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Amora, Ma. Salome B.

Present address Mobile no. &mail Address : Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines : +639 !"#3$9%% :

I am now looking forward to build on my character as a person within a role that would allow me to work with different people. I am keen to achieve further professional development.

P&+SO,A- ),.O+MA()O,
Age: Birthday: Birth $lace: 'ivil (tatus: 'iti)enship: +eligion: ,eight: .eight: 20 yrs. Old uly 2!"#!!0 %amba&ao" 'amiguin (ingle *ilipino +oman 'atholic -0 kl. /01 ft.

&/0CA()O,A- BAC12+O0,/
2raduate 'ourse 8ertiary 'ourse (econdary $rimary 3A4I5+ 67I45+(I89 : ;A, ('.OO; ;A, <'A2A9A7 =5 O+O 'I89> 20##?$resent A8575O =5 =A4AO 67I45+(I89 AB $O;I8I'A; ('I57'5 <AB$(> <=A4AO> 200@? 20## *A8I%A 'O;;525 O* 'A%I26I7 <%A%BA AO" 'A%I26I7> 2002? 200@ *A8I%A 'O;;525 O* 'A%I26I7 <%A%BA AO" 'A%I26I7> #!!@? 2002

(+A),),2 &3P&+)&,C&
Assistant ;egal +esearcher LOPOZ & BIAG LAW FIRM 4=avao" $hilippines> Assistant ;egal +esearcher DENR Regio !I " Lega# O$$ice 4=avao" $hilippines> 8rainee %&ma De'e#o(me ) I )er a)io a# <=avao" $hilippines>

8echnical ,riting Analytical and +easoning (kills 'omputer ;iterate: o %( ,ord" 5Acel" $owerpoint

C)*)- S&+*)C& &-)2)B-& : $assed the %ay 20## 'ivil (ervice $rofessional 5Aam

+5*5+57'5( A+5 A4AI;AB;5 6$O7 +5B65(8