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PRESS RELEASE: 10 September 2009

Innovation Dublin: a Celebration of Innovation & Creativity

Innovation Dublin, a week long series of events to promote and showcase Innovation &
Creativity throughout the Dublin region is taking place 14th – 20th October.
South Dublin County Council is proud to announce its part in celebrating Innovation Dublin

There are over 50 events planned throughout South Dublin County promoting an energetic and
innovative place for learning, living, working and enterprise. The events will include creative
solutions to the challenges we face today and will also focus on the arts, green agenda and
enterprise in the County. Entry to the extensive range of activities is free. A website to
promote events in South Dublin is going live this week and the public can book events through
the website

Innovation Dublin is organised around six themes:

1. Social
2. Cultural
3. Urban Form
4. Movement
5. Education/ Innovation/Environment
6. Economic

South Dublin County Council is working with other agencies within the County – IT Tallaght,
Tallaght Hospital, Synergy Centre and South Dublin Chamber of Commerce. Businesses
involved in the event include – Wyeth and Irish Times.

Innovation Dublin aims to promote the brand of Dublin region both locally and internationally,
and to showcase and celebrate the innovation and creativity that is currently happening in
business, universities and other organisations throughout Dublin.

For More Information:

Ph: 01 414 9000 ext 6009
Visit our dedicated website: