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Discussion about Bacon's Rebellion #mrkulo, bacon, think, berkeley,

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Bacons rebelion was somthing that could have easily been evoided if Berkly had supported some of the poor
09-Sep-09 00:09 | ktmcnicholas13

I think that Bacon was doing what he thought was right for the por colonist unprotected from Native
09-Sep-09 00:08 | ktmcnicholas13

Bacon did not need to us his "hero" status to rebel and destroy the colony by burning it down. #mrkulo

09-Sep-09 00:03 | Jdizzelz

I feel that both Bacon and Berkley had both unjust and just aspects. Berkley should have helped out the citizens
of Jamestown #mrkulo
09-Sep-09 00:01 | Jdizzelz

but Berkeley should have represented the poor colonists and defended them against the native americans.
08-Sep-09 23:14 | TuckerUSHIST

read bacon's rebellion.i think Bacon was justified in raising an army,but using it to pursue his political motives was
08-Sep-09 23:13 | TuckerUSHIST


08-Sep-09 01:56 | Cappy52

Bacon's actions were out of control and he needed to be stopped. #mrkulo

08-Sep-09 01:24 | CaptainWoodward

Governor Berkeley was justified in his actions during Bacons's Rebellion. #mrkulo

08-Sep-09 01:23 | CaptainWoodward

I think Bacon had good intentions by going to the Governor first and going against his say. He helped a lot of the
colonists out. #mrkulo
08-Sep-09 00:15 | MoniqueAlyse

I think that Bacon shouldn't have killed the Indians that were friendly to the colonists. #mrkulo

08-Sep-09 00:14 | MoniqueAlyse

I think berkeley was just trying to do what he could to keep the colony in order, but failed. #mrkulo

08-Sep-09 00:05 | killam_all


Bacon should not have led an attack on the indians when he was told not to by the governer of jamestown.
07-Sep-09 23:51 | killam_all

I don't understand why Berkeley taxed the poor so much and why he felt the need to only pay attention to the
plantation farmers. #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 23:23 | streco

Regardless of his position in the gov't, it doesn't make it okay to only provide funding for the rich. The poor
deserved help too. #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 23:22 | streco
Wasn't it Berkeley's responsibility to maintain order, regardless of what a fringe number of farmers thought about
tax money? #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 18:04 | gregkulowiec

Neither man was justified. Berkeley refusing to assist people in need is just as bad as Bacon creating an army to
fight the Natives. #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 17:15 | streco

Neither men were justified. Berkeley refusing to assist people in need is just as bad as Bacon creating an army to
fight the Natives #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 17:13 | streco

#mrkulo They should have used the gov tax money to make a second small settlement so they didnt cause a
problem with the Natives out west.
07-Sep-09 15:49 | Rmac34

Try to include a short reason for your view point...#mrkulo

07-Sep-09 02:45 | mrkulowiec

Anyone consider the implications of the tax $ not being used to support the colonists living out west that needed
gov. support? #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 01:57 | mrkulowiec

@acshean11, I agree aswell. Bacon's actions were hostile and resulted in unessary death, he should not be seen
as a hero in any way.#mrkulo
07-Sep-09 01:27 | asgleason08

I feel that both Nathaniel Bacon and Gov. Berkeley were unjust. #mrkulo

07-Sep-09 01:24 | asgleason08

I think Nathaniel Bacon was justified because he created an independent campaign #mrkulo

07-Sep-09 00:47 | acshean11

@Jiynxie I agree, Bacon had no right to do anything horrible to the Native Americans. Especially when one tribe
was an alliance #mrkulo
07-Sep-09 00:41 | acshean11


06-Sep-09 22:27 | Jdizzlz

Berkeley should have helped out the poor farmers, and Bacon shouldn't have set Jamestown on fire. #mrkulo

06-Sep-09 20:27 | milofl

i think that both Berkeley and Bacon's actions were unjust. #mrkulo

06-Sep-09 20:24 | milofl

Bacon had absolutly no right to do what he did. No right to capture, tourture, and kill all those native americans.
05-Sep-09 21:48 | Jiynxie

I think that Bacon could have handled things with the native americans so much better #mrkulo

05-Sep-09 20:34 | Jiynxie

I think that Nathaniel Bacon was justified....
04-Sep-09 17:47 | mrkulowiec

Who is justified in their actions? Nathaniel Bacon or Gov. Berkeley

04-Sep-09 12:57 | mrkulowiec

Who is justified in their actions? Nathaniel Bacon or Gov. Berkeley? #mrkulo

04-Sep-09 12:56 | mrkulowiec