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Religious and shared beliefs Mary moore, 1st

period, September 9th Osiri

The hall of Judjment
• Egyptians believed that Osiris the god of the underworld, the
(home of the dead.) would sit in the hall of judgement . und
• He and other judges Would judge a dead persons soul, the
persons heart was weighed with an Ostrige feather. If the
heart balanced with the feather the person would have
everlasting life.

• If the heart did not balance with the feather than the dead persons heart was
fed to a monster with the body of a lion and hippo and the head of a crocodile
called the “swallower”.

Half human half animal gods and godesses

• Half human and half animal gods would have the body of a person and the
head of an animal.

• Like Anibus . Anibus had the head of a jackel, he was the god of Necropolis a
place where dead bodies were prepeared for the after life.

• . And Horus the god of the sky had a falcon head.

A model of a
Anibu The Egyptians believed the temples were for the gods and temple.
s the goddesses homes.
with • Only priests and priestesses were allowed to enter the
the temples. High priestes preformed rituals for the holly statues when they were
head there. The
of a
• Temples were like palaces because a statue of a god or godess lived there.
. • A statue of a god was carried through the courtyard too the most Sacred part
of the temple on very important festivals. These were the only days regular
Egyptians could come too the outer courtyards, so the could view the

The Egyptians stories about the gods and godesses.

• They believed the god Ra created everything from chaos.

• First he created himself and created everything else. He then made the
other gods.
• Many diffent versions of these stories can be found.

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sun god