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CFSA’s Partners for Kids in Care (PKC) is collecting needed supplies for a very special initiative called Life Books for Children.
The purpose of a life book is to make sure that a child knows his/her history. It helps them to understand and make sense of some of the multiple changes that they have experienced. Most importantly, it is a way that we honor the child’s life and his/ her memories. Can you imagine having multiple placements and not clearly remembering where you lived one year to the next, or who you lived with, what school you attend, a favorite teacher, or the loss of a friend? Children are often excited to know where they were born, date time, and how much they weighed. We include a picture of the child, significant people or things that are important to the child, along with written words, poetry, and drawings. This life book can also be used as a therapeutic tool for the child to help resolve or clarify some of the child’s concerns, and reduce the stress and anxiety of being in foster care and/or achieving permanency (adoption).

Don ate supp li es for Li fe Books for Foster Ki ds and ma ke
To find out more about making the life book, visit: m

You can help by donating the following items:
• • • • • • • • • • Photo albums/Journals/Diaries Construction paper Scrapbook materials Glue Scissors Paint Kits Pens/Pencils Markers/Crayons Disposable digital cameras Photo paper

Child and Family Services Agency appreciates those individuals, organizations and businesses who make important donations. Your support significantly and positively impacts the District’s most vulnerable children. To get involved, contact Beatrice Williar, Program Manager at (202) 727-7101 or, no later than October 15, 2009.

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