Inter-Campus Science Olympiad had always been a source of excitement for all the four Happy Home

campuses where each of them are represented by their talented students. This year, on Wednesday, th !anuary, the thrillin" contest too# place at $rts and Science academy. %i#e always, three cate"ories had been made. The first cate"ory of sixth "rade was tested thorou"hly on "eneral sciences throu"h all four rounds of pu&&le, 'ui&, experiment and model ma#in". $bdul Hannan Sidi'ui, Hasan-ud-din and $bdullah did their best to ma#e our school proud of their "roup as they represented the Happy Home O %e(el campus in the sixth standard cate"ory of the contest. They faced an interestin" challen"e in the model ma#in" part as they had to ma#e a telescope.

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