Baruch haba b'shem Adonai Blessed is He Who comes Baruch haba b'shem Adonai Who comes in the Name Of The Lord Now arise O Lord come to Your resting place You and the ark Of Your might Then we will rejoice as we're clothed With Your righteousness and celebrate the Love. (Based on Psalm 118:26)

Roni roni bat tzion Hariu Yisrael Simchi v'alzi b'chol lev Bat Yerushalayim Rejoice rejoice daughter of Zion Shout aloud Yisrael Sing rejoice with All your heart O Jerusalem For the Lord has Taken your punishment Destroyed your enemies King of Israel Lord of all is He In the midst of us He is mighty (Repeat Chorus) Hesir Hashem mishpatayich Pina oyvaich Melech Yisrael Adonai bekirbaich Al tiri (Repeat 1st verse) For the Lord your God In the midst of you Mighty is His name Rejoicing over you With songs of gladness Sing joyfully He will save us (Repeat chorus 2 times) (Repeat 1st verse) Bat Yerushalayim Bat Yerushalayim O Jerusalem Based on Zephaniah 3:14-15)

Ma tovu ohalecha Ya’akov Mishkenotecha Yisrael How goodly are thy tents o Jacob Thy tabernacles Yisrael V´ani b´rov chasdecha Avo baytecha Eshtachave, el haychal Kadshecha b´yiratecha And in Thy great compassion I will come into Your house There I will bow There I will fear Thy holiness O Lord. Thy holiness O Lord. (Based on Numbers 24:5)

KADOSH (by Elisheva Shomron)
Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Adonai kadosh kadosh Elohim Elohim kadosh kadosh tz'va'ot tz'va'ot

Holy holy holy Holy holy holy O Lord our God Lord of hosts O Lord our God Lord of hosts Who And Who And was Who was Who and Who is is to come and Who is is to come

Asher hayah V'hoveh v'yavo Asher hayah V'hoveh v'yavo And Who is to come Who was and Who is And Who is to come.

(Based on Isaiah 6:3)

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