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gd topics for MBA

gd topics for MBA

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Published by Tanvi Singh
Current topics for GD CAN BE useful in placement process oR admission
Current topics for GD CAN BE useful in placement process oR admission

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Published by: Tanvi Singh on Jan 05, 2014
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GD Topics-Pre-Placement Preparation All the students are requested to understand and prepare some of the below

menti oned topics as a pre-placement preparation for GDs .You may also seek the help o f our respected Faculty Members from Soft Skills department. TOPICS: 1. Leader of today are born in the field or classroom 2. How does social media influence consumer preference 3. How can you relate the story of tortoise and hare with the corporate world 4. balancing professional & family life. is it an art 5. cricketers in advertisement, will it affect their performance 6. Corporate carpooling 7. Future of BPO & KPO 8. Change in pattern of UPSC (success or failure) 9. Role of money in election 10. Employee retention in organization 11. Employee engagement and talent retention 12. Future of environment 13. Generalist Vs Specialist 14. Young leaders and their expected contribution to continuo us improvement 15. Should companies follow ethical behaviour inspite of their lo sses 16. Financial Frauds 17. Religion and its importance in todays world 18. Impact of social media on todays youth 19. Union Budget 20. Marketing strategy for financial product in urban areas 21. Marketing of financial products in urban areas 22. Who will be the winner in smartphone war 23. Risky salary, poor infrastructure, shortage of people, Is IT story in India finished 24. Future trends in IT 25. Will e-governance have a better impact on the public admins i n India 26. Rahul Gandhi Vs Narendra Modi 27. Is your biggest customer your loyal customer 28. Loyality is dead, customers are king 29. Can corruption in India be reduced exam 30. Will online media replace brick & mortar 31. How can corruption be reduced in the public sector 32. How to accurately assess the return on marketing investment. 33. Social media marketing, is it a boom or a hype 34. What are the 3 IT trends that will influence our life in the next 10 years & why? 35. Positive Attitude Vs Subject Knowledge 36. Is MBA big rush for money 37. Android Vs Apple 38. Is it time to cut off ties with Pakistan 39. Gold as an Investment 40. Inflation and its social effects 41. Is inflation always harmful 42. Politics as a career for youngsters 43. IT is a commodidty or strategy 44. FDI in retail 45. Innovation or follower, which is a better strategy 46. Capital Punishment 47. Women empowerment has let to increase in divorce

50. 55.Quantitative Easing. 68. 58. 60. Global Economy. 65. 53. no truth Privatization of hospitals Ethics and Business should they go hand in hand India against corruption Aadhar Card Biodiversity Creation of Telangana State Kingfisher crisis Indian politicians & big corporate Dollar Vs. Changing Trends in Finance Industry Non-Conventional Methods of Valuation Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill (Twin Bills) . 61. 51. 64.Role of new RBI Governor. 69. 59. 70. Rupee Indian Economy. 52. 56. Corruption is the price you pay for democracy Ship docked in a harbour can never face storms Technology creates income disparities Capital punishment Vs Lifetime imprisonment All work and no play make Jack a dull boy Mirror The power of signs lies in the ability to predict Whether Advertisements are waste of resources or not Is Ads all glitter. 62.48. 54. 66. 49. 67. 63. 57.

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