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HISTORICAL PROFILE DIVISION OF INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS Prepared By: _ International Operations and Totalization Staff March 1998 SUBJECT Organizational Responsibilities Date Component Inaugurated Directors and Dates Served Buildings and Dates Names of Component Staffing muowD Organizational Development of the Division Special Events in the DIO History Claims Taking and Development Abroad Totalization Benefits 1979 Reorganization Integrity Branch Disability Determination Branch Management Support Staff Division of Reconsideration and Disability Determinations Downsizing of DIO Direct Deposit 1988 Reorganization 1994 Consolidation 1996 Consolidation 1997 Consolidation IWS/LAN Installation Oamoawpy BSP RGM Background on the Locations and Responsibilities of Regional Federal Benefits Officers (RFBOs Brief History of Locations of RFBOs Athens Mexico City and Guadalajara Frankfurt London Rome Manila aoa wy Yass aw cal 12 12 33 14 15 16 27 RFBO Meetings Foreign Service National (FSN) Training Program Delivery Performance Inspections Validation Surveys Bilateral Activity SSA and DIO Activities and Projects Requiring Travel Outside the United States Attachments Growth in Beneficiary Roll Outside the United states Twenty Countries with Largest Beneficiary Rolls Chart of RFBO Regional Responsibilities 18 20 30 34 35 36