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Art. BS0012
Author -.- --.¡. BA SHIN , Col. Ba Rhan‘ , Buil‘ mhu"
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(History of Pre - Bagan Myanmar Kingdom)
Tampadi¯ pa nuin‘ nam‘ taññ‘ thon‘ khran‘"
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Myanmar before Anawrahta
Issue and Volume
Ed. Date 1998
Subject Terms Myanmar - History - Early period
Key Words Tampadipa Naingnan (Pyu Period)
Annotation Author asserts that Pyu, Mon and Bama (Myanmar) people were organized and established as Tampadipa (Thanpyatate)
Naingnan in the 10th century AD. Bagan was the centre of that state. Former kings who ruled before Anuradda
(Anawrahta) in Bagan were Sawyahan Min and Kyaung Phu Min. Anawrahta, who ruled Bagan from AD 1044 - 1077 was
a good leader and ably organized the state. Under his administration the country developed peacefully.
Edition 3rd ed.
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Momin Sarpay
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Innwa Publishing House