Classroom English

Key Ex pr essions • Sorry, I was late today. Please check my attendance. • I will be absent next week. • Sorry, I don’t understand. / I don’t know the answer. / I don’t know. • Please help me. Key Questions • May I go to the bathroom, please? • Could you repeat that, please? / Could you say that again, please? • Could you speak a little slower, please? • Which page? • What does _____ mean? • What’s the answer to number ___? • How do you spell that? / How do you spell ______ ? • How do you pronounce this word?

Key Ex pr essions • Please open your books to page ____. • Please close your books. • Find a partner. / Work with a partner. / Practice with a partner. • Listen and repeat. • Please raise your hand. • Please make a full sentence. • Just a minute, please. Key Questions • Can I have a volunteer, please? • Do you have any questions? • I didn’t hear you, can you please repeat? • Can you speak louder, please?

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