Your Soul's Purpose

First of all I want to say I hold no college or university degrees like some of you here except what I have learned through the university of life. If you find grammatical errors please forgive me, but you will still get the essence of my message, which is all about LOVE. And please forgive me if in this message there are certain areas or topics that I repeat myself, but it is trying to convey the importance of certain teachings. Lately I have been questioning my own existence to why I am here and my life purpose. Last year I almost died from an illness and two years before that I was hit by a car, almost killing me. And I have always tried to help my fellow man in every way I can through my life. And I questioned my purpose in this lifetime and what I could do to make a difference in the world and touch the lives of each person I met. And I know those times I was close to dying they were experiences to make me stronger for the days ahead, to wake me up to my own mortality, search for the truth from enlightened teachers and to start helping more people awaken. By learning to be a rainbow and medicine warrior and walking my talk and teaching this to others, I am evolving too. So Its time to wake up! And in searching for answers I have read many N.D.E. experiences and other teachings on the net. And Jesus has been one of my greatest teachers as just recent I am starting to really comprehend what He wanted to teach the world by His example. And I feel He has always been one of my principal guides in this lifetime and He has just been waiting for me to wake up. I feel I was one of His followers in His time, which my spiritual Mother Crooked Arrow has confirmed for me. We have other secondary guides also, but they are always changing depending on our spiritual evolution. When the student is ready the teacher appears and that includes our spiritual guides. I have also bought quite a few books including books from my spiritual Mother Crooked Arrow is a wonderful spirutal teacher and I have learned so much from her. And I know I made a soul agreement with her prior to being born so she could guide me on the right path and teach me the lessons I would need to learn to help others on their path too. And another great teacher has been my friend Teaglefeather and I know she also made a spiritual pact with me also to help me on my path. So as you can see each person comes into your life

for a reason, to teach you, even the person who you consider your worst enemy is playing the part of villain to teach you about love and forgiveness. So you are both balancing each others Karma so you one day you will evolve spiritually to the highest level and graduate and no longer have to reincarnate. Then your soul will have reached its highest goal, to merge with your Higherself. And in my quest for knowledge about the meaning of life I am learning why and others are here, I have come to realise that a lot of the teachings out there are all about being trying to perfect our lives by creating what we want to manifest, health, wealth, love, etc., material things not the spiritual. But not much is said on how to apply those secrets to help each other and the world. For what you want for yourself you should want for another. And when you help another achieve those same things you will achieve its also in your own life and create good karma for the afterlife. You are helping your soul evolve. For the creator created the laws of good and bad karma and those laws are always very just. For what we sow we shall also reap. That means also being inactive in helping your fellow man, and just sitting by and thinking that they must resolve their own problems. If we sow love everything else shall be added and all our needs met. For its says in the bible in Matthew 6:33 But seek yea first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Because when you only apply the laws of attraction for your own benefit and not the benefit of the world then you are putting a noose around your soul and sending your soul to a lower vibration level in this life and in the afterlife paying an ultimate karma for other lifetimes in the future. And Jesus said that in the day of judgement the goats and the sheep would be separated and that the angels will separate the evil ones ("tares" or weeds) from the worthy (the wheat), and the evil ones will be destroyed. And I believe this is the cleansing He was referring too. And its not just the evil ones because when Jesus spoke of the goats and the sheep he was referring to people who were selfish and self-centered and never thought about the needs of others except their own. And He also gave the example of the Rich man and Lazarus: "There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man's table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores. "The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham's side. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. So he called to him, 'Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.' Luke 16:19-24 (NIV). What Jesus was trying to say that we condemn our soul to a lover vibration realm in the afterlife by neglecting the needs of our fellow man. We are here to learn about the lessons of love, we are spiritual beings living a physical experience and not the other way around. We are here to learn how to apply the energy of love and evolve into masters. And its not enough to hold the vision of what you want for the world as some teachers are putting out there, its by doing it is that we make the changes the world. It’s by walking your talk and being a beacon of light for others to follow is that you will accomplish what you envision for the world. It’s about the energy of love and sharing the love with others, by doing acts of random kindness and paying it forward that you will manifest your vision and balance the world. Mother Teresa was one great example, she walked her talk and she was a great spiritual teacher. So was Ghandi and others before them. This is the way to enlightenment, is by serving the Creator by helping others. And to create the abundance in your life you need to create first your spiritual abundance. A great spiritual teacher will transmit the energy of love by example and will help those students pass that love to others. And not just teach them self-gratification and self-realization. Because when you succeed to help heal others to create abundance in their lives then you will have abundance also for that is how the laws of cause and effect at work. And the best prize is that with every person you have helped your soul will shine even brighter and you will attract all you need to be happy. And teaching people is not being judgmental, as when you do this it is something about yourself you do not like that needs to be healed. To love another

is to put them on the right path. And even Jesus pointed out people’s mistakes without judgement to help them evolve spiritually. We are our brother’s keepers. Take for example the Secret. All you read out there how you can get rich and create prosperity in your lives. And how your thoughts create your life. And actually many of those motivational speakers are really getting rich at the expense of others by feeding people what they want to hear and selling their books and workshops. They are really creating bad karma for this lifetime and for the afterlife for themselves, because in their teachings there is not much said about unconditional love and how to help others achieve it. And this is what the dark ones want. To have people apply the secret in the wrong way to keep them from their life purpose which is to banish them forever from this reality. So if we do not evolve spirituality they will continue to spread the fear and keep us shackled in a negative and unloving world full of hate and intolerance. As they feed from the chaos of the world, as it makes them stronger. As long as most of the world lives in spiritual poverty being unloving, being uncaring, hating one another, the dark ones will have won. And that is why the light workers came to the world to teach others about love and to help stop the wars and bring peace, to share their teaching so that everyone could live in abundance and bring the balance to the planet. The Creator is not going to destroy the world, we are doing it ourselves. And the cleansing and earth changes that are coming is because of lack of action from our part in order to bring this balance to the world. Our soul agreement was to help awaken those who are still asleep. And some teachers are walking their talk and trying to do just that. However, it takes more people to continue the work and cause the ripple effect to reach every person on the planet. We are so desperate to create abundance in our lives that we forget that one of the basic law of the secret which is love, because in order to attract the life we want for ourselves we have to help create that life for others first. For what we give to others with love we get back tenfold. And the secret is all about the energy of love. And the secret is being applied in the wrong way, just creating bad karma for those who are applying it in the wrong way. And we are learning to keep away from negative people so that their energies do not affect us. Those metaphysical teachings that tell you to push negative people away, to only surround yourself with positive people are wrong. Those teaching that tell you not participate in dramas of other people are actually just sinking you into bad karma and lost opportunities to serve the creator and help your soul’s evolution. These are the dark ones tactics to create separation and to guide you in the wrong path. We must instead try to help heal those people who are negative and bring them out of their despair and hopelessness. But instead we are being taught stay away from them because their negative energies are contagious. Why not teach them to hug a tree and send the negativity to mother earth to be reused. And teach them about love and paying it forward. And teach them to pray and help others, because when you do you are helping yourself. And when you pray for another you are actually asking the Creator to bring into your life also what you want to heal and create in another person’s life. Why not help them get on their feet in their times of needs and teach them how to heal their fears and create the life they want for themselves and others by spreading the love energy. The dark ones have always looked for ways to separate people and using their needs to implant false teachings to the people and these are the false teachings that people are learning to be selfish. And you can see these false teachings in many of the channeling on the net. Actually many of these so-called Ascended Masters being channeled are dark ones posing as beings of light to create confusion and to guide people in the wrong direction as their time is coming to an end. The dark ones can take any form they want, they can even appear as beings or angels of light, they have that power. And that is when we must consult our higher self and the Creator and see what messages are truly from the divine and which

ones are not. When we see teachings that guide you into living a loveless life, then you are being led astray. If you are learning that its all about me, the life I want for myself and no one else, let me attract for myself riches, fame, good health etc and then you are walking the wrong path. Well you cannot ascend if you do not have love in your heart and want for other which you want for yourself. You cannot hold a higher vibration if you do not know how to love and live in the oneness of all life, which is to help heal your planet, bring about the balance and be a part of the Creator. For the divine spark of the Creator is within each one of us. And you all accepted to be a part of the Creator’s plan to help bring about the healing and balance to the planet. And false teachings out there are teaching people they are gods. I do not see it that way, we are angels or masters in the making because we have not created the balance within ourselves. And we as divine sparks of the Creator are evolving to be in atonement with the Creator once again and with all of life. Again in the bible it says they will worship false gods and idols. We are worshiping wrong teachers and putting into practice false teaching creating a self-centered society. We just have to look at our youth and where they are heading. Vice, violence, hate, being self-centered etc this is what we are teaching them and this will be the destruction of mankind for what we have sown with our children is what we are going to reap. And you just have to see the video games, the television, the videos, what are children being taught in their schools and nothing is out there about the evolution of the soul. We are giving our kids everything material thing they want in life but not giving them food for their spirits so they can evolve spiritually. We are learning to worship ourselves as gods and materiality (idols), putting ourselves first and putting God and our fellow man aside and this is exactly what our kids are learning. And we are so preoccupied about our kids having a college degree and being successful in life that we forget the most important thing and how they can evolve here to be a more beautiful being of light here and in the afterlife, for our physical life is just temporary. And when Jesus said Yea are as gods he was trying to say that God's divine spark within us and the works that He had come to do on earth we could also do and that was to be healers and to change the world into a more loving and peaceful place. He was trying to say we could create Heaven on Earth by all being One with God, all life and each other. And as Mother Crooked Arrow has told me time and time again it is about what we can all do together to bring about balance to the world. However, we are also teaching our kids to worship these same idols. However, again we are being like Cain and Able, not being responsible for our fellow man. The right way is to teach those people how to be medicine warriors and heal the fears in their lives. How to hug a tree and send all their fears and negativity to mother earth to by recycled for the good of the planet. We are not being taught that by staying away from such people we are depriving our soul of great spiritual lessons, the lessons of loving your brothers and sisters like you love yourself. Prior to birth each of us made soul pacts with one other to come and help so we could all evolve spirituality and together ascend to higher realms in God’s kingdom. And those you need to forgive are your greatest teachers who will help you perfect your soul. And Jesus came to teach these lessons. He even told us that in God’s kingdom there were many mansions and that according to the way we lived our soul would evolve to those higher realms in God’s kingdom. Did Jesus stay away from the leper in fear of getting leprosy? No!! He taught everyone about love and how to heal our brothers and sister with love. And He came to teach us about connecting with each other. He came to teach us about love and forgiveness. He also came to teach us that it is important to keep connect to the Creator and all of life. And every day I am learning about my life purpose and what I came to do. I am learning to walk the path of the rainbow and medicine warrior. And my greatest wealth may not be material wealth as they are all temporary in this life but my spiritual wealth where my soul is expanding to evolve into a being of light, an angel. And Jesus said by their fruits you will know them. My greatest treasures that I will

take back to the journey of my ancestors into the next life will be the seeds that I have sown of love and planted while I here on the earth plane and how their fruits have been harvested to help create the New Earth. Blessings to all of you who read this

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