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Marketing strategy
A.) Segmentation
Filipino foods

Types of food: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Easy to cook Instant foods Meryenda

Meryenda 8% Instant foods 5% Easy to cook 10% Snacks 2%

Types of food

Breakfast 15%

Dinner 20%

Lunch 40%

This graph shows the percentage of people who eats these types of food. We did a behavioral type of segmentation because we look into the attitude of the customer towards our product.

B.) Targeting
Considering the graph, we target customers who eat foods that are being served in Lunch. Another thing which we also consider is our resources. Weather we could handle the costs that we will incur in producing such foods to cater the needs of our customer. And based from our past performance, it seemed to be not a problem. Another thing to mention is the products variability. We believed that foods that are being served in lunch have a lot of variety to put in. We can make it as our advantage and explore different kinds of lunch served foods to please our customer.

C.) Positioning
Brand positioning is the added value or augmented elements that determine a brands positioning in the market place. Positioning is how a product appears in relation to the other products in the market. This involves implanting the brands unique benefits and differentiation in the customers mind. Therefore to do so, we made a perceptual mapping to better illustrate what are our place in the market and how do our products differ from our competitors.

Based on the perceptual mapping that we did, we placed our product Sossy sauce at the top of the chart because we aim to penetrate the market of the higher social class, of course the taste also is good since it is expensive.