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Nine Different Ways to Celebrate 9-9-9

Nine Different Ways to Celebrate 9-9-9

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Published by hxcjay
Events on September 9 2009, 09/09/09
Events on September 9 2009, 09/09/09

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Published by: hxcjay on Sep 10, 2009
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Nine different ways to celebrate 9/9/09

GET MARRIED Over In China, 10,000 people are registered their marriages in Beijing on 9/9/9 and even SIX THOUSAND more people are arranged to get married in Shanghai -- even though it is on a weekday Over In Malaysia, FIVE HUNDRED Chinese people married at a Buddhist temple at Kuala Lumpur. This is cause Chinese culture consider this number 9 auspicious. In Chinese dialects, the word for "9" sounds very alike to "longlasting." Marriage is also on the mind of people from around the world that hope the date will become a life on cloud 9. Same for Australia. The state of Queensland said to have reported a 3 fold increase in the # of people getting married. It is a simple way of having a wedding anniversary that you will never forget. In Las Vegas, The Stratosphere giving quick weddings. It is trying to marry off 99 couples at 9:09 p.m. for $99.09. Hotels want you to book it! Many hotels are giving special deals, associated to the date. The fact is, September is a very slow period for the travel people and any type of gimmick can do. Hotels.com have been doing a 9 day sale going up to Wednesday, that have rooms priced $99 or less. Mathemagic to 9 Of Those of you who enjoy to play with #s will have a great day on 09-09-09. This date comes on Wednesday in September, which both have nine letters. September 9 is also the 252nd day of the year. 2+5+2 as well, if you times a single digit number x 9, the resulting two numbers add up to 9. Think about it: 8x9 Sing the song Take me out to the ballgame baseball is all abotu the nines: 9 strikes per inning9, 9 innings, 90 feet between each base and players on the field at one time. Celebrate by catching 1 of 15 games that the MLB has on tap on Wednesday. you can also along with MLB.com, that is asking fans to come vote for each of the team's very best players, by season and position, for the All-Time 9s. Keep on Tweeting Republicans asked people who use Twitterto log on at 9 p.m. for what is being called the "largest Twitter tea party ever." Movie Tim Burton made sci-fi movie "9" ccame out Wednesday on the 9th. It is a story

about hand stitched robots which battle to try and survive in a apocalyptic world. Nine Robots. The Web site URLesque declared a 1 day ban on all cat videos 09/09/09. "Why only one day?" they ask. "Well let's be honest, that's probably only as long as we'll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox." A day in the life A Internet project is asking for stories from around the world Wednesday -- to create an ordinary day on the planet experienced by many people from across many cultures. Called, "A Day on the Planet," wants to gather the very best stories and publish them in 8 (not 9) languages. Why 09/09/09? "Because it is a date that is so easy to remember," A very big day for the Beatles. The bands's whole music collection comes out digitally mastered.

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