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trends and share it to your community and you can watch Trend Posting | trend Hollywood Movies, trendy Free Books, trend Hollywood Review, Bollywood reviews trend, sports and free videos Home Sexy Girls of USA Free Books Funny Videos Tuesday, February 12, 2013 The Laws of Amalyaat Chapter 1- The Laws of Amalyaat Before we begin an in-depth study of Amalyaat it is essential to get the basic facts right. The stronger we lay down the foundation the stronger will our edifice be. Here are some of the requirements that need to be fulfilled for becoming a successful Amil: First and foremost, an amil should be methodical in his approach. Only then will he be able to perform an Amal successfully. Any type of carelessness can do more harm than good. For ex: some amils write down a taweez or amulet inaccurately. This leads to a lot of trouble and the Amal also gets defamed unnecessarily due to the negligence of the Amil himself.Prayers and Amals have a lot of power in them. However, this power can be retained only through halaal earnings (earnings that are allowed by islam) and full concentration on the aim of the Amal. Without these two, no Amal can be successful. Haraam or sinful earnings are as repulsive as eating shit. So if a person who eats shit tries doing an Amal then it goes without saying that he may not achieve any success. To make his amil more powerful an amil has to abstain from eating the following foods during the Amal: Meat Fish Eggs Aubergines or brinjal Garlic Onions Total abstinence from the above-mentioned foods makes the Amal more powerful. It is essential to perform an Amal in the same house, on the same Jaanamaz and in the same place in the house. The house, the specific place in the house and the jaanamaz on which the Amal is performed on the first day should remain unaltered throughout the Amal. It is considered to be more beneficial to start an Amal within the first 10 days of a month than the last days. Before an amil sits down to perform an Amal it is of utmost importance to do a hissar, i.e. a protective ring which is made by drawing an imaginary circle around oneself after reading some specific prayers. A hissar provides complete security to an amil. Even the strongest evil forces cannot break through the hissar to harm the amil. Page 1

Untitled After paying zakaat (charity) for an Amal the Amal should be repeated 3,4 or 8 times daily to keep the Amal going strong. An amil should be a strict follower of Islam. If he finds that he is contravening the Quranic injunctions in any way then he should try to mend his ways. There should be moderation in eating, sleeping and talking. An amil should totally abstain from telling lies, using foul language and singing songs. Telling lies can reduce the power of an amil. So when an amil is weak himself so his Amal cannot be powerful either. An amil should be a follower of the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Rahmani Amal is done within the purview of Islam, a religion which shows us the way of righteousness. So it would be quite contradictory to use or rather to misuse the noble Rahmani Amal to achieve some evil purpose in life. If an amil ever does this mistake of misusing Rahmani Amal then there is a chance of rajat or a punishment meted out to the amil by the moakkils. The moakkils can either kill such a person or they may drive him insane. The impact of rajat is long lasting and it can be reversed only by an Amil-Kamil. Otherwise, such a person will end up wandering in the lanes like some insane people do. For ex: A guy named Arshad meets a girl in his college and falls for her. He wants to bed her and so he performs Rahmani Amal so that the girl readily agrees for consensual sex with him. In such a case, the amil is doing a gross misuse of the Rahmani Amal and he may have to face drastic consequences by earning the wrath of the moakkils. If the Rahmani Amal is not misused then the moakkils will never get annoyed. Instead, they are quite pleased with such virtuous amils. If Arshad had tried to perform Rahmani Amal to get married to that girl then the moakkils would have appreciated his intentions. They would have made the girl crazy about him and would have brought her at his feet. Punctuality in offering namaz with the jamaat is essential. If there is some qaza (missed) namaz then it should be completed before you start doing an Amal. A proud or arrogant person can never become a good amil. According to Majid Rahmatullah there is no such vice as detestable as pride. An amil should also abstain from feelings of envy. Huzoor (SAW) has said that “Abstain from envy because envy can eat up a person’s virtues just like fire eats up wood or grass”. In the present times when people perform an amal their minds are filled with doubts about whether the amal would be successful or not, whether the amal would prove to be beneficial to them or not or whether the amal is powerful enough or not? To avoid these doubts it is essential to have a strong faith. In the bygone era when the Sahaaba Akraam (the companions of Huzur, peace be on him) used to do pray to Allah their prayers were heard instantly. So whereas even a simple prayer done by the Sahaaba Akraam used have a lot of effectiveness, today we find that all sorts of Chilla, amals etc are not even half as powerful. The reason being that the Sahaaba Akraam had immense and unflinching faith in Allah. They had devoted their whole life in following the tenets of Islam and praying. They had total trust in Allah. They followed the path shown by Huzur (SAW) and conquered their own worldly desires so that they could come nearer to Allah and please him. So it is not surprising that Allah would hear their prayers. For ex: if we need light we switch on a tube light or bulb and the room gets illuminated because there is electricity connection in our wiring. However, if we have all the wiring systems intact but we do not have any connection with the main power house that supplies electricity then we can never light a bulb. Similarly, if we do not have any direct link with Allah the almighty, then our prayers will also have no power. So in order to become a successful amil it is essential for a muslim to be a true follower of Islam. An amil should abstain from things such as tobacco, hookah, cigarette, onions etc that emanate a foul smell. When even human beings can get repulsed by a cigarette smoker then you can well imagine how much trouble it would cause to the chaste Page 2

Untitled moakkils. If the moakkils find that there is a bad smell emanating from the mouth of an amil then they will leave that person. They will never obey such a man and would try to avoid him. So such an amil can never get any success. Huzur (SAW) had instructed people not to visit a mosque after eating raw onions. He had said that the strong odour of the onions can cause inconvenience to the Malaakiah. So you can imagine that how much trouble it would cause to the moakkils. It is essential for an amil to stay away from intoxicating substances such as wine, whisky, brandy, rum, scotch, beer, cocaine, marijuana, betel leaves or paan etc. Before commencing an amal it is compulsory for an amil to ask for forgiveness from Allah in a humble and sincere way. When a teary-eyed amil pleads for forgiveness than Allah forgives his sins. Then the negative energies of sins around the amil get dispersed and make way for the amal to become successful. Since evil energies cannot stand purity so an amil should try to remain paak (with wadhoo) all the time. Moreover the moakkils would appreciate a hygienic person also. There is much truth in the sayings that “Pakeezgi (hygiene) nisf Iman hai” or “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Taking a bath should be made a part of one’s daily routine. Use a pleasant smelling ittar but avoid perfumes. This is because perfumes have alcohol, which is made by an impure process whereas muslims are supposed to have paak clothes on, especially during Salaah or namaz. One should avoid talking with others during the amal. If there is something urgent that needs to be discussed then an amil should jot it down on paper. An amil should ensure that while he is writing a taweez or doing an amal, unhygienic or napaak women or men should not come close to that place. Otherwise the moakkils can get annoyed. While writing a taweez or doing an amal the amil should be paak/clean because this is Rahmani amal. Only the sifli magic practitioners remain deliberately unhygienic during the evil amal. In Rahmani amal, each naqsh or word has a moakkil at its command. However, if the amil is not paak then the moakkils will not obey him. An amil should read the prayers during the amal in an audible voice. This is because during an amal, the moakkils come and stand near the amil. Hence the volume of the amil should be at least a little high so that the moakkils can easily understand what the amil wants them to do for him and then obey him. It is obligatory on the part of an amil to check the paper that he uses for writing a taweez, thoroughly. The paper should be absolutely clean and white with no other word or lines on it. So it is better to check it in sunlight otherwise if an amil uses a paper with some words/lines on it then the taweez can cause harm. Before starting an amal remove any picture that is hanging on the walls or if you there is a dog around then he should also be kept away. The television should also be switched off because it also has pictures of human beings. If there are pictures hanging on the walls or dogs in the same house then the moakkils will never enter that house. The charity or zakaat of the Hurf Taaji* (to be explained in the subsequent chapter) should be given before starting an amal. This is the first step towards making an amal successful. If it is not fulfilled then the result can never be good. For those who pay this zakaat their amal becomes very powerful because all the moakkils who work behind each huruf/word obey quickly. An amil should have some knowledge of astrology so that he can find out the right time for doing an amal. When we take medicines we have to stick to a pattern such as thrice daily or once in the morning and once at night. If a person does not follow the directions of the doctor regarding the time schedule then the medicine may cause Page 3

Untitled harm instead of benefit. Similarly in the field of Amalayaat the amils should know how to find the right time for doing an amal. They should have some knowledge about Burj* ( this has been explained in the following chapters). If an amil can manage to find out the auspicious time for doing an amal then he will always hit the bull’s-eye and his every amal will be successful. While performing an amal the amil should ignite incense sticks. As a matter of fact every star has a different aroma associated with it. The requirements of the stars should be kept in mind in Amalyaat. Each and every star has an associated moakkil who worships Allah day and night. There is a strong link between the moakkils and their companion stars and the two cannot be separated. So if an amil does amal during the time of a particular star so he should pay Sadka or charity according to that star. An amil should know about the friendship and enmity amongst the stars. An amil should be courageous and absolutely fearless. During an amal some frightening visions can be seen by an amil. These are shown to him to dissuade him from completing the amal. However he should remember that those visions are imaginary. The place where the amal is performed should be clean and there should be privacy. Doinf amal in isolation helps the amil in observing whether his amal is producing the required effect or not. There are some amals which require abstinence such as parhez jalali or jamali. So an amil should not be impulsive regarding food otherwise he cannot perform such amals. Besides this, there are also chances or his facing rajat or punishment by the moakkils. An amil should a true worshipper of Allah so that he has fear of Allah in his heart. In spite of having a powerful tool of amal at his behest, an amil should abstain from the feelings of revenge. After an amil begins an amal he should abstain from sexual intercourse till the amal is over. If a woman in the amil’s house has her monthly menstruation then the amil should not eat anything made by that woman. During this period he should cook food himself. An amil should keep good company. So he should avoid those people who are full of vices or those who use foul language and discuss obscene topics openly. An amil should avoid performing an amal on the terrace of his house. This is because he may be directly attacked by some evil force in the open. So to stay on the safe side an amil should never do an amal on his terrace. All the experiences that you have while performing an amal should be shared only with your teacher or ustaad and no one else. Even if you let someone know that you have been doing this particular amal then the amal will be rendered useless. The amil should remember the abjaad*( to be discussed in the following chapters) at the tips of his fingers.

This was an overview about the basics of Amalyaat. The concepts mentioned in this chapter briefly will be further elaborated in the following chapters. HURUF TAJI Page 4

Untitled HURUF TAJI (Chapter no- 2) Assalam oalaikum, The first step towards becoming an amil is to learn about the Huruf taji, which is the base of amalyat. Huruf taji are those huruf that are found in the ama para. The entire Holy Quran is based on these 28 huruf. The moakkils are inter-related with these huruf. Each huruf has a different moakkil working behind it. When the amil recites a particular huruf the moakkil related to that huruf springs into action, thereby making the amal successful. So you should give zakat for these 28 huruf so that the associated moakkils may help you and your amal becomes successful. These moakkils protect the amils from rajat or punishment. You may have seen or heard about people who start doing an amal recklessly and end up losing sanity. They roam about mindlessly on the roads because they take amalyat casually. There are some precautions that need to be taken by the amil so that he does not get into trouble. Huruf taji’s zakat should be given compulsorily because this is the first step towards getting success in this field. If you falter in your first step itself then the journey ahead will become impossible.

Now I am going to tell my readers about the names of the moakkils associated with each huruf in Huruf taji.

If a person wishes to perform an amal of any huruf from alif-ghaen and wants to bring the moakkil behind that huruf under his command, he will have to complete that huruf 1,25,000 times in 28 or 41 days. During the amal you need to isolate yourself completely. Eat less and observe parhez/abstinence jalali and jamali. Do not talk with anybody till the amal gets over. If there is some urgent need then you may write. If you bother to take so much trouble once in your life then the need for doing an amal again will not arise. The moakkil will obey your command and will come to you whenever you are in need. You will get the authority of granting others permission of doing an amal. You should keep in mind that you can have only your legitimate demands fulfilled by the moakkils. The moakkils do not do anything evil. When the moakkil appears before you after your amal gets completed, keep your demands before him. First of all he will wish you with a salaam. You should reply to him only if you have completed your recitation 12500 times. If some recitation is still left, then you should simply reply to him by nodding your head or with a gesture made by your hand. You should not say anything in reply. The moakkil will continue to wish you with a salam repeatedly but all you should do is to acknowledge his salaam respectfully through a gesture. This will ensure that he does not get miffed and does not leave in a huff. You should finally reply to him after having completed the amal. He will then enquire about the reason why you have called him. You should tell him about your need. For example, you can say that you have called him so that he may fulfill all your legitimate demands throughout your lifetime. Remember that the moakkils are angels made up of Noor. They do not sin and therefore they will never co-operate with an amil who asks them to do something evil. They can also get enraged and punish an amil who tries to make them do something illegitimate. The amil can lose his senses and go mad. The moakkils are quite formidable. Once when I asked a moakkil to kill a jinnat the Page 5

Untitled latter almost fell at my feet and pleaded for forgiveness. He said that he cannot compete with a moakkil because they are 10000 times more powerful than us. This incident can give you an idea about the immense power of the moakkils/angels. So finally I had to release the jinn. You will always have to abide by the terms and conditions on which you make an agreement with the moakkil. If you deviate even a little bit the moakkil can punish you and the punishment given by them can be unbearable. Those amils who manage to rope in a moakkil get immense power. The whole world is at their feet and they get to know of things which are generally hidden from others. In a nutshell, they get a lot of advantage. So they should never violate the conditions on which they make an agreement with the moakkils. This will also protect the amils from severe punishment. The zakat is given for each huruf of huruf Taji in the following way:

There are two ways in which the zakat for huruf Taji can be given by an amil, namely- zakat akbar and zakat asghar. In zakat akbar a huruf should be read 4444 times till 38 days, daily. In the zakat asghar the zakat of 1 huruf should be given daily and in 28 days give the zakat of the 28 huruf. Each huruf should be read 4444 times daily. The zakat of alif will be given when the moon will be in its first mansion. The lunar mansions should be taken into consideration while giving the zakat of each huruf. The Moon takes 28 days to complete 1 revolution around the earth and it has 28 mansions. The zakat of a single huruf can be given in one month. It is not necessary to give the zakat of 28 huruf in one month’s time.


LUNAR AND SOLAR ABJAD (Chapter no- 3) Assalam oalaikum, The planetary aspects can create a powerful effect on Rehmani ilm. In an amal two types of abjad can be used, one is lunar and the other one solar. Though the solar abjad are more powerful than the lunar abjad, yet it is the lunar abjad that are more commonly used by the amils. The Moon does not possess any light of its own and reflects the solar light. In spite of its comparative weakness people are hardly aware of the more powerful solar abjad. The lunar abjad absorb the amal quickly and yield quick results too. This is the chart of lunar abjad:

This is the solar abjad:

This is the abjab Malfozi: Page 6

Untitled Solar Abjad yield results so quickly that the results become visible even before they are completely written by the amil. Since the Sun is very hot so the solar abjad also have a hot effect. On the other hand the lunar abjad are related to the Moon so they also have a cool effect like the Moon. If the amil happens to err during an amal Qamari so he does not face rajat or punishment by the moakkils. Hence, abjad qamari are commonly used in the field of amalyaat. On the contrary if an amil does a blunder while doing an amal shamsi, then his life can be in danger because the moakkils of the abjad shamsi are hot-tempered and they do not tolerate any mistake on the part of the amil. THE VALUE AND ZAKAT OF AAYAT THE VALUE AND ZAKAT OF AAYAT (Chapter no- 4) Assalam oalaikum, If the zakat of any ayat is to be given then the total time available is of 120 days or 3 chille. The total number of times the amal has to be read is 52347. One has to read 436 times daily. On the last day the recitation will be 28 times more, i.e.436 times. In zakat Qamar al-noor start from Thursday. You should face the Qibla and ignite incense. After the chilla gets over you should give nyaz. You can feed innocent children. This fatyah should be given in the name of Huzur Paak (saw) and the moakkilat of the ayat. After giving the zakat you can help out people. The advantage of giving zakat akbar is that the amil can give the permission of making tazeez and giving zakat of ayaats to others. However, if an amil gives the permission of making taweez or giving zakaat on ayaats to others after giving zakat asghar himself, his zakat will get over. His zakat will get transferred to the person whom he gives permission. Consequently, the amils hard work will help others in making their amal successful whereas his he himself will be left powerless. This problem does not occur if the amil gives zakat akbar. In this case the amil’s own zakat will remain intact and also the person’s to whom he grants permission. The amil who gives zakat akbar can give permission to as many people as he wants but his zakat will not get depleted. If you want to make a taweez of any Quranic ayat, you may have to find out the value of that ayat first of all. Then you will have to make the taweez according to that value. For the convenience of my readers I have mentioned the values of the Quranic Surahs:

SURAH VALUE AL-FATEHA 9461 AL-BAQARAH 947609 AL-IMRAN 184956 AN-NISA 1139393 AL-MAEDA 848546 AL-ANAM 935329 AL-ARAF 253592 AL-ANFAL 412375 AT-TAUBAH 52861 YUNUS. 550108 HUD 514781 YUSUF 503970 AR-RAAD 244692 IBRAHIM 245818 AL-HIJAR 17670 AN-NAHAL 520188 BANI ISRAIL 38613 AL-KAIF 505517 MARYAM 289644 TA-HA 399283 AL-AMBIYA 382219 AL-HAJJ 382344 AL-MOMINUN 351714 AN-NOOR 402457 AL-FURQAAN 209575 ASH-SHOHRA 403738 AN-NAMAL 340962 AL-QASAS 407120 AL-ANKABOOT 275297 A-ROOM 269977 LUQMAN 159000 AL-SAJDAH 113332 AL-AHZAB 355258 AL-SABA 253419 AL-FATIR 242773 YA-SEEN 2593 AS-SAFAAT 264754 SAD 229337 AZ-ZUMAR 306585 AL-MOMIN 368524 HA-MEEM 245837 ASH-SHURA 201339 AZ-ZUQHRUF 260697 AD-DUKHAN 97793 AL-JATHIYA 150153 AL-AHQAF 73774 MUHAMMAD 180655 AL-FATAH 188828 AL-HUJRAT 102892 QAF 109736 AD-DHARIAT 119544 AT-TUR 94183 AN-NAJM 94183 AL-QAMAR 114374 AR-RAHMAN 120450 AL-WAQIAH 102965 AL-HADID 198924 AL-MUJADILAH 34237 AL-HASHR 133461 MUMTAHANAH 101350 AS-SAFF Page 7

Untitled 59060 AL-JUMUAH 61525 AL-MUNAFIQUN 53256 AT-TAGHABUN ---- AT-TALAQ 824012 AT-TAHRIM 49232 AL-MULK 99594 AL-QALAM 93708 AL-HAQQAH 81719 AL-MA’ARIJ 73525 NUH 74314 AL-JINN 60633 AL-MUZAMMIL 68466 MUDHATHTHIR 92355 AL-QIYAMAH 54607 AL-DAHAR 77588 AL-MURSALAT 70634 AN-NABA 52656 AN-NAZIAT 67253 ABAAS 51314 AT-TAWQIR 38299 AL-INFITAR 36745 AL-MUTAFFIFIN 48707 AL-INSHIQAQ 28846 AL-BURUJ 32155 AT-TARIQ 17765 AL-A’LA 17704 AL-GHASHIYAH 37457 AL-FAJR 89092 AL-BALAD 24283 ASH-SHAMS 19499 AL-LAIL 26666 AD-DUHA 13322 AL-INSHIRAH 12416 AT-TIN 10247 AL-ALAQ 22841 AL-QADR 8311 AL-BAYYINAH 31223 AL-ZILZAL 19966 ADIYAT 13354 QARIAH 13464 TAKATHUR 103670 ASR 4740 HUMZAH 8341 AL-FIL 5859 QURAISH 6304 AL-MAUN 9353 KAUTHAR 2754 KAFIRUN 2832 AN-NASR 6124 AL-LAHAB 5826 AL-IKHLAS 1002 AL-FALAQ 8677 AN-NAS 5296 HURUF TAJI CHART

HURUF TAJI CHART Chapter no- 5) Assalam oalaikum, In huruf Taji there are 28 alphabets altogether. In Urdu there are some extra alphabets such as che,te etc. I am showing a chart to my readers so that my point becomes clear.

In place of jeem, che will be used and in place of gaaf, kaaf will be used The adat of humzah depends on its use. In some places it sounds like alif, in some others it sounds like chhoti ye whereas in some other instances its value is not added For example: In the name Ataullah, hamza is instead of alif, so the value of hamza wil be 1 here In the name Jibrael, the value of hamzah will not be counted In the name NoorunNisa, hamzah is in the end hence its value will not be counted. In Rais, hamzah comes before ye. So the value of ye will be taken two times Zer, zabar, khada zer, modraat and pesh do not have any value. If a person’s name is Ghafoor, then the value of kaaf will be taken in place of gaaf, i.e. the value of gaaf will be 20, the value of fe will be 80, the value of wao is 6 and that re is 200. The value of the name Ghafoor is 306. MOTHER’S NAME

MOTHER’S NAME (Chapter no- 6) Assalam oalaikum, Has anybody wondered why buzurgs or amil kamils often enquire about a person’s mother’s name? Many people do not disclose their mother’s name because they fear that their enemies will cast black magic spells on them. If a person consults an amil, the first thing the amil asks him will be his mother’s name. What is so special about the mother’s name and how is it related to amalyaat? In this post I shall disclose the secret behind the mother’s name The name of a person’s mother helps in identification. Sometimes when the name of Page 8

Untitled any person’s mother is not known, some amils use the name of Mother Hawwa. This is not the right practice. If a person wants to find out whether someone is casting magic spells on his friend and he may consult an amil. However, he may be unfamiliar with his friend’s mother’s name. So he may tell the amil about his friend’s father’s name instead. This is also a wrong practice. The reason being that there is guarantee that so and so is a person’s mother. However there cannot be any guarantee if so and so is a person’s father. Allah (swt) is All-Knowing and He knows the best. On the Day of Judgment everyone will be called by their mother’s name and not their father’s. There might be umpteen people in this world by the name Kashif Hasan but when the mother’s name will be taken along with his name, his identify can be easily established. For example, a person’s name is Kashif and his father’s name is Hasan. So there may be several similar names in this world. However, if the mother’s name is called along with Kashif’s name, then there will be room for doubt. The name of the mother is therefore quiet important in this subject. Whenever you make a tawez or do some amal you should ask about the person’s mother’s name at the outset. This ensures that your moakkils will be able to reach that person easily and your amal will become successful. If you do not know the correct name of a person then the moakkils will not be able to locate that person and your amal will be rendered ineffective. The moakkils will not be able to reach the person on whom you are trying to do the amal. Consequently there will not be any effect on that person whereas you may be thinking all the while that your amal is working. If you do not know about a person’s mother’s name then you should use the person’s name only and do the amal on his photograph. This is a good option because with the help of that person’s photograph your moakkil can easily identify that person and trace him or her. In case you do not know the person’s (on whom you intend to do the amal) mother’s name and neither yd o you have his/her photograph then you should visualize that person, take his/her name and then do your amal. You should imagine that person right in front of you and focus on him while doing your amal. When you do so, your moakkil will be able to see that person and recognize him/her. After this your moakkil can easily trace that person. I am telling my readers about another method of reaching out to any person during an amal for love. The hair of the person on whom you intend to do amal on can also be used to trace that person. All you may have to do is to write your name on your taweez and fold the hair of that person along with the taweez and burn it. The moakkil of that taweez will be able to reach the person easily. Similarly, you can also use the nails of the person on whom you intend to do the amal of love. In place of hair you can fold the nails along with the taweez and burn it. You can also use the clothes worn by the person on whom you intend to do your amal. The clothes should have the sweat of that person. Then you can do the amal and blow over that cloth. By this method also the moakkils can easily locate that person There is another method by which the moakkils can locate a person. The mud on which that person has walked over can be collected. If such mud is not available then the mud which is stuck to the bottom of the shoe of that person can also be used. The only condition is that the mud should be paak. Is It name Dalil: "Al-Humaydi r.a. reported that Fatimah r.a.ha went to see Rasulullah s.a.w. complaining of toothache. Rasulullah s.a.w. inserted his right index finger and placed on the aching tooth and recited ! " #&$'%( ),*-+ . / 4 0 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 9 :>;?<@=A F B G C H D I E J K Q L R M S N T O U P V W]X^Y_Zb `[c a\d e f g h i l j m k n o s p t q u r v w{x|y}• z~ ! " % # $ & ')(* + , / - 0 1 .324 5 6 7:8 9; < = >B ?C@DA E F G HKI JL M N OR SPT V U W X Y Z][^ _` \ a b c dheifjgk l m n Page 9 permissible islamic healer ask for the patient,s name and his/her mother,s

Untitled hence her pain palliated." - Hadith by Syeikh Muhammad ibn Yusof as-Salihi as-Syami (942H), in his kitab "Subul alHuda wa laRayad fi Sirah Khayr al'Ibad". Rasulullah s.a.w. made du'a/ruqyah and mentioning "Fatimah bint Khadijah" ... Hence, this hadith is a dalil (proof) that it is permissible to mention the name of the patient and bin/or bint his/her mother when treating a patient. Wallaahu a'lam. SELECTING THE RIIGHT NAME SELECTING THE RIIGHT NAME (Chapter no- 7) Assalam oalaikum, Sometimes there is a lot of confusion regarding the name of a person, which is required for doing an amal. This is because some people have their names changed many times. Besides this there are many people who may have two names, one real and the other pet name. It should be kept in mind that the original name which is found in the birth certificate will be considered. If the name has been changes so the changed name which is mentioned in the birth certificate will be counted. The name which is mentioned in the school certificate will also be considered authentic for being used in amalyaat. Sometimes people have different names in the business circle. Their business anme becomes popular and their partners/clients know them by that name. However, this name will not be considered in amalyaat as it is not their original name. For example, if a man named Umair is known in his business circles as Khan sahib so this business name cannot be used by an amil. The names of some women are changed after they get married. For example if a girl named Sameena gets married and her in-laws change her name to Mehjabeen, then the first/original name will be used and not the second name. If the in-laws of Sameena change her name during her nikah to Mehjabeen and get this name registered on the nikan nama, then the second name can be used If the name of an emplyee is know but his mother’s name is not known then the name of his company/business can be used along with his name so that the he can be easily identified. For example: Ifa man named Nadeem Ullah Khan holds the post of RSM in Pesi Co., so his name can be used in such a way: Nadeem ullah Khan, RSM, Pepsi Co. I am showing you the way in which the name of the mother is to be written while making a taweez. For example- if the name of a man is Azeez and his mother’s name is Amreen so you will have to write ‘bin’ in between the man’s and his mother’s name: AZIZ BIN AMRIN N A M E In case of a girl ‘binte’ is written instead of ‘bin’. For example if a girl’s name is Sumaira and her mother’s name is Rahima then her name will appear as followsSumaira binte Rahima. N A M E

When you find out the numerical value of a person’s mother’s name there is no need to add the value of bin or binte The value of caste, title and family should not be added. For example if a person’s name is Chawdhary Aslam then the value of chawdhary will not be added to Aslam’s name. If a person’s name is Shahid Khan then only the valu of Shahid will be considered Page 10

Untitled and not that of khan because khan is not his name. It refers to his caste Similarly, if a person’s name is Umair Butt so the value of Butt will not be considered. In case of a woman named Rahima bibi the value of bibi should not be considered. A woman’s name was Hamida but after her marriage her husband’s name was also added to her name. So her name became Hamida Rashid. In this case this changed name will also work. HURUF HURUF (Chapter no- 8) Assalam oalaikum, The first huruf of a name helps us to find out the tabae.

Atishe are called the Noorani huruf Badi are called Zulmani huruf If a person who does an amal is Ahmed, so the first huruf of his name is alif. In case he does an amal of Surah Fateha (the first huruf of which is alif too) so the amal will be successful. If a person named Javed is doing an amal of love on a girl with the help of Ism-e-Azam Ya Allau, his amal cannot be successful because there is enmity between atishi and aabi. There is friendship between baadi and aabi Likewise there is friendship between khaki and baadi Atishi and baadi have friendship because without air fire cannot be lighted without the existence of air. Atishi and khaki soothe each other. Atishi and aabi are enemies because fire can be extinguished with water Baadi and Aatishi are friends Baadi and aabi soothe each other Aabi and khaki are neither enemies nor friends. They are neutral. It is essential that the first huruf of the amal should be matched properly so that the amil can get success MALEFIC AND BENEFIC HURUF

MALEFIC AND BENEFIC HURUF (Chapter no- 9) Page 11

Untitled Assalam oalaikum, The huruf can be divided into two broad categories-benefic and malefic. Those huruf which are related with the benefic planets are called benefic /saad huruf and those related with the malefic planets are known as malefic/nahis huruf.

I am now going to tell the readers about the relation between the huruf and the 7 planets with the help of a chart.

The first huruf of the name ‘Ahmed’ is alif, which is atishi and the first huruf of the name ‘zeenat’ is ze, which is abi. Since there is enmity between atishi and abi so love cannot happen between such people. In such cases, either the names can be changed or else special amulets are made with the help of Jafari techniques. Another method is to prepare two different set of amals, one atishe and the other abi. If the two people belong to opposite natures, such as atishe and abi, the month of one person should be considered and the time of sun rise in the constellation of the second person. SUITABLE MONTHS FOR DOING AN AMAL

SUITABLE MONTHS FOR DOING AN AMAL (Chapter no- 10) Assalam oalaikum, Selecting the right month before beginning an amal, wazifa or giving zakat is of utmost importance. I am showing a chart here to elucidate my point.

Aatishi and badi have a female gender Khaki and abi have a male gender. Aatishi and badi have jalali constellations Khaki and abi have jamali constellations. Now I am going to tell my readers about the malefic and benefic dates for doing an amal. Muharram: 10, 11, 12 & 14. Safar: 2,12 & 20 Rabi-ul-awwal: 4 & 20 Rabi-ul-sani: 1, 11 & 28. Jamad-ul-awwal:10, 11 & 28 Jamad-ul-sani: 1,11 & 12 Rajab: 11,12,17 & 23 Sha’aban: 14,20 & 26 Ramadan: 2, 13 & 24. Shawwal: 2, 6 & 8 Zeeqad: 6, 8 & 10 Page 12

Untitled Zil hajj: 8, 20 & 28. JALALI, JAMALI AND COMMON ABSTINENCE (Chapter no- 11) JALALI, JAMALI AND COMMON ABSTINENCE Assalam oalaikum, I am going to discuss the topic of parhez/abstinence jalali in this post and why is it essential. It is important to know when the amil should be doing parhez. When the amil does a jalali amal he needs to be very careful. If he does a single mistake, he will end up in serious trouble. His life can also be at risk. The moakils do not tolerate any kind of misdemeanor on the part of the amil because of their fiery (atishy) nature. They imediately punish the amil who irks them and can kill him also. So parhez jalali and jamali are extremely important for an amil. If an amil begins an amal in a place which has a stench, the moakkils are sure to punish him because they are fond of fragrances and foul smell can irk them. Here is a list of things which should be avoided by an amil to protect him from rajat: Fish, meat, eggs, onions, garlic, honey, vinegar, radish, asafetida, dried dates, musk, amber, all dry fruits, betel leaf (paan), sesame oil, condensed milk (khoa), cigarette, beedi, gutkha, niswar, intoxicating things like alcohol, cocaine etc, leather products should not be even touched, drink water from a river only, avoid wearing clothes made from animals such as silk, fur etc, avoid using knives made of elephant tuskers and horns of reindeers. Shoes and socks should be strictly avoided, avoid hair-cuts and shave, do not cut your nails, avoid sexual intercourse, do not sleep or even lie down on other’s bed, avoid socializing, maintain wadhu always, if possible observe fast, take a bath daily and wear unstitched clothes, there should not be bleeding from any part of the body, avoid plucking fruits from trees, do not shave hair from any part of the body besides the arm-pits and the pubic hair and lastly, avoid mounting a horse and an elephant. Now I am going to discuss the other parhez, i.e. parhez jamali. The moakkils of jamali amal are kind-hearted and merciful. They do not punish the amil severely if he does some mistake during the amal jamali. They try to escape from the clutches of the amil, undoubtedly, because like everybody else, they also value their freedom. However, they are not harsh, intolerant and fiery like the moakkil of amal jalali. During an amal jamali avoid meat, fish, onion, vinegar, garlic, sexual intercourse; sweetmeats and yogurt. Dry fruits and mustard oil can be consumed in case there is no doubt about their purity. HURUF TAJI AND ISMA-E-HUSNA HURUF TAJI AND ISMA-E-HUSNA Assalam oalaikum, I shall be discussing Isma-e-husna here. Sometimes in amalyat it is essential to know about the related Isma-e-husna of the first huruf of a name. For example if an amil wants to prepare an azmiyat then he will have to find the Isma-e-husna associated with the first huruf of the name. If a person’s name is Ahmed, his Ism will be Allah. The Ism-e-Ilahi should be chosen in such a way that they are in accordance with the name. Or else it should start from the same initial as the person’s name. This will Page 13

Untitled ensure that the person will not be punished by the moakkils. Such an Ism-e-Ilahi can also be selected which has the same meaning as the person’s desire. For example, if a person’s name begins with ‘aen’ and he desires to be popular amongst the masses then he should recite Ya Azeezu. I am showing to my readers a chart by which they can select a suitable Ism-e-Azam according to their name’s initial alphabet.

In case the first alphabet of the name dos not match then you can take the last alphabet also. For example, if a person’s name is Sadiq, his last alphabet will be qaaf. This person can search for an Ism-e-Azam that begins with qaaf, such as Ya Qahimu. HURUF TAJI AND ISMA-E-HUSNA CHART Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem (Chapter no- 13) HURUF TAJI AND ISMA-E-HUSNA CHART Assalam oalaikum, In this post I am going to show a chart through which the readers will find the huruf, their numerical value along with the associated Isma-e-Husna, followed by the numerical value of the Isma-e-Husna, their characteristics (whether jamali or jalali) The effects of the Isma-e-Husna are also mentioned in the next column which show whether the Isma-e-Husna can be used for love or for dissent. The tabah is also mentioned followed by its moakkil, jinn, zodiac constellation, lunar mansion and lastly, the incense.


(Chapter no- 14) ISMA-E-HUSNA JAMALI AND JALALI Page 14

Untitled Assalam oalaikum, I have discussed about the characteristics of the Ism-e-Husna in my earlier posts. In this post I wish to furnish my readers with more details. Here are the 3 categories in which the Isma-e-Husna have been divided into:



ismahe jamali ismahe jalali ZAKAT- AN OVERVIEW Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem (Chapter no- 15) ZAKAT- AN OVERVIEW Assalam oalaikum, The simple way of giving zakat is of completing 12500 times in a stipulated time of 40 days I am showing a chart which shows the different types of zakat.

In my post of zakat I shall teach about this topic in a detailed way, Inshallah. HURUF-NOORANI AND ZULMANI

(Chapter no- 16) HURUF-NOORANI AND ZULMANI Assalam oalaikum, Page 15

Untitled The 28 huruf form the base of the subject of amalyat. Therefore, in order to get comand over this subject it is of utmost importance that a student of amalyat should remember the huruf at his finger tips and he should know about the characteristics of each huruf. The 14 huruf noorani are as follows:

The 14 huruf zulmani as as follows:

These 28 huruf are found in the Holy Quran as they are the building blocks of the Ayats and Surahs. The 99 beautiful Names of Allah (swt) are also made up of these huruf. Therefore, these huruf hold special importance in our religion and it is mandatory for every true Muslim to show reverence towards the huruf. Such is the power of huruf that each huruf has a moakkil at its command. So whenever the Quran or Ism-e- Azam is read, the moakkils associated with the huruf get spring into action and draw closer to the recitor and help him. HURUF- TALISMAN

(Chapter no- 17) HURUF- TALISMAN Assalam oalaikum, The talismanic huruf are beyond the comprehension of a layman. However, an amil understands the immense power that works behind these huruf. Such huruf are more powerful than the taweez. They also yield faster results than the taweez. They are widely used in Egypt since time immemorial. Even today they are found inscribed on the walls of ancient buildings in Egypt. I have wriiten down these talisman huruf so that if any reader has to use them, he can get the right huruf from here.


Untitled (Chapter no- 18) MOAKKILS Assalam oalaikum, The entire field of amalyat revolves around the moakkils. But who are these moakkils? Do they belong to our world or the spiritual world? Are they jinnat or angles? Let us try to explore… The first characteristic of the moakkils is that they are not visible to the human eye. They are amongst the Creation of Allah (swt) and obey His Commands. If they find that a person has shaped his entire life according to the Quranic teachings and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), they are draw closer to such a virtuous person. The second characteristic of the moakkils is that Allah (swt) has created them from Noor. Being Noori, they are free from every sin. They are not lured by worldly pleasures and they totally abstain from any kind of temptation. They worship Allah devotedly. Because of their noble and pious nature, they are immensely powerful, in a spiritual sense. Hence, bringing them under control is beyond anyone’s reach. They can help out an amil only if they get appeased by him. It goes without saying that such spiritual entities can only be appeased through Allah’s worship of the highest form. There is a misconception that the amils can bring the moakkils under their control, like they can control the jinnat. However, it is simply not possible for an amil to catch a moakkil in a bottle like they can do to jinnat. The moakkils are far too powerful to be trapped in a bottle by an amil. At the most they can help a pious amil who manages to appease them and they can fulfill his legitimate demands. The moakkils are called alwi moakkils because they are alwi or kind. They help an amil only when the amil molds his entire life according to the Islamic principles. If there is any flaw in an amil’s worship or devotedness then they will never surrender before him. However, if they notice that an amil is spending his life in a religious way and he has been following the Quranic injunctions and the Sunnah dutifully, the alwi moakkils will automatically draw closer to such an amil and agree to help him. THE CHART OF MAOKKILS

(Chapter no- 19) THE CHART OF MAOKKILS Assalam oalaikum, The 28 huruf in the abjad have two moakkils each-one being the zahiri and the other being the batini. The zahiri moakkil of a huruf are those which can cast an impact on the visible things. On the other hand the batini moakils of a huruf are those which can create an effect on the non-visible entities of the spiritual world.

The zahiri moakil of alif is Ahil and the batini moakkil is Israfil. I have presented a chart in this Page 17

Untitled post to familiarize the readers with the two types of moakkils which are associated with each huruf. THE METHOD OF CALCULATING THE VISIBLE AND HIDDEN MOAKKIL OF A NAME (Chapter no- 20) THE METHOD OF CALCULATING THE VISIBLE AND HIDDEN MOAKKIL OF A NAME Assalam oalaikum, The initial alphabet of your name should be considered to be the markaz and the last one as mohit. For example, if a person’s name is Ahmed, alif will be markaz and dal will be mohit. Now the visible/zaahiri moakkil of alif is Ahil and the hidden/baatini moakkil is Israfil. Now I am going to show to my readers a reliable method of calculating the moakkil’s name. First of all, do huruf malfozi of Ahmed’s name. I am writing down the abjad malfozi here so that the readers can clearly understand my point:

Alif=111 Ha=9 Mim=90 Dal=35 The total malfozi value will be 245 Total malfozi value of Ahmed=11 Now when we divide 245 by 11 we get a remainder of 3. According to abjad the 3rd huruf is jeem. So Ahmed’s visible moakkil will be Jael and the hidden will be Kakael. TYPES OF MOAKKILS (Chapter no- 21) TYPES OF MOAKKILS Assalam oalaikum, There are 7 types of moakkils: Moakkil alwi jamali: It is comparatively easy to take help from this type of moakkils. However, only those people can take help from them who have faith in Islamic monotheism. Even amongst the practicing Muslims not every one can take help from them. In order to take advantage of the spiritual powers of moakkil alwi jamali, one has to be very kind and generous and a lot of charity work has to be one. Moakkil alwi jalali: These types of moakkils are very powerful, hot-tempered and possess a fire element. Bringing them under control is quite difficult. The amil has to do tark-e-jamali and tark-e-jalali to take help from them. The amils who succeed in doing both the types of abstinence can bring them under control and are often Page 18

Untitled hot-tempered. When the amils bring such moakkils under their control the amils also get influenced by the moakkils. Consequently, as many of us might have noticed that certain amils get irritated very easily. Moakkil sifli jamali: This type of moakkils can be easily brought under control by the black magicians on some easy conditions. These moakkils can be brought under control by a person belonging to any faith. These moakkils co-operate with the magicians and do not object to doing any evil task that the magician assigns to. Moakkil sifli jalali: Though these types of moakkils are jalali yet their power is less when compared to their alwi counterparts. The latter can burn them to ashes if they will. Even if they hordes of sifli jalali moakkils attack the alwi jalali moakkils they cannot cause them any harm. This is because the sifli jalali moakkils are made of fire. And they are a kind of jinnat whereas the alwi moakkil jalali are made up of Noor. So they are much more powerful than the sifli moakkil jalali. The sifli moakkil jalali are used by the magicians to do all sorts of evil things such as inflicting pain on someone, to out someone in trouble etc. These moakkils are totally evil and bringing them under control can put the magician in an awkward position. These moakkils can be appeased only when the magician does all sorts of evil things in life. They are very fond of women and they compel the magicians to present their mother, wife or sisters before them for sex. The magician has no alternative but to obey them. When the magician gives them the permission, these moakkils visit his wife/sister at night for sex. Those women are unable to comprehend exactly what happens with them because all this evil activities take place at a spiritual level. Once the sifli moakkils gets satisfied he tells the magician that he is ready to do anything for him. Moakkil Qudsi: Bringing this type of moakkils under one’s control is a Herculean task. They are more powerful than any of the above mentioned moakkils. These moakkils are formidable and it is very difficult for a person to be able to handle them. It is only the Wali-Allah who are powerful enough to handle the moakkil Qudsi. The Wali-Allah keep fast continuously for long period so they gain a lot of spiritual power. Therefore these moakkils surrender only before the Wali-Allah and obey them. They belong to the group of the alwi moakkils. Alam-e-burzagh dwellers: These are made up of Noor. They can appear before people even after their death. However, not everybody can take help from them. They are inaccessible to the living people except the Buzurgs. Mohtaroon: This is a very powerful spiritual entity which can take help from the worldly moakkils. Taking help from such mohtaroon is beyond the capacity of junior amils. THE CONDITIONS OF BRINGING MOAKKILS UNDER CONTROL (Chapter no- 22) THE CONDITIONS OF BRINGING MOAKKILS UNDER CONTROL Assalam oalaikum,

There are moakkils who are associated with the Quranic verses, Ism-e-Azam and all the huruf. When recitation is done the associated moakkil comes into action and they help the reciter. However, in the field of amalyat, the moakkils amal implies that the amils do parhez jaamali and jalali to bring forth the moakkils and then command them to do certain works for them. Page 19

Untitled Like the humans, the spiritual entities, i.e. the moakkils also love their freedom and they try every trick in the book to escape from the clutches of the amil. They try to scare the amils with horrifying visuals and other tricks to scare him or distract him or dissuade him. However, if the amil is steadfast and courageous and if his will power does not weaken by the cunning ploys of the moakkils, the moakkils have no other option but to accept the amils command. Once the moakkils are brought under control they tell the amils about the way by which they can be summoned by the amil again, whenever they are needed. In order to do the amal ba moakkil- parhez jalai and jamali has to be done. The hygiene factor has to be kept in mind as well. The room in which the chilla is being done should be absolutely clean and incense sticks should be lighted to keep the room fragrant. The place which is selected for doing the chilla should be secluded. It should not be frequented by people. The moakkils like cleanliness and fragrances. The amil should wear clean clothes and his thoughts during the amal should also be pure. He should not allow any filthy thought to enter his mind otherwise the moakkils may get enraged and give rajat/punishment. Time is a very important factor in doing amals. An amil has to be very punctual about his amal and he has to do the amal on the same time every day. If he gets late in starting his amal, then the moakkils may not wait for him and they may leave. A slight delay in the amal by the amil can destroy it completely. So if an amil wants to complete his amal successfully, he should always do it on the same time throughout the stipulated time of the amal. THE MOAKKILS ASSOCIATED WITH THE 12 ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS (Chapter no- 23) THE MOAKKILS ASSOCIATED WITH THE 12 ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS Assalam oalaikum, The moakkils govern each of the 12 zodiac constellations. ZODIAC SIGNS Names of the Moakkil Aries: Ataail Taurus: Izraail Gemini: Israfil Cancer Fikaail Leo Herkaail Virgo Samakael Libra Sumnaail Scorpio Alkhaail Sagittarius Sal Haail Capricorn Samakail Aquarius Jahat Pisces Faqhaail THE MOAKKILAAT ASSOCIATED WITH THE 7 PLANETS (Chapter no- 24) THE MOAKKILAAT ASSOCIATED WITH THE 7 PLANETS Assalam oalaikum, Allah (swt) has created innumerable stars and planets in His universe. The practitioners of sifli as well as the amils take advantage of these planets. The planets by which the amils and the sifli practitioners take help are: Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. The field of amalyaat is closely related with these 7 planets and the moakkils are also closely associated with these planets. Here are the names of the moakkils with which each of the 7 planets are associated: Moon: Ismael Mercury: Shakael Venus: Sayyed Hael Sun: Salsael Mars: Kael Jupiter: Samhael Page 20

Untitled Saturn: Farel When an amil does an amal with a planet he asks for help from the moakkil that governs that particular planet. I shall teach about the 7 planets in detail. In this post I have only discussed about the moakkils associated with the 7 planets. THE MOAKKILAAT AND THEIR ASSOCIATED DAYS (Chapter no- 25) THE MOAKKILAAT AND THEIR ASSOCIATED DAYS Assalam oalaikum,

Each day of a week is governed by 2 moakkils. The amil should be aware about the names of the moakkil who govern the 7 days of the week and ask for their help to that their amal can be successful. The amil should find out the names of the moakkil who govern that particular day on which the amal is being started by the amil. Then the amil should ask for his help so that the moakkil co-operates with the amil and the amal goes on smoothly. Each day of the week is governed by 2 moakkils, one being the sifli arze moakkil and the other being the alwi samawe moakkil. These are the names of the moakkils: I am showing to my readers the prayer through which help can be taken from the moakkils:

THE MOAKKILAAT AND THEIR ASSOCIATED DIRECTION (Chapter no- 26) THE MOAKKILAAT AND THEIR ASSOCIATED DIRECTION Assalam oalaikum, An amil should know about the directions with which each moakkil is associated and their names as well.

The amils can take help from the moakkils sometimes. While doing an amal an amil has to face a particular direction. So he should find out the moakkil of that direction and ask for his help. THE AZIMAT OF MOAKKILAAT (Chapter no- 27) Page 21

Untitled THE AZIMAT OF MOAKKILAAT Assalam oalaikum, Azimat is that particular amal through which an amil summons the moakkilat. The amils establish contact with the moakkils through various azimat and a fixed formula as a result of which the moakkils help the amils in various worldly and spiritual matters. If the Isma-e-moakkilat is not mentioned in the naksh or amulets, the moakkils do not co-operate with the amil. Therefore the azimat have to be read to obtain the help of the moakkils. In azimat the Isma-emoakkilat and the supporters are given command and an oath. Consequently, the work of the amil gets done very quickly. AZEEMATS: Azimat of Azimat of Azimat of Azimat of

love dissent bringing forth the lover killing

AZIMAT OF AMULETS Azimat of love Azimat of separation Azimat of dissent Azimat of blocking dreams Azimat of making the enemy tongue-tied Azimat of separation Azimat of destroying love between two people Azimat of love Azimat of preventing adultery Azimat of love Azimat of expelling an enemy from his house of city. Azimat of ailments Azimat of destroying someone Azimat of dominating the enemy

THE DIRECTIONS OF THE HURUF (Chapter no- 28) THE DIRECTIONS OF THE HURUF Assalam oalaikum, Whenever an amil does an amal he has to face the direction of the huruf (which is involved in the amel). Similarly, while making an amulet also the directions have to be considered. Amukets are of 4 types, namely- khaki, aabi, aatishi and badi. There Page 22

Untitled is another method of considering the direction. The directions of the zodiac constellations are also considered. I have taught about these in HYPERLINK "http://www.amliyatenajoom.com/" \t "_blank" http://www.amliyatenajoom.com/ . The 7 atishe huruf are related to the East. So if these huruf are used during an amal, the amil should face the Eastern direction. The 7 huruf which are khaki are related to the Southern direction. So if these huruf are used during an amal, the amil should sit down facing the Eastern direction. The 7 huruf which are badi are related to the Western direction. So if these huruf are used during an amal, the amil should sit down facing the West The 7 huruf which are abi are related to the North. So if these huruf are used during an amal, the amil should sit down facing the Northern direction. I am providing a chart here which will make my point clear.

RIJAL-UL-GHAEB chapter no 29 RIJAL-UL-GHAEB Assalam oalaikum, Rijal –ul-ghaeb are budala or awlia which have been mentioned by Prophet Mohamamd (saw) in many ahadith. ‘If any one of you loses his animal or his camel in a lonely place where there is no one in sight, let him say, “O servants of Allah, help me, for verily he will be helped.” (Ibn Abi Shayba’s Musannat-7:103) Rijal –ul-ghaeb are the unseen mardan Khuda which are involved in every mater such as embarking on a journey, performing wazaaif, chillas or taksir of jinnat etc. Rijal –ul-ghaeb are involved in every activity of an amil and play a significant role in the field of amalyaat. The angels, as we know, have been assigned various worldly duties. For example, Hazrat Mikaail is in charge of the rains. Likewise the Rijal –ul-ghaeb are in charge of the spiritual world of amalayat. They circumambulate around the earth and there are specific dates on which they appear in particular directions. Before starting an amal, meditation or while making an amulet one should find out the current direction of the Rijal –ul-ghaeb. If they are right in front, this is considered to be negative or harmful for the amil. No work should be done during this position. An amil should turn his back towards them while doing an amal otherwise the amals will backfire. The correct method of interacting with them is to find out their direction. Then one should greet them with assalam oalaikum and then ask them for help. The salam should be said in a standing position with a hand on the chest to show respect to them. I am granting the permission for doing this amal and reading the following prayer:

Page 23

Untitled After saying salam to the amil should sit down in the direction in which the amal has to be done. THE CHART OF RIJAAL-UL-GHAEB (Chapter no- 30) THE CHART OF RIJAAL-UL-GHAEB Assalam oalaikum, In this post I am going to show my readers a chart which will make it clear where the rajaal-ul-ghaeb are positioned on specific dates.

This is a detailed chart which shows clearly that if you are doing an amal facing any direction so which are those specific dates which you should avoid. If an amil keeps the factor of the right direction in mind before starting an amal, he will be protecting himself from lots of trouble. This rajaal-ul-ghaeb chart is in accordance with the Islamic calendar. SADQA OF RIJAAL-UL-GHAEB

(Chapter no- 31) SADQA OF RIJAAL-UL-GHAEB Assalam oalaikum, In this post I shall discuss about the amulets and sadqa related to the rijaal-ul-ghaeb according weekly. When an amil sets his focus towards rajaal-ul-ghaeb he should read the Durud and the prayer for rijaal-ul-ghaeb. Then the amil should express his desire in whatever language he wants. Inshallah, the desire will be fulfilled by the Grace of Allah (swt). If the rijaal-ul-ghaeb are hostile, then the amil should give the sadqa so that nothing untoward take place. The type of sadqa that I am going to mention here is on Tuesday and Wednesday, towards the north, facing the south. If the need arises to do an amal facing this direction then it should be permissible. The amil should eat little bit and then cook rice in a utensil and give sadqa. After this the chilla should be started. Inshallah nothing untoward will happen. On Mondays it is towards east. In such a condition the face is towards west. During this phase if the rajaal-ul-ghaeb is in front then do not begin any new work. If some new work has to be started urgently then do so only after looking at a mirror. On Sundays and Fridays the rajaal-ul-ghaeb is towards west, and the direction of the face is towards east. If any new work has to be commenced during this period then before starting the work a huge 40 paan (betel leaf) beeda should be eaten On Thursdays it will be towards South and the face will be towards northern Page 24

Untitled direction. If some new work has to be started immediately during this period then eat some yogurt. Inshallah nothing untoward will happen to you. AMULETS OF RIJAAL-UL- GHAEB Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem chaptor no 32 rojal gayab ka tavezat (Chapter no- 33) AMULETS OF RIJAAL-UL- GHAEB Assalam oalaikum, In this post I am presenting the sadqaa and the taweez for rojal ghayab which I have mentioned earlier. Hence, whenever there is competition from the mardan gayab and there is some danger from their side, an amil can write down this taweez and use it.

DATES: 1, 9, 16, 24: Towards 1 agni. 1/4rth kg of sadqa of 9 ingredients should be brought and given to a peacock or a white cock. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your arm.

DATES: 19, 22, 14, 7: Towards 2 mashriq.. Feed 7 nishakerd sugar-canes to an elephant. Then write down this taweez and wear it on your head.

DATES: 28, 21, 6: Towards 3 esan..feed 1/4rth dal/lentil to a donkey. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your right arm.

DATES: 30, 31, 15, 8: 4 towards northern direction.. take ½ a kg of soaked gram and feed a horse. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your right arm.

DATES: 27, 19, 12, 4: 5 towards west…feed cows with a little (7-8) grass. Then write down this taweez and keep it with you.

DATES: 20, 13, 5: 6 baahib.. feed camels with ½ a kg of soaked lentil. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your right arm.

DATES: 25, 17, 10, 2: Page 25

Untitled 7 towards nirat… feed dogs with 1/4rth kg of soaked dal/lentil. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your right arm.

DATES: 26, 18, 11, 3: 8 towards southern direction… give meat a yellow tinge and feed it to a male cat. Then write down this taweez and wear it around your right arm. at 11:27 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Kala Jadu Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) For Latest Hot Trends Visit http://keklee.com Popular Posts Eragon Book Online Free Eragon A. Michael at Read Books Online Free - 8 months ago By *Christopher Paolini* [image: Read books online free]*Click Here To... Wazifa for Marriage Nikah,Wazifa for Husband and wife, Wazifa for Wealth, Wazifa for Children Halakut ya jaan say marny ka jadu,Wazifa for Love, Wazifa for Relationship All Problems, Wazifa for Love Marriage, Wazifa for Marriage N... Solution Manual Intermediate Accounting IFRS Edition Volume 2 by Kieso (REUPLOAD) Solution Manual (Kunci Jawaban) Book Title : Intermediate Accounting, IFRS Edition Volume 2 (Chapter 15 - 24) Author(s) : Kieso, Weygandt... Shadi Ki Raat By Abdul Hadi, Abdul Khaliq Madani Title of the book is "Shadi Ki Raat" (o p qsrtu v). w Written by Abdul Hadi, Abdul Khaliq Madnix This is an Islamic Urdu book abou... Sex Education In Urdu Book By Doctor Syed Mubeen Akhtar Download OR Read Online Read Online Special Wazaif's From QURAN (For all your Problums), Spirit of Islam This the most powerful wazifa on this whole website. Nothing is more powerful than this. Anyone who will do this wazifa will come under di... The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn (Free Download pdf/epub) Is it possible... That there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future? That this mystery lies behind everyt... Wazifa For Hajat or Wish | Dua for Problems | Most powerful wazifa for hajat Solution Manual Statistics for Business and Economics 11th edition (update) by Anderson Solutions Manual Book Title: Statistics for Business and Economics, 11th edition (update) Author : David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney a... Wazaif for husband love in urdu | Wazifa for Husband Love | Wazaif e Zojain Wazaif For Hub Taskheer This Dua is for love between husband and wife or HUB E ZOJAIN . Best Rated Videos Fish Copyright Trendposting. Simple template. Powered by Blogger.

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