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Bearing Types.mod

Bearing Types.mod

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types of bearing
types of bearing

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Bearing Types

History of Inventions of Rolling Element Bearings

Primary Function of Bearings • Transmit loads • Reduce Friction • Secondary roles – Support the shaft – Locate the shaft .

Bearing Loads .

How did a bearing evolve ? * Invention of wheel * Wheel rotates on axle * Wear Plate + Rollers * Inner ring + Outer ring + Rollers * With introduction of cage Rolling Bearing was created .

Roller and Ball Raceway Contact .

Types of Rolling Elements Ball Spherical roller (symmetrical) Spherical roller (asymmetrical) Cylindrical roller Needle roller Taper roller .

Bearing Components (Deep Groove Ball Bearing) Seal Outer ring Rolling Elements Cage Inner Ring Seal .

Characteristics Ball bearings Deep groove ball bearing Angular contact ball bearing Self-aligning ball bearing Point Contact : * * * * Less area of contact Less friction More speed Less load Roller bearings Cylindrical roller bearing Taper Needle roller roller bearing bearing Spherical roller bearing Line Contact : * * * * More area of contact More friction Less speed More load .

Bearing Loads .

Radial rolling bearings Ball bearings Deep groove ball bearing Angular Self-aligning contact ball bearing ball bearing Roller bearings Cylindrical roller bearing Taper Needle roller roller bearing bearing Spherical roller bearing .

Thrust bearings Ball bearings Thrust ball bearing Angular Contact Ball Thrust bearing Taper Roller Thrust bearing Roller bearings Spherical Roller Thrust bearing Cylindrical / Needle Roller Thrust bearing .

D. surface .Bearing Terminology Bore surface O.D. Bore O.

Bearing Terminology Outer ring raceway Outer ring land Side faces Inner ring land Inner ring raceway .

Ball and Roller Bearing Ranges Ball bearings Deep groove Angular contact Self-aligning + Roller bearings Taper Needle Spherical Cylindrical .

Load Capabilities Load carrying capacity is expressed as the basic dynamic load rating .

Relative Speed Limitations r/min Oil lubrication speed rating Grease lubrication speed rating .

Bearing Contact Angle Single Row Cylindrical Roller Angular Contact Taper Roller Spherical Roller Radial Loads Combined Loads .

Bearing Components Cage Outer Ring Rolling Element Inner Ring .

Closures: Shields .

Non-Contact Seal RZ .

Land Riding Lip Seal RS1 .

06 mm 0/-15 µm 0/-12 µm 0/-9 µm 0/-7 µm 0/-2.5 µm .Rolling Bearings are Precision Products How much is a µ? Normal Precision bearing High precision bearing A human hair 1µ PA9A PA9B Tolerance classes Standard P6 P6 SP P4A UP 0.

use bearings no more than one precision class better than the precision of the mating components – Extra precision has no benefit if applied to poorly made mating components .Precision Classes Precision classes: US vis-a-vis Europe ABEC ISO 1 Normal 3 P6 5 P5 7 P4 9 P9 – Generally.

Internal Clearances Radial clearance Axial clearance .

36 µm (microns) or 0.0014” Radial Internal Clearance .0007” .less than normal clearance (CN. C0) normal clearance (not generally marked) C3 .0.greater than C3 clearance C5 .Bearing Basics C1 .Less than C2 clearance C2 .greater than C4 clearance Example: A 6210 /C3 Ball bearing has from 18 .greater than normal clearance (“standard”) C4 .

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