The Lies of Conformity

By: Tony Liberati

Picture this, when studying a foreign language, you learn words and

phrases, your brain processes the information, however still translates it into English or whatever your base language is. It is such a subtle process that one isnʼt even aware of it. An infant on the other hand, a clean slate, has the capability of learning any language that is spoken to it with no blocks or confusion. Their minds are clear of all the boundaries, rules, and untruths that are pounded into all by societies expectations to make everyone conform. This is an example of blocks, or the manipulation of the brain, the conditioning society to be rigid, to conform, to give up on truth. The phrase, “ Grow Up” is an example of one of the greatest

mistruths, or outright lies that individuals surrender to, not by choice, but by the false belief that everyone HAS TO GROW UP some time. This is beaten into everyones head from the start. This causes fear and doubt that by not conforming, or being different then the majority is somehow wrong.

My definition of, To grow up,

“ The total abandonment of ones

imagination, ones youth, their dreams as well as their individuality. To be responsible does not require the absence of a sense of humor, of optimism. “Lifeʼs a Bitch and then you die,” A phrase I am sure everyone has

heard at least once in their life. Life is neither fare or unfair, nor does life owe anyone anything. Stuff happens and it is how the individual handles the situation, the choices we make, the lessons we learn that define us as individuals. These decisions directly correlate to how we may view our own existence. The majority of the populous of our planet is brainwashed. This can

be used to explain away ones own responsibility to themselves and all living things to pursue the truth. Truth that is innate and inherited, and begs all to be heard.