Eng 112 Assignment Due Dates (Unless otherwise stated, please submit all assignments in Blackboard) Assignment Information

Literacy Pre-test Academic Honesty Agreement Rhetorical Analysis  Draft 1 (peer review)  Draft 2(individual conference)  Final draft Library Modules  Module 1 Assessment  Module 2-3 Assessment  Module 4-5 Assessment  Module 6 Assessment  Module 7 Assessment Research Paper Topic Proposal Annotated Bibliography  Draft 1 and source materials  Final draft Information Literacy Post-Test Research Paper  Draft 1 (individual conference)  Final draft Visual Argument Presentation  Draft  Final draft for presentation Due Date 9 Jan 14 Jan Where In class and Blackboard Blackboard

30 Jan 3-6 Feb 11 Feb (by midnight) 21 Feb (by midnight) 27 Feb (by midnight) 4 Mar (by midnight) 6 Mar (by midnight) 20 Mar (by midnight) 4 March (by midnight)

In class PRC, BH 220B Blackboard Blackboard Blackboard Blackboard Blackboard Blackboard Blackboard

27 Mar 1 Apr (by midnight) 3 Apr (by midnight)

In class Blackboard Blackboard

3-8 Apr 10 Apr (by midnight) 17 Apr 22 or 24 Apr or 1 May

PRC, BH 220B Blackboard In class In class and Blackboard

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