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Summer 2008


Dear Friends, Today is about the fourth gorgeous day in a row. You know, people who live in Florida or Arizona can’t possibly enjoy spring and summer the way we do after a long icy winter. Wow! Mr. Sun, keep smilin’ down on me and my friends… There’s just something about summertime that makes me feel optimistic. I generally like people all the time, but it feels like I like ‘em more in June, July, and August. I love summer golf and actually being able to eat outside. And I can’t get enough of Milwaukee in the summer – the diversity of its people, its architecture, lakefront and rivers, outdoor restaurants, parks, and music festivals. Summertime is a great time also to thank our God for the blessing of living in America. God truly has shed his grace on our country, and not just in material prosperity. He has given us immense spiritual blessings, too. We can honor and worship him by using our freedom of religion and speech to make his name great in our communities and the world. Happy summer! Your grateful friend,

Pastor Mark Jeske

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Summer 2008 3

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Teach Me to

Dad you are praying to. Unlike the unjust judge in Luke 18:1-8, your God cares about the people who are praying to him. “Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.” ☛ The attitude that you bring when you pray not only affects how you feel about things but will also affect what happens as a result of your praying. James wrote in chapter 1:6-8 that if you pray and are full of doubt, if your mind is hesitant and full of confusion, you’re

esus’ disciples knew that their prayer lives needed help. They could see that Jesus’ prayer time did a lot more for him than theirs did for them. “Teach us to pray,” they asked. Though my own prayer life is still a work in progress, the Lord has taught me a lot and brought me a long way. Here are some things I have learned that make my own prayer time a lot more satisfying. – Pastor Mark Jeske ☛ Always pray. Never give up. Remember that God processes every prayer. Every communication from his dear children gets instantaneous processing in the mind of our God. No message from us ever falls to the floor undelivered, unexamined, unfelt, or unanswered. ☛ When you pray to God, you have a lot going for you. He is not some control-obsessed official who enjoys watching people squirm and making them jump through hoops. This is your
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not going to get anything you ask for. You’re being blown around by a storm and its winds. You’re double-minded; you don’t really mean what you’re saying. ☛ Sometimes there are hindrances or obstacles that mess up people’s prayer attitudes. One obstacle is fear. We’re so aware of how unworthy we are to be pestering God that we don’t think we have any real right to bother him with our problems. Yet we can come, not to an unjust judge who is too busy to bother with small people like us, but we are coming at the invitation and even command of our Brother, whose favor we enjoy through faith in him. His Gospel verdict of forgiveness triumphs over the Law’s condemnation of us. ☛ Another problem is that we worry about being patronizing with God. We think we can ask a certain thing only once. If we ask it twice, God will be insulted, as though we think he’s deaf or we’re trying to tell him how to do his business. Guess what? God is neither deaf nor does he mind you telling him how to do his business. Jesus himself not only suggests to you but commands you to pray often. Never give up! Never quit! As long as you are seeking to do or receive something in accordance with God’s will or things he has promised, go back to his throne over and over. Do not ever be afraid. ☛ False omniscience is thinking that you know what is going on in God’s head. “I asked for it once, and I didn’t get it, so God’s answer must be No. I’m not going to ask for it again.” Jesus tells

us to always pray and never give up. Don’t think you can peer into God’s game plan and see all that’s going on. We just don’t know. So if there is a burden on your heart, talk to God. And keep on talking. ☛ Pride can be another hindrance to prayer. We just don’t like to admit that we need God’s help. But it is a wonderful thing for us to declare our dependence on God. Nothing good would happen for us if we were not dependent on him. God says, “I am going to take care of you. I would like for you to realize that you are not sovereign lords and ladies in your own kingdoms. You need me! Let me hug you! Come to me! Talk to me about what is going on.” It is a great dignity to be invited to sit on God’s lap and to tell him our joys and troubles. An attitude of pessimism can also hinder prayer. “Nothing ever really happens. Prayer is just talk.” Prayer is optimistic because we can count on a willing listener. We can claim promises that he has made, promises like this: Jesus said, “Ask of my Father anything in my name (that is, in connection with what you know about me) and he will make it happen. Seek first God’s kingdom.” Start out with asking the Lord for his will to be done. God says that when we are on the same wavelength, there is no limit to what he pours into our lives. These are God’s promises, so we can go into our prayers with an attitude of optimism. ▲
Summer 2008 5



to Your

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about Heaven



What Will Heaven Be Like?


hen I was a child, my parents would only drop hints about what was coming at Christmastime – you know, what we would be getting. We had to stay out of the living room where the unlit tree stood, silent and dark with only small tinsel glints. That curiosity and anticipation and enforced waiting only made the thrill of the Day more intense. It strikes me that God is doing the same thing about sharing detailed information with us about what kind of life he is designing for us in heaven. He has told us the most important things – that it is his gift of grace, that it comes by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, and that it is intended for all people. Ahh, but the details. We are so curious about the details. Here are some questions that viewers have sent about what life in heaven will be like. For some I can provide Scripture passages. For others, I can offer only some personal opinions.

PASTOR JESKE: There’s a great amount of confusion in people’s minds about the next life. Part of it is a sort of mythology that arises from popular talk, television, and repeated misconceptions that people start to believe. None of it is from the Bible. We will not become angels. The angels were designed to work for us. They’re our servants. They’re our protectors, providers, and sometimes messengers (the word angel means “messengers.”) They are separate spirit beings with a separate purpose. We will be real people with real bodies in heaven, not angels.


Will we become angels when we die?

PASTOR JESKE: The Bible doesn’t talk a lot about specific things in heaven – I think for good reasons. God knows what we need to know for now, and he freely provides it. And you know what? It’s been my pastoral experience that people don’t even pay very much attention to all the information in the Bible that he has provided already. There are many insights and nuggets about eternal life in the books of the prophets, for instance, that many believers don’t take the time to read.


Why doesn’t God tell us more about heaven in the Bible?

Another possible reason – God might think that we can’t handle more specific information right now. We might not be able to handle the utter freedom and peace that those concepts will bring about. I think God, with total good sense, is reserving that information for later. For now he smiles and drops a few clues for us, just like my parents’ Christmas hints.
Summer 2008 7


PASTOR JESKE: We will still have our material bodies. We will not be turned into virtual humans. We’ll still be ourselves. You will look like you, only without the flaws. No more limping, no more badly set broken limbs, no more glasses. I suppose if bald guys really have gotten to like their baldness, they could ask to keep it, but I’m expecting that an awful lot of bald guys will get their hair back. Job said, “In my flesh I shall see God.”


Will we have physical bodies or be spirit beings?

Now, true enough – when people die their spirit alone goes to live with God as their tired old body gets its rest in the earth. But after the grand resurrection, we will live forever with God in soul and body.

PASTOR JESKE: Jesus did say we would be like angels in one respect: we will neither marry nor be given in marriage. This is both a thrilling and, to some, disappointing feature of life in heaven. God will have a new relationship design for us. I think it will be like one big family reunion. We’ll just be in love with everybody. Nobody will ever again be a threat to us. You’ll never have to lock the doors of your house again. Nobody’s going to rip you off. Everybody you meet will be your friend. I think that feeling of being surrounded by human love, in addition to being surrounded by God’s love, will be a more than adequate replacement for the exclusive love that husbands and wives enjoy now.


Will there be marriage in heaven?

Now – could two people who were extremely fond of each other on earth choose to live in close proximity, even in the same dwelling, in heaven? Well, why not? But Jesus wants us to know that people who re-marry on earth will not have to torture themselves with having to pick one or the other to live with in heaven. PASTOR JESKE: I’ve read all kinds of amazing stuff from otherwise clear-minded, sober commentators who somehow assume that we’re not really going to eat any more. That is just mind-boggling to me. Is there something inherently gross and disgusting about food? Of course not! The Bible is full of stories about the joy of eating together – the great feast, the wedding banquet. Why must we regard these wonderful prophecies as only figurative? Good Bible interpretation always means taking the words in their simplest possible meaning, unless the context tells you that it has to be a more limited or metaphorical meaning. Jesus himself, in his resurrected body, ate food. Why could that food not have been digested in his divine, resurrected body? God may surprise us with something different, but I am planning to eat food in heaven.


I love to eat. Heaven to me will include food. What do you think?




PASTOR JESKE: To me that’s one of the most pathetic images of heavenly life, so injurious to our faith that it must have been designed by Satan’s P team. Heaven will .R. not be boring! I think we will have jobs. On your best days, you kind of like work, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day were like that? That’s what God is designing for you. There will be jobs of service, in which we will joyfully do things for each other. Those of you who are good organizers of people and events will keep doing that, and you will love your work. You will find work that clicks with your ability and passion, and you will love it. We’ll also have creativity. I fully anticipate Johann Sebastian Bach will be writing music again, telling of the great works of God. Great literature will continue to be produced. There will always be great storytellers and great musicians and great painters.


What will we do there – sit on clouds and sing eternal praises?

PASTOR JESKE: Isaiah 65:17 says, “The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.” The painful memories of the past will be gone. I don’t know how God is going to take away the sting of knowing that a loved one from our family is not going to be there. Either God will selectively erase our memory and it just won’t occur to us, or he’ll make the memories cause no pain. I don’t know how he’s going to do that, but I have his word that the painful things won’t come to mind.


What about our loved ones who aren’t in heaven. Won’t we be sad for them?


Isaiah 65:25 says, “The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox.” Does that mean we will all be vegetarians, including animals?

PASTOR JESKE: This passage is not necessarily a prophecy about biological transformation in the animal world. It is a metaphor that shows that there will be peace in heaven. I don’t really think the passage necessarily proves that all carnivorous animals will be turned into cud chewers. The sharp biting teeth of lions, for instance, will not turn into flat, grass munching cow teeth. I’d be kind of sad if there were no animal death in heaven; I’ve become pretty fond of meat. Eating meat is not evil or dirty – God actually built it into his Old Testament Passover meal. I personally do not anticipate that this feature of life will change. There will still be animals, people, and people with pets. Animals will still eat other animals; there will be an animal food chain. I’d hate for there to be no birds in heaven, and birds need bugs to eat. I think that God is very capable of keeping the animal appetites within the food chain. And predatory animals would no longer stalk human beings. ▲
Summer 2008 9


T hank you so much for writing. I can’t
tell you how much your letters and emails encourage me and how deeply they touch me. Through your words I hear God’s voice calling me for this important ministry to tell people about God’s great plan and Jesus’ love and forgiveness. I really love reading your mail! Pastor Jeske

Excerpts from Recent Mail
“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your Time of Grace booklet. It gives me hope of forgiveness and of a brighter future. I believe that joy always conquers sorrow when you have God beside you. Thank you for your time, and God bless you and your ministry.”

“I just wanted to say how much it means to me to be greeted each morning with my Grace Moments. They are wonderful messages and please – keep them coming!”

“Thank you for the special way you bring God’s Word to us. No one can say, “I don’t know what he is talking about!”

“My wife and I just recently discovered Time of Grace on a Washington DC station. You have given me great help in prepping for my Sunday school class. You have helped to give my instruction current relevance to an ancient message. God bless and thank you.”

“I enjoy the program Time of Grace so much, and I’m telling other people to watch it, too.”

“When I read your articles it really makes me think about the way we should be serving Jesus. I hope I can follow through with what he wants me to do with my life and be a witness for him.”
10 timeofgrace.org

“Thank you for your ministry and online resources. Given we have a 70 mile drive to church, we supplement our church fellowship and worship with your online message. I have also been using your website and Time of Grace message in my personal outreach to my friends, relatives, and neighbors.”

“I began watching your sermons while serving a short sentence in Dane County jail for drunk driving. During my stay I grew to enjoy your style of preaching and your down-to-earth way of speaking. I am currently a nondrinker and look forward to a lifetime of sobriety. So I simply wanted to say thank you, and I pray that you continue on your journey of inspiring people such as me.”

“A few months back, I complained about the quality of the emails we were getting. I also need to compliment them when I feel they’re going above and beyond. The last several weeks of quotes have not only been encouraging and inspiring but absolutely uplifting. I’m going through a very hard time in my life right now, and if it matters, these little emails and the occasional visit to your website are part of what’s helping give me the strength and courage to get through this. Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you like he has.”

“Thank you for all you do to get the gospel out to the many thousands you are reaching. My mom pointed me in your direction not long ago, so I downloaded a few of Pastor Jeske’s sermons to our iPod. Now I won’t travel without that iPod and a new batch of sermons. I’m in the US Coast Guard and frequently deploy from our Air Station in Kodiak to various places in Alaska. I really enjoy your ‘attention to detail,’ meaning the way each part of Scripture is dissected to aid in understanding. The Holy Spirit has truly blessed you as a minister of the gospel. Thank you so much for putting your messages out as podcasts!”

“You have reached my daughter in central Thailand. She has been doing tribal mission work for over 25 years in a remote jungle area. She is getting Time of Grace and God’s Word on satellite in her small village. She said, ‘Mom, let Pastor Jeske know that we are getting him loud and clear on the other side of the world.’”

“I flipped through all the channels trying to find a spiritual message I could connect with, a ministry I could trust. I am a straightforward nononsense type person. All the hype, the political undertones, the grandiose rituals were making me feel empty. I just want to say I appreciate your straight talk, your sometimes awkward attempts to be funny … you make me laugh. If you ever wonder if anyone out there is listening, the answer is yes.”

“I look forward to hearing your sermons every week! My friend records them from the computer. They are always an encouragement. I have shared them with others who have also been blessed by them. You are always in my prayers. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your ministry.”

“I want to let you know that my wife and I really enjoy and appreciate your TV program. It has helped me grow in my walk with Jesus. Thanks and may God bless you!”
Summer 2008 11


Blessed by God!
by Pastor Mark Jeske

America –

hat do these things have in common – baseball players, roosters, the Israelites, and you? That’s a challenge, isn’t it? Here’s what it is. Major League Baseball players are extremely superstitious as a group. Some of them step on home plate for good luck when they run from the field into the dugout. I call that cause-and-effect confusion – how they hit obviously has nothing to do with what their feet happened to step on as they ran in from the field.


life, and you engage in behaviors that won’t really help. Maybe you are superstitious, too – afraid of black cats and unlucky #13. The people of Israel had that same problem of confusion about cause and effect. When you read the stories of their spiritual life in the Books of the Kings, you might have wondered why they kept going back to a heathen god like Baal when it was the Lord who set them free from Egypt. He demonstrated in an incredibly visible way how powerful, loving, and on top of things he was. He was engaged in their lives. He was not a distant God. The Israelites were impressed by the arguments that their Canaanite neighbors made. The Canaanites were convinced that every time they offered sacrifices to Baal, a short time later it would rain. To the Israelites, the Baal sacrifices started to look appealing, and they began enthusiastically to adopt the practices of the Baal cult. We live in a country that has been richly blessed by God. Independence

Roosters? What happens every time a rooster gets up early and crows? The sun comes up. Roosters could be forgiven, I guess, for assuming that they personally bring the sun up in the air, because every time they crow, the sun does in fact come up. Roosters, too, are confused about cause and effect. They can crow their roostery larynxes out every morning, but you and I know that doesn’t have any impact whatsoever on the rotation of the earth. I know you have cause-and-effect problems, too. I know sometimes you want things to happen faster in your
12 timeofgrace.org


Day is a great time for us as Christian American citizens, to reflect on the fact that our blessings don’t just happen. We are awash in the direct interventions of God, who loves us and blesses us through the country in which we are able to live. America is not the new Israel, and certainly God loves every nation and has given unique and amazing gifts to every one of the 190 or so countries in the world. But we would be ingrates of the highest order if we did not recognize the Lord’s gifts to our nation. I hope you don’t view Independence Day only as a day off of work to sit around and eat till you bust. As those fireworks are exploding overhead, rejoice that real mortar attacks aren’t coming on your city. Read some of Moses’ words in Deuteronomy chapter eight. Deuteronomy reminds me of how I talk to the teenagers in our home when my wife and I need to leave for an extended period of time. We pretty much empty the bag of every reminder we can think of, telling them things they don’t think they need to hear. We’re nervous about being gone, and we want to make sure we’ve said it all. Moses was talking to a nation of young people. Their average age must have been 20. They were born after the Exodus. They had no direct memory of the ten incredible plagues that destroyed the economy of the mightiest nation of the world. They had no memory of the Red Sea with the pillars of cloud and fire going through it or the drowning of the Pharaoh’s chariot troops. They knew only aimless camping in a dry, harsh place. None of them had

memories of slavery. They were used to being free. So they needed to be retrained in how to think about their lives and about the meaning of their nation, about their relationship with their God, and, especially as you’ll notice in these verses from Deuteronomy, Moses wanted them to be clear on the concept of cause and effect. Why do things happen? Like all immature people and all unbelievers, they wanted to look at the good things that they had in their lives and say, “We did this. Glory to me, and glory to my tribe.” That I/Me/My obsession was a problem for the Israelites. Their “parent,” 120year-old Moses, knew that he was going to die very shortly. He spent a lot of time reminding them of everything important about their past and their future. Moses had already gone over all these things once in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. But that had been for the parents’ generation. Deuteronomy was for the young ones. As the Israelites were about to move into their land, God wanted them to know what it was that they were doing there and who they were. Most of all, God wanted them to know why things happen – especially good things. “The LORD your God is bringing you into a good land – a land with streams and pools of water,” reads verse 7. You might think, “big deal,” but the place on which they were camping had an average rainfall of four to six inches a year. A year! The Israelites knew that water was life. So the very first thing God made clear to them was that there was water where they were going. “A
Summer 2008 13

America – Blessed by God!
land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey; a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing …” (verses 8,9). That’s what they were headed for. I want you to think about that. Good places, good things. Next, Deuteronomy says, “When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you.” This was written for you and me, too. In the late afternoon and early evening of Independence Day, you will probably be groaning from a splendid picnic meal. And I will, too. Think about this: You didn’t find this land or conquer it by your own power. This land and your prosperity are gifts from God. There is cause and effect to the good things in your life, and you and your hands are only the tools. The driving force, the ultimate power and goodness behind it all, is the Lord your God. “Do not forget the LORD your God, failing to observe his commands, his laws and his decrees that I am giving you this day. Otherwise, when you eat and are satisfied, when you build fine houses and settle down, and when your herds and flocks grow large and your silver and gold increase and all you have is multiplied, then your heart will become proud” (verses 11-14). This must have sounded like a heavenly dream to a bunch of people in raggedy clothes. God was telling them, “The good life is coming for you. I’m giving it to you.” Here’s what he was worried about in verses 14 and 15, and here’s my
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continued from page 13

concern for you and me: “Then your heart will become proud and you will forget the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. He led you through the vast and dreadful desert, that thirsty and waterless land …” “He gave you manna to eat in the desert, something your fathers had never known, to humble and to test you so that in the end it might go well with you” (verse 16). God manufactured food that just fell out of the sky for you – miracle food that had all the proteins needed to sustain human life. “You may say to yourself, ‘My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.’ But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth …” (verses 17,18). You are now the heirs of his promises. You see how important this is? Don’t say, “Look what I’m doing.” Satan would like you to think that and to look at the material things you’ve been able to amass in your life and think of it all as yours. Your money. Your reputation. Your family … as though it’s your world. Well, guess what? This is God’s world, and we praise him today for letting us into his world. Do you need any help with that? I sure do. I have some serious repenting to do. I’m in his world and so are you. King Solomon with all his wealth could not have gone to a supermarket and bought all the stuff that you can buy. King Solomon could not get oranges out of season, but I can, and so can you. In my


chariot, parked outside, I can drive way faster than he could drive with all his horses. We’re spoiled rotten. Sometimes the more we get the more we think it’s our right. Let me explain to you the word blessed. Blessed means that there has been an intervention from heaven to make your life better. That’s why Moses reminds us, “If you ever forget the LORD you God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed. Like the nations the LORD destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the LORD” (verses 19,20). America is not guaranteed to be such a wealthy nation forever. We’ll have our time, and we will probably throw it away as well, just as all the other great empires in the world’s history have thrown away their wealth, their leadership, and their greatness. Their time went away, and God’s blessings of military power and prosperity were given to others. So we’ll have our time. What are we going to do with this moment, though? I invite you to ponder what it means to be an American. I invite you to welcome and adopt the virtue of humility. It is not we who have made this such a great place, but the Lord who has blessed America. It is he who deserves our worship and thanks and praise. And he’s doing it not only to make your life more comfortable, to help you live a little bit longer, and to make you safer.

God gives it in order that you might become a blessing to others. If you personally enjoy a comfortable, prosperous life, it was not given to you to hog or hoard. He gives blessings to you so you can be a blessing to others. Even greater than our material wealth are our spiritual blessings. God has given us amazing religious freedom, freedom not only to believe but also to speak. And he has blessed our country with free access to the sweet Gospel of Christ’s forgiveness. In some countries, Christianity is suppressed or even persecuted. We have free access to places of worship and to the Holy Scriptures, which are available so cheaply that anybody can own one. Thank you, Lord! This Independence Day, ponder with gratitude in your heart and pray to the great Giver, asking that America not be seen as a tyrant or abuser of others but that with generosity of spirit and humility, we take our place among the nations of the world. Pray that we use our great position of leadership and wealth to show respect and kindness to other peoples. Pray that America’s Christians will be useful to God in sharing the precious Gospel with the world. And above all, remember this: Psalm 33 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Let’s rededicate ourselves to using that incredible religious freedom that we’ve been given to carry out our evangelism ministry of making God’s name great – in our streets, our neighborhoods, our cities, and in the world. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord! ▲
Summer 2008 15

Dear Partners: Thanks to all of you who continue to encourage and support Time of Grace – your ministry created to spread the gospel message of Jesus with people all over this great country of ours and the world beyond it. I want to express my gratitude for your prayers and gifts here on this page, front and center. Thank you! And speaking of this great country of ours, I hope you have time to read Pastor Jeske’s wonderful message in this magazine beginning on page 12. We are blessed to live in America. We have so much to be thankful for – freedoms, privileges, and opportunities that millions of other people can only dream of. There is an opportunity I want to tell you about in the near future, about how you can help reach all Americans with the Good News of Jesus – through the weekly messages of Pastor Jeske. I’ll have more to say about that project later this year. Another special topic I’d like to mention is an update on Liz Jeske, Pastor Jeske’s 16-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with melanoma last summer, and has been undergoing interferon treatments since early fall. So many of you have written or called to ask how she’s doing. Here’s the latest, as told by Carol, her mom, who says it best. I’m sharing a few excerpts from a recent letter she sent to some friends and family members: “… God continues to bless our girl … She continues to love school and has only missed about six days this entire school year. What an answer to prayer. Thank you all for yours … We continue with her interferon through August – possibly September … Liz doesn’t have any desire to count down to the last shot. She can’t be disappointed that way. I guess it will be a surprise from the doctor … Life continues to be good. We are thankful for these tests in life from a God so gracious; He knows exactly what we can handle and we respectfully remain close to Him, knowing He is in control … May our dear Risen Lord be showering you with blessings too. You all are such blessings to this family … ” May we all count our blessings, along with Mark and Carol. Enjoy your summer, and your loved ones. Together in His Service,

Jim Johnson President P One more important note: Nancy Raabe, our volunteer “mainstay” of this .S. ministry, has decided to “retire” from her work after seven dedicated years of managing the Time of Grace office. We thank Nancy for all of her devotion and contributions, and wish her God’s richest blessings – always.
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in Dallas


hen an invitation to appear as a featured guest on Celebration, Daystar Television Network’s flagship program, arrived via email, Pastor Jeske accepted immediately. And on May 20, he and Time of Grace producer Curt Hanna flew to Dallas to take Marcus and Joni Lamb, founders of Daystar and hosts of Celebration, up on their invitation. Pastor Jeske welcomed the opportunity to tell people unfamiliar with Time of Grace a little about his background, his faith, his love of cultural diversity, and the importance of grace for all believers in Christ.

“And what a rush,” he said of the experience on the Daystar Marcus and Joni Lamb, founders of Daystar Television set. “Live television is always Network, interviewed Pastor Jeske in Dallas on their daily intense – like the Flying live program, Celebration, Tuesday, May 20, 2008. Wallendas working without a net. When I’m taped on Sunday mornings, I can always count on our editors to cut out the glitches and woopses. When the show is live, whatever comes out of my mouth goes flying out into the world with no chance for edits! “The Lambs have built a formidable Christian media distribution company,” Pastor Jeske added. “Their programming goes out over satellites not only in America but all over the world. They own eight large, full-power Christian television stations in the U.S. and dozens of smaller ones. It was an honor to meet them and also a treat to see their impressive, state-of-the-art studio.” “It was a joy to experience the excitement of the LIVE Celebration program in the studio with Pastor Mark,” Curt said. “And I believe the Lambs and Daystar staff thoroughly enjoyed having Mark on the show. For us to join our ministry with theirs was truly an example of the Lord using the diversity of the Body of Christ to minister through the media.” To see Pastor Jeske’s interview with the Lambs, visit Daystar’s website (daystar.com) and click on the Celebration tab. From there click on the archive button, where the May 20th program is listed.
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