Name: _______________________ First Grade Homework Matrix Week of: September 8-11, 2008 ***Please keep in folder all week

Directions: Choose and complete on a separate sheet of paper, one social sciences, math, and language arts assignment each day. Parents remember to initial the boxes completed by your child. This will be checked for completion every Friday.

English/ Language Arts
Use the following words in a sentence: 1. spice 2. munch 3. rags _____________Parent signature Draw a picture that you would find in a fantasy story.

Social Sciences
What is a community helper?

_____________ Parent Signature Write one sentence about how you can be a community helper.

__________ Parent Signature Read a decodable book of your choice and write the title, author, and illustrator.

__________ Parent Signature List four different types of community helpers.

___________Parent Signature Write at least 5 words that rhyme with the word: play.

_________ Parent Signature List 4 things you can do to help others.

___________Parent Signature

_________ Parent Signature

 Don’t forget to do the math homework sheets that are stapled to this matrix.

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