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A brave Rhalou Allerhand takes on the chaps and asks
whether men really make good pro doms? Or are they all
dominated by their own sexual desires?

H aving interviewed a number of

mistresses over the years but not
one single master, I decided to
bravely step into no man’s land and find out
whether the rumours are true. Whilst most
privilege. But in my bid to give a relevant
argument, now is probably not the best
time to start man-bashing (unless you’re
prepared to pay me, of course).

male tops on the scene are more than capa- One argument is that men cannot
ble of being almighty pillars of dominance, achieve the same level of psychologi-
with such a distinct lack of professional male cal domination as their female counter-
doms out there offering their services up to parts, as men tend to be controlled by
willing subs in exchange for hard cash, do their sexual urges, whereas women are
the stats speak for themselves or can men more capable of switching off and focus-
really make convincing pro doms? ing on the mental aspects of domination,
For various reasons, the number of so what better place to start than with
men with kinky desires willing to seek re- the girls?
lease with the help of a mistress is greatly Mistress Absolute, a popular London
in excess of the number of submissive dominatrix and Club Subversion pro-
women with similar interests. It could be moter, doesn’t offer any sexual services
because most women are probably just to her subs. ‘You’d have to first define a
too damn busy raising the kids whilst si- sexual service, but I offer no handjobs,
multaneously holding down two jobs and blowjobs, foot jobs and I don’t allow any
cleaning the cooker to think about BDSM body worship above the knee. I do offer a
play. Or perhaps with so many men al- mind fuck, though.’
ready dominating the world, it wouldn’t She also caters to both sexes. ‘None of
occur to most women to pay for the my slaves touch me above the knee, but

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