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Natural Family Planning Resources

Free NFP Manual at

The Fertility Care Centre London

Promotes the Creighton method of NFP - 02074370892

Billings ovulation method:

This is a simple, scientific method of NFP, in use for over 50 years.

NFP Outreach:

Useful NFP information

One more soul:

Non profit organization committed to spreading the news about the blessings of children
and the harms of contraception.

Pope Paul VI institute

Promoting morally and professionally acceptable reproductive health services.

Family of the Americas:

Useful organization promoting family life and NFP

Couple to couple league

Building healthy marriages through NFP since 1971. Billings observation method of Natural Family Planning National Association of Ovulation Method Instructors (Billings). LIFE FertilityCare program (UK). - ‘Super Size me’ version of the pill
LIFE health centre 01512280353
Linacre centre for healthcare ethics.
Good counsel network- 02077231760

Books, CDs and Leaflets:

The art of Natural Family Planning by John and Sheila Kippley, (Couple to Couple
League, Cincinnati, 1989).
The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Alexandra Pope and Jane Bennet (ORION, 2009)
Does the birth control pill cause abortions? By Randy Alcorn, 1997.
Why NFP? Practicing Chastity within Marriage by Jason Evert, CD available from
Donum Vitae, Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith, Pope John Paul II.
Evangelium Vitae, Encyclical Letter, Pope John Paul II.
Contraception: Why not? A CD by Janet Smith.