Spring’s Sprung: a Women & Theatre project.

Stanhope Hall Community Centre, Emily Street, Highgate, Birmingham

Women & Theatre invite adults from the community to join them in an evocative theatre project called Spring’s Sprung. We will devise a new piece of theatre from research, listening to stories and memories about Spring and then creating an interactive show, in which the audience can be performers!

Tuesday 18 February – Stanhope Centre – 12.30-3.00pm Come along and share your experiences of Spring – your memories and feelings, music, stories and customs. Tuesday 11 March – Stanhope Centre – 12.30-3.00pm A creative workshop looking at objects, poetry, art and music to develop our ideas about Spring. This will be a fun, sociable session where you can make new friends whilst being creative! Ideas from this session will be developed into a new piece of theatre which will be performed by professional actors in 5 different settings across South Birmingham. Tuesday 8 April – Performance 2.00-3.00pm The new piece of theatre will be performed at the Stanhope Hall Community Centre. Bring all your friends and family and you could find yourself performing alongside the professional actors. For more information please contact Rachel Snape (Women & Theatre) on 0121 449 7117 or Monica Lees (Stanhope Centre) on 0121 446 5389

This project has received support from Birmingham City Council, Wragge & Co and The Harry Payne Trust.

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