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Published by: Radhesh Bhoot on Jan 04, 2014
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• • • • • Red, having the slowest vibration, acts on the emotions quicker than any other colour. It is, almost universally, the colour of passion and warmth but in its deeper shade of scarlet, red can instigate the beast in man. It stands for all the vigour and excitement in life, and induces feelings of strength and vitality in a person. The unfavourable influence of red can trigger off strong emotions, not only of fear and anger but also of irrepressible lust. In its crimson shade, the colour denotes the painful aspects of life, whereas the pink shade evokes maternal affection.

Red can be used in treating irregularities in blood circulation, but it is not very conducive to people who suffer from mental maladies. Orange • Orange is a strong stimulant for ambition, and also motivates ones creative pursuits. • It not only engenders a sense of self!esteem but also fosters a sense of preservation of fellow creatures. • "rolonged exposure to orange can be a cause of restlessness and nervous breakdown. • Orange, being the colour of many fruits and vegetables, stands for nourishment and also represents the attractive force between elements. Yellow • "rimarily a cheerful colour, yellow brightens up the room and signifies wisdom and #ubilation. • $olden yellow, which stands for peace, compassion and creativity, inspires spiritual elevation. • In its negative aspect, exposure to very bright yellow can lead to an over stimulation of the psyche which could then have disastrous consequences. • %ellow fruits and vegetables generally act as laxatives to the bowel and also soothe the nerves. Green • The various shades of green are the #oyous colours of nature. • $reen is the invigorating touch, especially for those suffering from mental fatigue. • $reen represents #ealousy in its negative aspect, with darker shades tending to be extremely depressing. • &hile yellow!green stimulates generous feelings, spring green heralds new life. Blue • 'a#estic blue is the colour of heavenly consciousness, of truth and cosmic harmony. • (lue evokes a sense of sublime calm, and as opposed to red, it tends to quieten passion. • )oft blue clothing, besides preventing a tan in women, can arouse the protective instinct in men. • (lue and green when combined can favour a prolific outburst of creativity. • Too much of blue on the other hand could be a depressing influence. Indigo • Indigo partakes of both blue and violet, and represents a combination of disciplined rationality and creative intuition. • It resembles, not only the duality of the human metabolic process, but also the natural law of growth and change. • *ruitless endeavours and consequent stagnation represent some of the unfavourable aspects of indigo. • Indigo acts as the threshold of success that comes after a period of failure, and in that it

and thus serves as an excellent backdrop for art ob#ects. White • &hite. Traditionally a symbol of regal splendour and spiritual authority. in its positive aspect. • If violet stands for honour on the one hand. +iolet. the colour of the shroud. this dull shade is also thought of as representing the plane from which beauty is born. abhors the opposite sex and signifies decadence. • It is a very heavy colour and should be avoided for draperies and dress. • (lack. appeals to the higher faculties of man ! mastery over ones self.her vitality. being the perfect blend of all the colours of the spectrum. is the touchstone of purity and harmony. • Interestingly. search for truth and creativity. • (rown is totally out of favour with the vital force of life. • )ince black absorbs a lot of energy too much of proximity to black can drain a person of his. deceit. Brown • Resembling the colour of 'other -arth. envy and violence.represents the healing crisis of the natural healing art. • It is averse to all the lowly traits in man ! malice. +iolet • • • +iolet being the fastest vibration in the spectrum is also the quickest one to disappear. violet is associated with wealth and fecundity. has traditionally been associated with death and bereavement. and always favours the revelation of truth. and one can easily be taken in by its pretence. it can also denote deceiton the other. the strongest assertion of brown is in its relationship with fertility. Black • The most obvious aspect of the colour black is the absence of light. . • (lack inevitably invokes the dark desires that lurk beneath the surface prompting people to commit the worst crimes.

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