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Phra Arts Consent and Waiver Agreement I (undersigned, parent, or legal guardian) of the participant hereby assign all

rights and release from liability Phra Arts founder, supervisors, representatives, organizers, employees, any appointees the permission to photograph/video my child, art portrait, tech art program related images, print images, videotape, written text, exhibition, broadcasting, biography, and childs voice for usage of marketing and education exhibit display in connection with Phra Arts program. I (undersigned, parent, or legal guardian) agree to record the time and/or liable guardian signature on the sign-in sheet each time I drop off and/or pick up my child. I confirm my child is in excellent/good health and able to participate in the Tech Art program activities. I agree to call Phra Arts staff to inform him/her whenever my child will be absent (Phra Arts staff will assume your child is absent for the day he/she is to be reported for class). I agree to accept full responsibility for my childs actions causing damage to person or property whether the result of negligence or other causes. Tuition fees may be subject to change without prior notice. Phra Arts staff will not be held accountable for lost or stolen client information via home business locality or through Phra Arts website info. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately before Tech Art class we are not liable for damage clothes or other material artifacts on the child during activities. I understand that there is No full/partial refund or make-ups for personal absences or missed sessions. Sessions may be cancelled at any time due to low enrollment, natural causes, personal causes, etc., affected families will be contacted as quick as possible and offered an alternative if available. If however; the affected families are not contacted nor any alternative is available/offered Phra Arts is not held accountable. I hereby release Phra Arts founder, supervisors, representatives, organizers, employees, any appointees from any liability actions taken in regards to my childs safety and health measures. I agree that if my child requires emergency medical or dental assistance I will be accountable for any treatment believed necessary by a medical physician or dentist. I understand that my child has no accidental or health insurance coverage enrolling in this Art program. In the case my child requires urgent emergency, C.P.R, first-aid, accident, injury, sickness, etc. care, I permit any or all attention from good hearted patrons (Phra Arts staff optional) to be administered to the participant. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child will be directly contacted once available time permits during or after the administered medical situation. I (undersigned, parent, legal guardian or an emergency contact person) will immediately pick up my child from the art program if my childs behavior should make it necessary to be send him/her home. I hereby agree that if my child has a persistent pattern of absences and/or negative behavior, I may be asked to release my child from the Art program. I agree that dis-enrollment actions/precautions may take suit if a child is of a continuing offender. I understand that after the Tech Art session has ended my child must be picked up or my actions are entitled to a late pick up fee $9 for the ten minutes and $1 per minute thereafter for every minute that my child is left with a Phra Arts instructor (Phra Arts instructor must ask for the payment from the parent during the time of pick up or week of). Program and fees are subject to change without prior notice. All images, designs and reproduction rights remain with Founder or CEO of Phra Arts . Phra Arts program staff is not held liable for the child until he/she arrives at the program or after the child art session has ended. Be advised that transporting a child to and from class is the Parent/Guardian legal responsibility. First-Come-First-Served Basis space is limited! Phra Arts program varies from age and class ratio depending on area of locality. Phra Arts is Not affiliated with churches,
schools, park and recreation, business centers, etc. where classes are being held. Minimum 5 participant(s). I

understand that there is No full or Partial refund or make-ups for personal absences or missed sessions. NO EXCEPTIONS: I assume all risks and have read the above involved in this Tech Art program and hold harmless Phra Arts founder, supervisors, representatives, organizers, employees, any appointees. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.