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APES- Environmental History and Law- Presentation (Guided Viewing) 1: W at are t e !

stages o" Ameri#an Environmental History$ Hunter-Gatherer Society: 25,000-12,000 ybp Agricultural Revolution: C. 12,000 ybp n!u"trial#$e!ical Revolution: 1%00&" to 1'00&" n(or)ation#Glottali*ation Revolution: 1'+0&" on,ar!. %: W y were t e &Hunter-Gat erers' #onsidered to ave a low environmental im(a#t$ -hey have lo, re"ource u"e per"on, ")all population, an! .o)a!ic#Shi(ting lan! u"e. ): W y do you t in* +ared ,iamond #oined t e agri#ultural revolution as t e &Greatest -ista*e in Human History'$ t create! )ore ,a"te, !e)an! an! !e"truction o( habitat !i"truction. !: .ontrast t e Good and /ad o" t e Agri#ultural 0evolution: Good $ore (oo! Supporte! a larger population 1onger li(e e2pectancy High "tan!ar! living 3or)ation o( village", to,n" an! citie" -o,n"#citie" "erve! a" center" (or tra!e, govt. an! religion


/e"truction o( ,il!li(e habitat" (ro) clearing (ore"t"#gra""lan!" 0illing o( ,il! ani)al" (ee!ing on gra"" or crop" 3ertile lan! turne! into !e"ert" by live"toc4 overgra*ing Soil ero!e! into "trea)" an! la4e" -o,n" an! citie" concentrate! on ,a"te#pollution an! increa"e "prea! o( !i"ea"e ncrea"e! ar)e! con(lict an! "lavery o,ner"hip

1: W at are t e &0oots o" a2use' in t e Ameri#an 3rontier Era$ -he (ir"t colonie", gun"#,heel"#a2e" 5 the three thing" that ,oul! change the continent. $ani(e"t /e"tiny 6e"t,ar! e2pan"ion, 7va"t, unli)ite! re"ource. 4: Loo* at t e gra( i# o" t e 5ort Ameri#an /u""alo territory- w at a((ened to t e /u""alo over a s ort (eriod o" time$ n 1500 it range! (ro) )any "pot" in .orth A)erica, but in 1'08 it only range! in one area. 6: List H7W t e 8ndustrial 0evolution im(a#ted t e environment9 Shi(te! rene,able ,oo! to non-rene,able (uel S,itche! (ro) ")all "cale pro!uctivity to large "cale )anu(acturing 3actory to,n" an! citie" appeare! $ove! to rural area" $echani*e! agriculture increa"e! (oo! pro!uction

:: List t e G77, and /ad news o" t e 8ndustrial--edi#al 0evolution Good $a"" pro!uction o( u"e(ul an! a((or!able pro!uct" ncrea"e! air pollution Higher living "tan!ar!" (or )any Greatly increa"e! agricultural pro!uction 1o,er in(ant )ortality 1onger li(e e2pectancy ncrea"e! urbani*ation 1o,er rate o(.. ncrea"e! ,ater pollution ncrea"e! ,a"te pro!uction Soil !epletion an! !egra!ation Groun!,ater !epletion Habitat !e"truction an! !egra!ation 9io!iver"ity !epletion /ad

;: List some events o" t e Early .onservation Era: 1832-1870: Gro,ing public alar) at lo"" ( (ore"t", re"ource" an! 7,il!erne"":. 9eginning" o( (e!eral control 1870-1930: .e, govern)ent an! non govern)ent group" (or)e! to protect natural re"ource". ;ohn $uir, -e!!y Roo"evelt, Gi((or! <inchot. 7Gol!en Age o( Con"ervation: 1930-1960: -he Great /epre""ion, /u"t 9o,l, 6orl! ,ar". Gro,ing "en"e o( environ)ental re"pon"ibility an! concentration. 1<: E=(lain ow ea# o" t e "ollowing &Early Environmentalists' im(a#ted t e environmental movement: > Henry ,avid ? oreau: $a""achu"ett" ,il!li(e > George Per*ins -ars : 6arne! about collap"e o( civili*ation in 7$an =( .ature: >1+8?@ > +o n Wesley Powell: 3ir"t a!vocate to regulate lan! u"e > President Grant: Aello,"tone .ational <ar4 >1+%2@ > President Harrison: <a""e! la, "tating the <re"i!ent can "et a"i!e lan!" (r national par4" an! national (ore"t". > +o n -uir: 3oun!e! Sierra Club 1+'2 > Gi""ord Pin# ot: 1"t Chie( B.S. (ore"ter > ? eodore 0oosevelt : Create! ?0C ,il!li(e re(uge", triple! (ore"t re"erve" > Ste( en -at er: 1"t Hea! o( <ar4 Sevice" 11: W at was t e 1st "ederal land restoration (ro@e#t$ -enne""ee Dalley Authority 1%: W at were t e .ivilian .onservation .or(s (...) res(onsi2le "or$ .ature train", control, ect. 1): W y was t e &?aylor GraAing A#t' im(ortant to t e environment$ E=(lain9 t regulate! the gra*ing o( public lan!. -he act ,a" u"e! to prevent e2po"ure o( top "oil, ,hich get" blo,n a,ay (ro) the ,in! preventing plant gro,th.

1!: W y was WW88 t e end o" t e .onservation Era$ 9ecau"e a(ter 66 technology began to a!vance, "pee!ing up the rate o( con"u)ption o( natural re"ource". 11: W en did t e environmental era start$ W o was res(onsi2le "or &starting' t e movement$ How$ -he era "tarte! in th 1'80&". Rachel Car"on ,a" re"pon"ible (or "tating the )ove)ent becau"e o( her boo4 7Silent Spring: 14: W o was Aldo Leo(old$ An environ)ental philo"opher ,ho ,rote 7San! Country Al)anac:. He "ay" that hu)an" are part o( a co))unity that inclu!e" natural re"ource". 16: W en was t e 1st o""i#ial &Eart ,ay'$ ;anuary 1"t, 1'%0 1:: W at were some *ey legislation in t e 4<BsC 6<Ds and :<Ds$ 6il!erne"" Act >1'8?@ 6il! an! Scenic River" Act >1'8+@ .ational Environ)ental <olicy Act >1'8'@ -he Clean Air Act >1'%2@ -he Clean 6ater Act >1'%2@

1;: W at is t e EPA$ W at are t ey res(onsi2le "or$ Environ)ental <rotection Agency ,a" re"pon"ible (or )onitoring air an! ,ater Fuality. %<: W o are t e 50.S$ W at are t ey res(onsi2le "or$ W at a2out .8?ES$ .atural Re"ource" Con"ervation Service ,a" re"pon"ible (or )onitoring private lan! u"e an! al"o e!ucate" an! a!vice". -he C -ES 5 Convention on international -ra!e in En!angere! Specie" 5 puni"h people ,ho tra!e en!angere! organi")" or their bo!y part. %1: List t e "ollowing: > -ontreal Proto#ol: nternational agree)ent to pha"e our u"e o( o*one-!epleting che)ical". >1'+%@ > 8P..: -hou"an!" o( "cienti"t" )onitor, "hare an! publi"h report" on at)o"pheric change. >1''+@ > Eyoto Proto#ol: nternational agree)ent to re!uce greenhou"e ga"e" by 5G by 2012. >1''%@ %%: List some o" t e im(ortant F9S9 Environmental Laws 2elow: Sur(ace $ining Control an! Recla)ation Act: regulating coal )ining an! en(orce" recla)ation o( altere! lan!. >1'%'@ -SCA: -o2ic Sub"tance" Control Act: inventorie" all che)ical" in u"e in the BS Energy <olicy Act >1'%8@ 3oo! Huality <rotection Act: en(orce" "a(e pe"tici!e level" in (oo!. >1''8@ En!angere! <olicy Act: Giving big ta2 incentive" (or re"earch an! u"e o( alternative energie". >2005@