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First published in

Media Whores Online

August 2, 2002

Double Speak
By Tony Alardin © 2002

Another day of double speak

Another reason to believe
If you say a lie enough
While minions for you cry enough

Then beat the pulpit like a drum

As money moves from all to some
There’s sure to be a poll to say
We still love you; all is okay

While sleeps the vast majority

A nation bleeds hypocrisy
With promises of dignity
Compassion, moral clarity

Is freedom’s price a life in fear?

Diversion, while it disappears?
With Fourth Estate the first to go
The people left the last to know

There’s something eerie in the air;

An odor and a distant stare
That speaks accountability
Applies to everyone but me

Of what I do; demand of you

Of what I say; it must be true
Why now the sudden third degree?
You had the chance to question me