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Preliminary Engineering Report S.E. 17th Street Causeway Project Development & Environment Study STATE PROJECT NUMBER: 86180-1522 WORK PROGRAM NUMBER: 4110739 FEDERAL AID PROJECT NUMBER: HDPPE-9104-(1) Prepared for: Florida Department of Transportation District Four Fort Lauderdale, Florida Submitted by: APRIL, 1994 PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING REPORT State Project Number: 86180-1522 Federal Project Number: HDPPE-9104-(1) Work Program Number: 4110739 State Road No. A-I-A/S.E. 17th Street Causeway City of Fort Lauderdale Broward County From 304.8 meters (1,000 feet) West of Eisenhower Boulevard to Approximately 457.2 meters (1,500 Feet) east of S.E. 23rd Avenue Parsons Brinck: Douglas, Ini Melvin J. Kohn, P.E. Prepared by: Project Manager G.W, Anido, PE. 11796 Principal-In-Charge PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER CERTIFICATE Thereby certify that I am a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida practicing with Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc., that I have supervised the preparation and approve the evaluation findings, opinions, conclusions, and technical advice hereby reported for: PROJECT: STATE ROAD A-1-A/S.E. 17th STREET CAUSEWAY STATE PROJECT NO. 86180-1522 WORK PROGRAM ITEM NO.: 4110739 LOCATION: FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, This report includes a summary of data collection, corridor analyses, and conceptual design analyses. I acknowledge that the procedures and references used to develop the results contained in this report are standard to the professional practice of transportation engineering and planning as applied through professional judgment and experience. NAME: Hector Zayas-Bazan, PE. FLORIDA REGISTERED ENGINEER No. 26905 SIGNATURE: