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Due to certain misinformation and questions concerning the intersection of Smith Springs and
Bell Roads, I would like to communicate some facts to you.

It has been my honor to represent the Smith Springs/Bell Roads area since 1995 – first as a
member of the Metro Council for District 27, and since 2003 as the State Representative for
House District 53.

The funding that was needed to upgrade the intersection of Smith Springs and Bell Roads was
secured via several vehicles during my tenure in the Metro Council. This intersection was
included in Metro Council District 27 which I represented from 1995 – 2003.

The first funding source was a $25,000 contribution that was required in the zoning ordinance
when the 14 acres at the corner of Murfreesboro Road and Nashboro Boulevard was approved in
1997 for commercial development. (BL1997-867) - the current location of Kroger shopping

The second funding source was a $55,000 contribution that was required by Public Works with
the start of the 2nd phase of construction on Nashboro Village by Vastland Realty. (BL2001-917)
There was no zone change required at that time.

The remainder of the funds needed to construct this upgrade was appropriated via bonds issued in
2001. This project had been in the Capital Improvements Budget document for several years. I
also sponsored the bill that accepted the funds for design from the State prior to start of

The reason the project was delayed, and therefore not completed in a timely manner, is because
of the requirement to have the Corp of Engineers sign off on the acquisition of right away needed
on the east side of Bell Road and south side of Smith Springs Road to complete the project.

It is my understanding from Public Works that when my Council term ended in 2003, the funds
were secured to construct this project and were never in jeopardy of being lost or reallocated. I
checked these facts with Billy Davis of Public Works earlier this week.

Unfortunately, Councilwoman Vivian Wilhoite just made an honest error when she listed this as
one of her accomplishments on her web site. Therefore, I appreciate the opportunity to set the
record straight.

I will continue to communicate with you on issues that affect the District.

Again, it is an honor to represent this area of the 53rd House District in the Tennessee General

Janis Baird Sontany

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