+8< 5A;A=858;/ /<8A/58;/ A*/ (>aws of ;ew ?or-, 200@, *hapter @, Arti $e 10), whi h our +i"ision of *ri!ina$ Austi e says 0esta%$ishes an 4ffi e of Se# 4ffender 5anage!ent and reates a new ri!e of a BSe#ua$$y !oti"ated fe$ony,7 and pro"ides for enhan ed ter!s of postCre$ease super"ision for a$$ persons who o!!it fe$ony se# offenses.1 S45/A7s D 10.03 gi"es us the fo$$owing definition: (s) 0Se#ua$$y !oti"ated1 !eans that the a t or a ts onstituting a designated fe$ony were o!!itted in who$e or in su%stantia$ part for the purpose of dire t se#ua$ gratifi ation of the a tor$)


Laura =agg'$ )Federa! !awsuit $ha!!enges sex offender registration for (rostitutes $) The T'me -F'#a(une, Feb$ 2>, 2011$ htt"CII***$nola$#omI#r'meI'nde,$ &I2011I02I e,Lo&&enderLreg' trat'onL&or$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )4n$y in >ouisiana an peop$e on"i ted of se$$ing their %odies %e re'uired to register as a se# offender, a ording to the $awsuit fi$ed %y the *enter for *onstitutiona$ <ights. /he p$aintiffs in $ude se"era$ wo!en fro! ;ew 4r$eans and the surrounding areas, as we$$ as transgender wo!en and a !an./he registration re'uire!ent on$y affe ts peop$e prose uted under the stateEs ri!e against nature %y so$i iation $aw, whi h is used when a person is a used of engaging in ora$ or ana$ se# in e# hange for !oney. Peop$e a used of prostitution, whi h in $udes any se# a t, are not re'uired to register $) Derek Logue, )/he Crimina!i)ation of /een Sex$) On#e Fallen, 2010$ htt"CII***$on#e&allen$ #omICr'm'nal'8'ngTeen1e,$html Maler'e Jal&r'n, ),unsford*s Son Senten$ed$) Tam"a Ka( Onl'ne, Bul( 1?, 200?$ htt"CII***$tboblog $ #omI'nde,$"h"Ine* *'reI tor(Ilun &ord - on- enten#edI, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )/eens" Sex and the ,aw0 1enar!ow +i!son $) NFH, Bune 12, 200?$ htt"CII***$n"r$orgItem"late I tor(I tor($ "h"D tor(/dN10@?2?0%, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )6n Au$y 2003, a "ideotape surfa ed showing Fi$son, then 1@, engaging in onsensua$ ora$ se# with a 1GCyearCo$d gir$ at a hote$ party hosted %y fe$$ow highCs hoo$ers. A Hury $ater found Fi$son gui$ty of aggra"ated hi$d !o$estation, whi h arries a !andatory 10Cyear senten e and re'uires p$a e!ent on =eorgiaEs se# offender registry. An interesting e# eption in =eorgia $aw wou$d ha"e gi"en Fi$son Hust one year in prison if he and the gir$ had engaged in se#ua$ inter ourse. Sin e Fi$sonEs on"i tion, that $oopho$e has %een $osed %y state $aw!a-ers $) =allor( 1'mon$ )+oman (rose$uted for gi2ing her $hi!dren too mu$h information about sex$) Court TM, Nov$ 12, 200?$ )A!y S!a$$ey thought she was %eing a good parent when she taught her hi$dren a%out se#. S!a$$ey to$d her hi$dren, ages 11 and 1G, a%out her own se#ua$ e#perien es, e#p$ained how to perfor! ora$ se# and e"en showed the! a se# toy she owned. S!a$$ey a$$ed it edu ation. Prose utors a$$ed it a ri!e. Prose utors in *o$u!%ia *ounty, Fis., harged S!a$$ey :e%. 1I with e#posing hi$dren to har!fu$ des riptions, a fe$ony ri!e that arries a pena$ty of up to three years in prison. S!a$$eyEs $awyer atte!pted to get the ase thrown out, saying that se# edu ation was prote ted free spee h, %ut a *o$u!%ia *ounty Hudge disagreed and sent the ase to tria$. 4n /hursday, S!a$$ey p$eaded gui$ty and was senten ed to pro%ation and ordered to attend ounse$ing. She agreed to the p$ea to pre"ent her hi$dren fro! ha"ing to testify...A !ain point !ade %y S!a$$eyEs attorneys in arguing for the ase to %e dropped was that the $aw used to prose ute her was intended to pre"ent hi$dren fro! %eing e#posed to pornography, and not !eant for parents ta$-ing a%out se# with their -ids$) 1ee al o the +ann't( O Colme tran #r'"t, Nov$ 1%, 200?, htt"CII***$ &o,ne* $#omIon-a'rIhann't(I200?I11I1:I*' #on 'n-mom-taken-#ourt-g'v'ng-her-k'd -too-mu#h-'n&ormat'onabout- e,$ =ar#u Karam, /o(!ess +oman ,ured er2erts in Sex Sting$ GKC Ne* , De#$ 8, 200?$ ) offCduty J2C yearCo$d firefighter, was wa$-ing in Ker$iner Par- in *o$u!%us, 4hio, in 5ay when he saw a wo!an sun%athing top$ess under a tree. &e approa hed her and they started ta$-ing and getting o!forta%$e, the wo!an s!i$ing and resting her foot on his shou$der at one point. 8"entua$$y, she as-ed to see =arrisonEs penis; he unzipped his pants and o!p$ied. Se onds $ater, under o"er po$i e offi ers pu$$ed up in a "an and arrested =arrison; he was $ater harged with pu%$i inde en y, a !isde!eanor, %ased on "ideo footage ta-en %y ops who were targeting !en ha"ing se# or !astur%ating in the par-. Fhi$e top$ess sun%athing is $ega$ in the ityEs par-s, e#posing !ore than that is against the $aw$)


6. 7.




Cha(ter .'30456 Ci2i! Sexua! #buse Registr7 --htt"CII#ode $oh'o$govIoa#I10@P%G;-:$ 1ee al o 1haron Cool'dge, )Ohio !aw dodges statute of !imitations for sex $rimes $) !1G Toda(, O#t$ ;, 200>$ htt"CII***$ u atoda($#omIne* Inat'onI200>-10-0;- e,-o&&enderL,$htm, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Peop$e who ha"e ne"er %een on"i ted of a se# offense sti$$ ou$d end up on a pu%$i registry in 4hio. A $aw that went into effe t in August targets a$$eged se# offenders who an no $onger fa e harges or %e sued %e ause the ti!e a$$owed for either a tion L the statute of $i!itations L has e#pired. /he new $aw a$$ows prose utors, the stateEs attorney genera$ or a$$eged "i ti!s to see- to put a person on the registry. Fhoe"er !a-es the re'uest !ust try to present enough e"iden e to on"in e a Hudge that the ri!e was !ore $i-e$y than not to ha"e o urred. 6f a Hudge, after hearing testi!ony and re"iewing e"iden e fro! %oth sides, deter!ines that the a%use is $i-e$y to ha"e ta-en p$a e, then the a$$eged offender !ust register with the 4hio Attorney =enera$Es 6nternet *i"i$ <egistry$) Denn' Frager$ )8th5graders 9ai!ed" sha$k!ed for butt5s!a((ing: ) QorldNetDa'l(, Gug$ 21, 200?$ htt"CII***$ *nd$#omIne* Iart'#le$a "DGHT/CL7L/DN;?2:@, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )/wo %oys tore down the ha$$ of Patton 5idd$e S hoo$ after $un h, swatting the %otto!s of gir$s as they ran M what so!e -ids $ater said was a o!!on for! of greeting. Kut %otto!Cs$apping is against po$i y in 5 5inn"i$$e Pu%$i S hoo$s. So a tea herEs aide sent the gaw-y se"enthCgraders to the offi e, where the "i e prin ipa$ and a po$i e offi er stationed at the s hoo$ soon interrogated the!.( A po$i e offi er interrogated the!N (After hours of inter"iews with students,( the 4regonian ontinues, (the day of the :e%ruary in ident, the offi er read the %oys their 5iranda rights and hau$ed the! off in hand uffs to Hu"eni$e Hai$, where they spent the ne#t fi"e days... 4ne of the %oysE !others, in tears, to$d !e that these $etters profound$y affe ted the %oys, who were !ade to appear as per"erts and se#ua$ predators and who ou$d ha"e %een p$a ed on se#ua$ predator $ists for the rest of their $i"es$) Qend( Jo#h$ )Sex5offender residen$7 !aws get se$ond !ook$) !1G Toda(, Feb$ 2>, 200?$ htt"CII***$ u atoda($#omIne* Inat'onI200?-02-2;- e,-o&&ender-la* -#overL,$htm, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Aanet A$$ison, JG, a !other of fi"e in =eorgia, says she was for ed to !o"e fro! a fourC%edroo! ho!e in downtown +ah$onega to a twoC%edroo! !o%i$e ho!e (way off on a dirt road( %e ause she is a on"i ted se# offender and her for!er ho!e was within a 'uarterC!i$e of a hur h. A$$isonEs situation a$so ref$e ts how residen y $aws an affe t those who arenEt se#ua$ predators. A$$ison says she was arrested fi"e years ago for a$$owing the 1@C yearCo$d %oyfriend of her pregnant daughter, then 1G, to !o"e in with the!. She was on"i ted of %eing a party to hi$d !o$estation. A$$ison didnEt go to prison, %ut three of her hi$dren were put in foster are, and sheEs not a$$owed to ha"e onta t with her daughter or grandson. (6 didnEt tou h anyone,( A$$ison says. (6 Hust thought 6 was prote ting !y daughter$) Kr'an Dohert($ );egan*s F!aws:) Hea on =aga8'ne, Bune 1@@?$ htt"CIIrea on$ #omIar#h've I1@@?I0>I01Imegan -&la* , Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )*onsider *a$ifornia, whose 1II3 5eganEs >aw re'uires reating a *+C<45 data%ase of on"i ted se# offenders, a"ai$a%$e to the pu%$i . (/he state has had a registry of se# offenders sin e 1IJJ.) /he >os Ange$es /i!es reports that this new data%ase is turning up !any an ient ases of !en arrested for onsensua$ gay se# in pu%$i or se!iCpu%$i p$a es, so!e of the! youthfu$ e#peri!ents of !en who went on to $ong !arried $i"es. 4ne !an, arrested in 1IJJ for tou hing the -nee of another !an in a par-ed ar, was surprised when his wife o$$e ted the !ai$ ontaining an en"e$ope, sta!ped (se# ri!e( in red in-, te$$ing hi! he needed to register as a se# offender $) Bame J'nka'd, <s this $hi!d (ornogra(h7: alon$#om, Ban$ %0, 2000$ htt"CIIl'&e$ alon$ #omI2000I01I%1Ik'n#a'dL%I, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )/his %$a - o!edy set in Kur%an- pro"es a s ary point: At this ti!e there is no way to differentiate L $ega$$y L %etween a fa!i$y snapshot of a na-ed hi$d and hi$d pornography. ;ot that photo $a%s don7t try. /hey do, and e"ery now and then they $ight upon (or on o t) what they ta-e to %e a ase of hi$d pornography. /here are a%out 10 ases in the $ast dozen years that ha"e e!erged in the press. So!e are worthy of !ention here, !ost$y %e ause they weren7t worthy of attention when they o urred: 1. Fi$$ia! Oe$$y was arrested in 5ary$and in 1IP@ after dropping off a ro$$ of fi$! that in $uded shots his 10CyearCo$d daughter and younger hi$dren had ta-en of ea h other nude. 2. +a"id Qr%an in 1IPI too- photos of his wife and 1GC!onthCo$d grandson, %oth nude, as she was gi"ing hi! a %ath. O!art turned hi! in and he was on"i ted %y a 5issouri ourt ($ater o"erturned). 3. A gay adu$t oup$e in :$orida de ided to sha"e their %odies and snap their $o"e!a-ing, on"in ing a Fa$greens $er- that one of the! was a hi$d. /hey are suing the :ort >auderda$e po$i e.J. 5ore re ent$y, *ynthia Stewart turned in %athC ti!e pi tures of her PCyearCo$d daughter to a :uHi fi$! pro essing $a% in 4%er$in, 4hio. /he $a% onta ted the $o a$ po$i e, who found the pi tures 0o"er the $ine1 and arrested the !other for, a!ong other things, snapping in the sa!e fra!e with her daughter a showerhead, whi h the prose ution apparent$y p$anned to re$ate so!ehow to hints of !astur%ation. CC8"en though the nu!%er of arrests is not $arge and the ir u!stan es see! ridi u$ous, this photo $a% idio y is a serious !atter: 6t puts a$$ of us at ris-, and it signifi ant$y erodes





free spee h prote tion %y insisting that a photograph of a hi$d is tanta!ount to !o$estation. Sin e it is what is outside the fra!e (the intention of the photographer, the rea tion of the "iewer) that ounts $ega$$y, we are a tua$$y en ouraged to fantasize an a tion in order to deter!ine whether or not this is hi$d pornography $) 1ee al o Thoma Joro e#, ).5=our #rrest.) Dalla Ob erver, G"r$ ?, 200%$ htt"CII***$dalla ob erver$ #omI200%-0:-1?Ine* I1-hour-arre tI"r'ntI, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Fhen does a snapshot of a !other %reastCfeeding her hi$d %e o!e -iddie pornN As- the <i hardson po$i e $)


;an simu!ated sex a$t on (a2ement, KKC Ne* , Nov$ ;, 200?$ htt"CIIne* $bb#$#o$ ukI2Ih'IukLne* I #otlandI outhLo&L #otlandI?0?@288$ tm, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Se$-ir- Sheriff *ourt heard he got into a pressCup position on the pa"e!ent and started si!u$ating se#ua$ inter ourse. Senten e was deferred on 5arsha$$, who ta-es !edi ation for arthritis. &e was put on the se# offenders register $) );an $aught ha2ing sex with tab!e gets > months$) NorthQe tOh'o$#om, Bune 22, 2008$ htt"CII***$ north*e toh'o$#omIne* Ine* L tor($a ",D'dN1;008%R$T"Tr@b/g-T8, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Fol'#e a( on =ar#h 1%, the t'" ter dro""ed o&& three DMD *h'#h ho*ed Fr'#e 'n the a#t$ On &our o##a 'on $$$ Fol'#e a( that dur'ng 2ue t'on'ng, Fr'#e adm'tted he had e, *'th the "'#n'# table$ +e al o #on&'rmed the 'n#'dent #aught on the DMD and adm'tted to hav'ng e, *'th the table 'n 'de h' home$ On Bune 18, 2008, Fr'#e "leaded <no #onte t< to d' em'nat'ng harm&ul mater'al to 0uven'le and "ubl'# 'nde#en#($ G##ord'ng the +uron Count( De"artment o& Corre#t'on , he *a enten#ed to ', month 'n 0a'l$) 1#ott ='#hel $ )/een Charged +ith Sending Nude i$s of =erse!f$) GKC Ne* , O#t$ 10, 2008$ htt"C IIab#ne* $go$#omITheLa*I tor(D'dN;@@;08:O"ageN1, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A 1GCyearCo$d 4hio gir$ fa es fe$ony harges and !ay ha"e to register as a se# offender for a$$eged$y ta-ing nude photos of herse$f and sending the! to her high s hoo$ $ass!ates. /he gir$, whose na!e has not %een re$eased, was arrested $ast wee- and harged in Hu"eni$e ourt with possessing ri!ina$ too$s and the i$$ega$ use of a !inor in nudityC oriented !ateria$, said >i -ing *ounty, 4hio, prose utor Oen 4swa$t $) htt"CII***$megan la*$#a$govIreg' trat'onIo&&en e $a ",DlangN7N6L/1+ -- Ca!ifornia Code %??# @<A Dave Choate$ )Bi!! toughens !aw on 2isua! sexua! aggression against $hi!dren in ;aine $) 1ea#oa t Onl'ne, G"r'l >, 2008$ htt"CII***$ ea#oa tonl'ne$#omIa"" I"b# $dllIart'#leDG/DNI20080:0>IN7Q1I80:0>0%:%I1IN7Q101, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Qnder the %i$$, if so!eone is arrested for "iewing hi$dren in a pu%$i p$a e, it wou$d %e a *$ass + fe$ony if the hi$d is %etween 12 to 1J years o$d and a *$ass * fe$ony if the hi$d is under 12, a ording to A$e#ander. &i$$ said she %e$ie"es the !o"e was ne essary to orre t what she a$$ed a ($oopho$e( in the stateEs ri!ina$ $aw statutes$) 1ee ),awmaker0 Urinating <n ub!i$ Ex(oses F!aw <n ,aw.) Ko ton TM-;, 1e"t$ %0, 200?$ htt"CII***$ thebo ton#hannel$#omIne* I1:2%8::2Ideta'l$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A ;ew &a!pshire $aw!a-er said $aws against pu%$i urination in pu%$i e#poses a f$aw in the $aw. Strange as it sounds, +e!o rati <ep. Stephen Shurt$eff said !a-ing pu%$i urination a separate ri!e ou$d rea$$y he$p peop$e out. *urrent$y, there is no state $aw spe ifi a$$y addressing pu%$i urination; itEs prose uted under a pat hwor- of $o a$ and state $aws, inde ent e#posure a!ong the!. Shurt$eff said %e ause inde ent e#posure is a se# offense, !u$tip$e on"i tions ou$d $and ha%itua$ pu%$i urinators on a se# offender registry, a pena$ty he fee$s is too se"ere for the ri!e$) 1ee al o Hu ell Carter$ );an arrested for urinating on a $hur$h$) JFOH-:, 1e"t$ 18, 2010$ htt"CII***$k&or$#omIne* Ilo#alIk&or-ne* -#hur#h-ur'nat'on- tor(,0,>%8@?%2$ tor(, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A !etro !an is fa ing serious harges after po$i e $ai! he re$ie"ed hi!se$f on a hur h window in +owntown 4-$aho!a *ity. A$ong with urinating on the window po$i e say G0CyearCo$d <oy +ungan ontinued to e#pose hi!se$f after %eing approa hed %y an asso iate pastor who was worried a%out students in a near%y Sunday s hoo$ $ass. (4%"ious$y we donEt want any%ody e#posed to this type of a tion or in ident and it was a good a$$ %y the pastor to onta t us,( said Sgt. Aennifer Fard$ow with the 4-$aho!a *ity Po$i e +epart!ent. 6f +ungan is found gui$ty of inde ent e#posure he wi$$ ha"e to register as a se# offender $) );an grabs gir!*s arm C now he*s a sex offender$) QorldNetDa'l(, Bul( 2, 200;$ htt"CII***$*nd$#omID "age/dN%11%:R',881aQtG2BFJ, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A !an who gra%%ed a 1JCyearCo$d gir$Es ar! to hastise her after she wa$-ed in front of his ar, ausing hi! to swer"e to a"oid hitting her, !ust register as a (se# offender,( the Appe$$ate *ourt of 6$$inois has ru$ed. :itzroy Karna%y, a 2PCyearCo$d 8"anston, 6$$inois, !an was prose uted for atte!pted -idnapping and hi$d a%du tion harges fo$$owing a ;o"e!%er 2002 in ident in whi h he near$y hit the teen with his "ehi $e. /he gir$ testified Karna%y ye$$ed, (*o!e here, $itt$e gir$,( when he Hu!ped out of his ar and gra%%ed her ar!. She %ro-e away and a$$ed authorities. Karna%y says he was !ere$y trying to $e ture her for her are$essness $)



18. 19.




)=undreds of Eg7(tian bo7s arrested... for f!irting with gir!s in sexua! harassment $ra$kdown $) !J Da'l( =a'l Onl'ne, Nov$ 21, 2008$ htt"CII***$da'l(ma'l$#o$ukIne* Iart'#le-10882>0I+undred -7g("t'an-bo( arre ted--&l'rt'ng-g'rl - e,ual-hara ment-#ra#kdo*n$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )8gyptian authorities ha"e arrested hundreds of teenage %oys as part of a ra -down on se#ua$ harass!ent, it has %een re"ea$ed. *airo po$i e said they ha"e arrested !ore than J00 %oys after they were aught Bf$irting with gir$s7. /he %oys, who are aged %etween 1G and 1@, were rounded up as part of a ra -down in s hoo$s and uni"ersities a ross the apita$... /he arrests wi$$ %e seen as a !aHor "i tory for wo!en7s groups who ha"e $ong o!p$ained that po$i e ignore se#ua$ harass!ent $ai!s$) Le ter +a'ne , )Bike bonk b!oke !ands on sex offenders* register$) The Heg' ter !J, O#t$ 2>, 200?$ htt"C II***$thereg' ter$#o$ukI200?I10I2>Ib'keL'n#'dentI, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A !an who was aught in f$agrante de$i to atte!pting se#ua$ inter ourse with a %i y $e has %een p$a ed on the se# offendersE register, the /e$egraph reports$) H(an 1'ngel, ) roof0 orn o(5U( /ea$her is <nno$ent" Des(ite ;isdemeanor !ea $) Q'red, Nov$ 2:, 2008$ htt"CII***$*'red$#omIthreatlevelI2008I11I"roo&-"orn-"o"ID#'dN1:0;?:%>8, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A used of $etting i!pressiona%$e students see pornographi pi tures as she %rowsed the we% in her $assroo!, for!er *onne ti ut s hoo$ tea her Au$ie A!ero dodged fe$ony harges $ast :riday %y agreeing to p$ead gui$ty to a sing$e !isde!eanor harge and surrendering her state tea hing redentia$s, a ording to the &artford *ourant$) Hand( =#/l*a'n, );om ;istaken!7 !a$ed on Sex Offender ,ist$) NKC Dalla I Ft$ Qorth, =ar$ 2>, 200@$ htt"C II***$nb#d&*$#omIne* Ilo#alI:1@;>112$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011 4M'deo5$ Dalla mom 'ne,"l'#abl( land on e, reg' tr( though he *a never #harged or #onv'#ted o& an( #r'me$ J'm Setter, )DSextingE =7steria Fa!se!7 Brands Edu$ator as Chi!d ornogra(her $) Q'red, Gr"$ %, 200@$ htt"C II***$*'red$#omIthreatlevelI200@I0:I e,t'ng-h( ter'ID#'dN1;18@2>0@, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )<u!ors had %een f$ying at :reedo! &igh S hoo$ in South <iding, .irginia that students were distri%uting nude pi tures of ea h other on their e$$ phones. 6t7s a pheno!enon, -nown as (se#ting,( that7s %e o!e in reasing$y worriso!e to edu ators a ross the ountry, and /ingC?i 4ei, a 30CyearCo$d assistant prin ipa$ at the s hoo$, was tas-ed with he -ing it out. /he in"estigation was in on $usi"e, %ut $ed to a stunning after!ath: 4ei hi!se$f was harged with possession of hi$d pornography and re$ated ri!es L harges that threatened to %rand hi! a se# offender and $and hi! in prison for up to se"en years. /ransferred fro! his s hoo$ and iso$ated fro! o$$eagues, 4ei spent 21G0,000 and a year of his $ife defending hi!se$f in a Oaf-aes'ue $ega$ night!are triggered %y a deter!ined ounty prose utor and nurtured %y a growing hysteria o"er te hno$ogyCena%$ed hi$d porn at A!eri a7s s hoo$s$) )1a!ston man $ommitted sex a$t on himse!f in ba$k of $ar$) J'lmarno#k 1tandard, Bul( %1, 200@$ htt"C II***$k'lmarno#k tandard$#o$ukIa(r h're-ne* Ine* -ea t-a(r h'reI200@I0?I%1Igal ton-man-#omm'tted- e,a#t-on-h'm el&-'n-ba#k-o&-#ar-81:%0-2:2;@@8?I, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A =A>S/4; !an who o!!itted a se# a t on hi!se$f in the %a - seat of a ar has %een p$a ed on the se# offenders7 register for two years $) H'#k Koone, )Fami!7 Of 1ir! #sked /o ee <n Cu( S(eaks Out$) Fo, :0 Ne* , Gug$ 1, 2010$ htt"CII***$ &o,:0$#omIne* Iheadl'ne Ikt,l-ne* -"eeg'rlgrandma,0,?8?1>?:$ tor(, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )An outraged grand!other is spea-ing out after $earning her 3Cyear o$d granddaughter was as-ed to urinate in a up to he$p a neigh%or Aaneese =aines pass a re'uired drug test whi$e on paro$e. /he grand!other >isa :ren h said, (As soon as 6 heard fro! !y granddaughters friend !other, 6 a!e downstairs and to$d !y daughter and it was on. /he !o! Aas!ine :ren h a$$ed po$i e after $earning what happen to her $itt$e gir$. Po$i e arrested the neigh%ors =aines and her $ongti!e %oyfriend, .in ent Fa$-er. Aas!ine :ren h said. (Fho -nows what e$se ou$d ha"e went on in there, they ou$d ha"e raped her for a$$ 6 -now. =aines now fa es hi$d !o$est, and they %oth fa e de$in'uen y of a !inor. Sti$$ the grand!other doesnEt want the harges to stop. >isa :ren h said, (6 want fe$ony harges, 6 want the! %oth to fa e se# offender harges $) Jev'n +a( , )Oregon Sex Offender ,aw ut <nto Fuestion$) 1alem-Ne* , Gug$ 18, 200>$ htt"CII***$ alemne* $#omIart'#le Iaugu t18200>I 'll(L e,Lla* L8180>$"h", Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ ):or !ost of us, there are those ine"ita%$e !e!ories of our younger !ore foo$ish days, foo$ing around in a par-ed ar. +o it today, and you ou$d ha"e a register for $ife as a se# offender in 4regon. :airN Fe$$, three $o a$ adu$ts who had onsensua$ se# in a ar in Sa$e!, say 4regonians need a wa-eCup a$$ on the state7s se# ri!es $aws. A$$ three oup$es were aught %y po$i e in Kush7s Pasture Par- in Sa$e!, and were on"i ted of Pu%$i 6nde en y. 6n ea h ase, %oth the !en and wo!en ha"e to attend and o!p$ete a se# offender treat!ent progra!, ta-e po$ygraphs, and are not to onsu!e a$ oho$ or do drugs. &owe"er, on$y the !en ha"e to register as se# offenders, the wo!en do not$)









=att Coker, )No" Your =onor" < Did Not Gi)) in ;7 Fema!e Co5+orker*s +ater Bott!e $) OC Qeekl( Klog , 1e"t$ 1;, 2010$ htt"CIIblog $o#*eekl($#omInavelga8'ngI2010I0@Im'#haelLkev'nLlallanaL"lead L'$"h", Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )/he QS* graduate, !ortgage o!pany e!p$oyee and :u$$erton fa!i$y !an, has p$eaded not gui$ty to p$a ing his !an Hui e into the water %ott$e of a fe!a$e oCwor-er on at $east two separate o asions. /he 31CyearCo$d, who has a wife and young daughter, entered the p$ea /uesday and was on his way, as he is out of Hai$ on %ai$. As the Fee-$y pre"ious$y reported, >a$$ana is harged with two !isde!eanor ounts ea h of re$easing an offensi"e !ateria$ in a pu%$i p$a e and assau$t, with senten ing a$$egations for o!!itting a ri!e for se#ua$ gratifi ation. 6f on"i ted, he ou$d get anywhere fro! three !onths to three years %ehind %ars and ha"e to register as a se# offender $) =ar(Gnn 1"oto, )% N.G. teens !abe!ed sex offenders for !ife after *horse(!a7* in$ident $) =B$#om, Bul( 20, 2011$ htt"CII***$n0$#omIne* I'nde,$ &I2011I0?Iteen L e,Lo&&ender Lhor e"la($html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 10, 2011$ )*a$$ it %u$$ying or a$$ it horsep$ay. 8ither way, a state appe$$ate ourt pane$ says roughhousing with a se#ua$ onnotation %y a pair of 1JCyearCo$d So!erset *ounty %oys was a ri!e that re'uires the! to register as se# offenders for the rest of their $i"es. 6n a de ision handed down 5onday, the threeCHudge pane$ a -now$edged the se"erity of its de ision, %ut said it was %ound to upho$d the $aw. EFe are -een$y aware that our de ision !ay ha"e profound $ife$ong ra!ifi ations for these two %oys as we$$ as others si!i$ar$y situated,E Audge Aose :uentes wrote. 4ne of the %oys, whose ase went to tria$, said he had sat on the fa es of a pair of 12CyearCo$d s hoo$!ates with his %are %utto -s in ;o"e!%er 200P E ause 6 thought it was funny and 6 was trying to get !y friends to $augh,E he to$d a fa!i$y ourt Hudge $) Dav'd 1harro#k, )S$hoo! dinner !ad7 in *grooming for sex* row with edu$ation $hiefs after gi2ing (u(i! a B<SCU</$) Da'l( =a'l !J, O#t$ @, 2010$ htt"CII***$da'l(ma'l$#o$ukIne* Iart'#le-1%18@%?I1#hool-d'nner-lad(groom'ng-ro*-allo*'ng-#h'ld-b' #u't$html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )A dinner $ady was warned she ou$d %e a used of Egroo!ingE a pri!ary s hoo$ pupi$ after she ga"e hi! a %is uit. Pat >a"ery, a atering super"isor, handed the %oy a %is uit after he as-ed for one. /he hi$d and the wo!an are re$ated. Kut the fo$$owing day, she was warned that her a tion ou$d %e interpreted under hi$d prote tion $egis$ation as Egroo!ingE the hi$d for se#ua$ e#p$oitation. She was so upset that she refused to return to wor- at St 5ary7s Pri!ary S hoo$ in *o :er!anagh, ;orthern 6re$and, unti$ the row was sorted out$) C$L$1$ )+e are a!! sex offenders now 55 =a((7 =a!!oween$) Cla '#all( L'beral, O#t$ 28, 2008$ htt"C II&ree tudent $blog "ot$#omI2008I10I*e-are-all- e,-o&&ender -no*-ha""($html, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )6n South *aro$ina anyone dee!ed a se# offender is for%idden to gi"e out andy on &a$$oween and is re'uired to turn out the por h $ight CC to pretend they aren7t ho!e. 6n ;ew ?or- an 0offender1 is for%idden to hand out andy, answer the door, possess andy or wear a ostu!e on &a$$oween. 6n 5issouri a Hudge Hudi ious$y put a ha$t to so!e of the %izarre regu$ations on se# offenders, su h as for%idding the! to engage in any &a$$oween a ti"ity with their own hi$dren. Kut they are sti$$ re'uired to turn off the $ights and pretend they aren7 t ho!e. And that pisses !e off. 67"e %een turning out !y por h $ight and pretending 67! not ho!e for years. And 67! no se# offender, registered or otherwise. So now !y pro%$e! is what do 6 do this yearN 6f 6 turn out the $ights, and donEt answer the door, is that the sa!e thing as ad"ertising 0se# offender hereRRRR1N 4ne an7t ignore the da!n ho$iday without possi%$y getting a used of %eing an offender. :or years 67"e safe$y ignored the ho$iday. ;ow, what wi$$ the neigh%ors thin-N Fi$$ they assu!e that the $ight is off %e ause a se# offender $i"es hereN 4r wi$$ they Hust thin- an o$d gru!p who doesn7t are for %eing annoyed on &a$$oween is hereN 6 don7t !ind the o$d gru!p reputation CC 67"e earned it. Kut da!n, that se# offender thing upsets !e. /he on$y offending thing a%out !y se# $ife is that there is da!n so $itt$e of it. And that doesn7t see! to %other other peop$e !u h CC Hust !e$) Hob Jenned(, )Neighbour!7 a$t !ed to atta$k on inno$ent man $) Feb$ 1>, 200@$ htt"CII***$#hron'#lel've$#o$ ukInorth-ea t-ne* Ieven'ng-#hron'#le-ne* I200@I02I1>Ired-letter-da(-leave -man-blood'ed-and-beaten-u"?2?0%-22@%8%:0I, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )F&8; 8dward Aohnson got a $etter saying he was in the $ear o"er a se# a$$egation, it shou$d ha"e %een good news. 5r Aohnson strugg$es to read or write and so as-ed his neigh%our to do hi! a good turn and read it out to hi!. Kut his soC a$$ed friend, ne#tCdoor neigh%our Pau$ Ar!strong, !isinterpreted the $etter as !eaning 5r Aohnson was a se# offender and ga"e hi! a se"ere %eating. ;ot ontent with fra turing his hee-%one and nose, "igi$ante Ar!strong and his gir$friend, >inzi 5in he$$, returned one wee- $ater and atta -ed hi! again for reporting the initia$ atta - to the po$i e $) 1teve =a on, )Sex Offenders R Us$) DaKell( =aga8'ne, 2010$ htt"CIIdabell($#omI#olumn Ilook@%$htm, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )5y wife and 6 had Hust he -ed out and 6 went to sit %y the poo$ for a few !inutes whi$e she went to the $o%%y to gi"e her eC!ai$s a fina$ he - %efore we $eft. 6t was at that point that this $ady deposited her %rood and too- offSte$$ing the o$der %oy and gir$ (%oth around 10) to wat h their younger %rother who was perhaps fi"e. So natura$$y the $itt$e s'uirt Hu!ps into the deep end and goes right to the






%otto!... /o the res ueR 6 was sho -ed at how !u h $i-e a wet towe$ the -id fe$t when 6 fet hed his inert %ody up fro! 10 feet, threw hi! down onto the $ounge and Hu!ped on topSusing enough for e to start hi! ho -ing up water. &e was Hust a%out %reathing nor!a$$y and the two other -ids were Hust a%out regaining ontro$ of their %odies when the %att$e a#e returns to the s ene and onfronts 58Swho shou$d %e on the $o a$ news getting a -ey to the ityR 6 was a%out to gi"e her whatCfor when 6 saw the fa es of the -ids. A$$ three united in stony si$en e. Fho was this !an who sudden$y Hu!ped their $itt$e %rother C their $itt$e %rother who was %eha"ing $i-e a saint whi$st %eing wat hed o"er %y his o$der si%$ingsN 6 got !y wife and, sti$$ soa-ing wet, Hu!ped into the ar and too- off. 6 ou$d ha"e stu - around and e#p$ained !y side of the story to the po$i e %ut what of the three -ids who sure$y wou$d feign ignoran e of !y $ifeCsa"ing heroi sN 6n this urrent $i!ate, o!%ine a few 08#pert1 witnesses and a Hury of assorted 0Sur"i"ors1 and 6Ed soon %e %as-ing in the rosy g$ow of the *on ern *itizens rosses %urning on !y $awn. ;oSthe odds didnEt $oo- good$) %>$ ) aediatri$ian atta$ks *ignorant* 2anda!s$) KKC Ne* , Gug$ %0, 2000$ htt"CIIne* $bb#$#o$ ukI2Ih'IukLne* I*ale I@01?2%$ tm, Hetr'eved O#t$ 1%, 2011$ )G ho "'tal "aed'atr'#'an ha h't out at vandal *ho &or#ed her to &lee her home a&ter a""arentl( tak'ng her 0ob t'tle to mean he *a a "aedo"h'le$) !F/, );an who b!amed $at gets .%.4 7ears$) !F/, 1e"t$ @, 2010$ htt"CII***$u"'$ #omIOddLNe* I2010I0@I0@I=an-*ho-blamed-#at-get -12;-(ear I!F/->1@>128:0>101@I, Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )Oeith =riffin, JI, of Aensen Kea h, :$a., p$eaded no ontest to the 2G fe$ony harges, whi h in"o$"ed possession of hi$d pornography i!ages on his o!puter, after initia$$y te$$ing 5artin *ounty sheriffEs deputies in August 200I that the i!ages were down$oaded as a resu$t of his at Hu!ping on his -ey%oard whi$e he was away fro! ho!e, /*Pa$!. o! reported /hursday. *ir uit Audge Sherwood Kauer senten ed =riffin to 12 1T2 years for ea h ount with the senten es to %e ser"ed on urrent$y. &e was gi"en redit for 3I@ days ser"ed and added to the stateEs se# offender registry$) *Sexsomnia* defense gets #!ban7 man a$Huitted of sex abuse $) Demo#rat +erald, Ban$ 1@, 200?$htt"C IIdemo#ratherald$#omIne* Ilo#alIart'#leL1e80?%ed-#??a-;%%;-ab0e-ede1:8882e;8$html , Hetr'eved O#t$ 11, 2011$ )6n >inn *ounty *ir uit *ourt /hursday, a J3CyearCo$d A$%any !an was found not gui$ty of se# a%use after $ai!ing the defense of (se#so!nia( C that he was as$eep when the a$$eged ri!e o urred...An e#pert for the defense testified that the !an had signs of paraso!nia, a s$eeping disorder in whi h a person does so!ething whi$e s$eeping su h as s$eepwa$- or ha"e se#, -nown to so!e as Ese#so!nia.E Fhi$e paraso!nia is so!eti!es ited as a defense for ri!es, se#so!nia is rare$y used, said *ir uit *ourt Audge Aohn 5 *or!i %efore he ga"e the "erdi t /hursday. /he Hudge said he %e$ie"ed the gir$Es testi!ony %ut the state did not pro"e %eyond a reasona%$e dou%t that the !an o!!itted the ri!es E-nowing$yE.... 6n the tria$ this wee-, the A$%any !an was a$so harged with endangering the we$fare of a !inor for ha"ing se#ua$ onta t with his wife whi$e the daughter was near%y. &e was found gui$ty on that ount $) 1o he *a a#2u'tted on one #ount but &ound gu'lt( &or hav'ng e, *'th h' *'&e *h'le the #h'ld *a )nearb(D) / *onder *hat the( mean b( thatE