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Mrs. W in 447 bed 2 is an 85 year old F in stable condition. Shes AOX4 and cooperative.

She came into the ER from Benson with SOB on the 8th and was diagnosed with necrotizing pneumonia and had a VATs R. side on the 10th, her chest tube was DCd yesterday site looks good. Shes been improving and I havent noticed anymore dyspnea at rest but I am still hearing crackles at the lung bases. And she has a history of COPD. Shes on bedrest, 2 person assist, 3L NC, and foley to gravity in place. Regular diet but shes only been eating her meals for me. She has a R SC TL central line all ports flushing well and running NS @ 50 mL/hr. I gave Levofloxacin at 6 am and I think shes due again at 1300. And RTs has been giving her breathing treatments. K+ has been a little low so were keeping an eye on it. ABGs are looking better and theres another draw scheduled this afternoon. CBCs currently looking good. Theyve been doing a portable chest x-ray everyday but shes not scheduled for anything else. I think theyre looking to discharge her in the next couple days. She is very hard of hearing but she has a notepad bedside you can write on to communicate which is what Ive been doing. Her husband can also help, hes been visiting daily and is very sweet. She has a pink area on her coccyx and pink heels in yellow boots, wound care team has already been up and done an assessment, so Ive just been turning and repositioning q2h. Any questions?