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Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

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Published by: wonderman5 on Sep 10, 2009
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Reality aligns when one is in the flow. Confirmation in the form
of genuine synchronicities and signs tend to come after the choice
has already been made to pursue some positive idea or action.
Another type of positive external encouragement is a serendipi-
tous and unexpected opportunity that answers a soul-based
calling or earnest need. What distinguishes positive from negative
types is that positive ones appeal to reason and intuition, lifting
your spirits and bringing relief; positive ones also lack the intui-
tive vibes of desperate baiting, plus they are not limited to
working within the comparatively narrow range of what is sus-
ceptible to negative control. At its extreme, positive external
encouragement works with destiny to make critical events fall
into place unexpectedly and thus unavoidably, always for the bet-
ter in the long run.

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