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Running Head: Growth Assessment

Growth Assessment Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Professor Courduff

Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2

1 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment Introduction Entering the Digital teaching and learning Master’s program was a very easy decision for me. I knew I wanted to go back to school to get my teaching credential, and I figured if I was going back to school anyways why not pick a program with a joint Master’s program. I know that I do not want to teach dance forever, so I wanted to have a back up plan for when it is time to move on. I chose the digital teaching program because I know that technology is really being brought into schools at a fast pace, and I wanted to have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve. I currently work as a dance teacher at a private Christian high school, they are definitely pushing technology in classes. I think this program has helped me be very comfortable with the different kind of technologies out there for teachers. Personal Growth Being in the Master’s program, you learn a lot about yourself. Working full time while attending class is definitely a struggle. I have to find different ways to motivate myself to get my work done, and to focus on the tasks that are due. Ironically enough, I am a kinesthetic, visual learner, so at times these digital classes were a little difficult when the content of class was mainly lecture. But I have had some really helpful professors who have tried to use many avenues to get the lessons out. In regards to my spiritual growth through this program, I feel very fortunate to have the ability to attend Azusa Pacific. I love that there is a faith connections within each class, to remind us why and how we are able to do what we do. The completion of this degree will be a great feeling of accomplishment. It has been a challenge to finish due to my change of employment in the middle of the Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2 2 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment program, and then just finding the time to take the classes and complete all the assignments. So I will feel very proud of myself for finally completing the whole program. Professional Growth APU has tremendously helped me with my teaching ability. I strive to be an effective educator, pushing my students to be the best they can be. I have loved learning all the different tools and theories on teaching, it has all been very interesting and has helped me to grow and become a better teacher. My educational vision has changed because I am now so aware that technology is becoming more and more prevalent in schools. As a dance teacher it is not always easy to incorporate technology, but I feel like I have found more and more ways that I can include it. I have also realized the importance of professional development. I think in order to keep your stuff fresh and current it is so important as the teacher to continue to learn and grow within his or her own field as well. Since beginning the Master’s program I have been hired full time as a dance teacher at a private high school. I had to go on hiatus from my master’s classes to focus on my new position. But have since returned to finish up and receive my masters. The classes at APU have really helped me grow in utilizing technology within the class. From EDUC 515 I have learned the importance of a website, at our school we have canvas accounts. But these are so important to keep up to date because the kids are very good about checking it. EDUC 522 was phenomenal in helping realize all the different technologies you can incorporate into a unit, and really helped develop my skills in incorporating different tech assignments in class. We film a lot Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2 3 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment in dance classes, to self assess and to see where there needs to be improvements. EDUC 514 is helping with the different techniques and skills to make the videos flawless. From 512 I learned how beneficial a blog could be in class and how to really use to it help communicate with not only students but also the parents. My Action Research paper is going to be on testing out different methods on how to get the noise level in my class down. Currently in my dance 1 classes I have many rowdy boys. They have lost focus and have started talking over me. My action research is going to be the initial count of how many times I have to wait for them to be quiet. Then I am going to test a couple different methods to see if anything helps, I will be using the method of having the students pick their punishment, I will bring in a whistle to see if it makes them feel like they are participating in their sport, I will bring in a male dance teacher to show them how professional male dancers behave, lastly I will have the ability to use a hands-free microphone that I can use in class. This will help me find out the best way this class responds to these different management techniques. Technical Growth I am a student of the 21st century, so technology comes easy for me. What was hard for me is due to the nature of being a dance teacher; I felt it was difficult to find ways to incorporate technology without taking away from the actual dancing part of class. But since being in these classes I felt that I have grown a lot in my ability. The most beneficial technology in our dance class is the technology; EDUC 514 is currently helping me learn tools to make the videos even better quality. EDUC 522 really helped me realize different ways that I can incorporate the technology Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2 4 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment and how to successfully intertwine them into my classes. I did not know how to use Google docs before I entered the Master’s program, EDUC 512 introduced me to it and I feel that Google docs is such a helpful tool in a classroom. Life Long Learning Plan I have been blessed with a full time teaching position at a private high school. This school promotes a lot of professional development. Last summer I was able to go to a dance conference in New York, where I was able to learn from many other professionals. I am also a part of a national dance education organization that presents an ability to connect with other dance teacher professionals. I would like to become a member of technology organizations to keep me up to date on the most current technologies within education. I would like to continue to stay on top of the technology and continue to discuss with other dance teachers best practices and how they like to incorporate technology into their classes. In five years, I see myself getting ready to open up my own dance studio or going into administration. I would love to be married and having to have started a family. In ten years, I hope to be established in whatever field I end up following. I would love to have my family and own a home in a nice community. I wish to follow whatever direction God has for me. I want to do the work that He has planned for me. Whatever that may be.

Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2

5 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment Section 2: Course Title & Instructor Name Term Key Skills Acquired Comments/Suggestions -Blog -Wiki -Webquests -Excel -Vision Statement -Inspiration -Edmodo -Word -Powerpoint -Technology enhanced unit -Apps -I thought this class was great. Drew was so organized and each night we were able to work on each of these assignments. Although, I felt like many of these technologies I already knew how to use. -This class was very helpful. I think that this class really helped give me confidence in putting new technology into my class. I was inspired in different ways to create new assignments. -This class has given me some great techniques to make my videos look more professional and better quality. This class was a great introduction into learning about an unconference conference. I also really enjoyed making a website and seeing the benefits of using twitter in education. This class is a great finale to all of the Master’s classes we have had to take. It is a good wrap up and self-assessment of the program as a whole.



EDUC 512

Instructional Applications Productivity Software INSTRUCTOR: Drew Haver

Spring 2012

EDUC 522

Learning in the 21st Century INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Courduff

Fall 2013

EDUC 514

Digital Video in the Classroom INSTRUCTOR: Tim McKean Evolving Educational Technologies INSTRUCTOR: Tim McKean Capstone Experience/ Digital Teaching and Learning INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Courduff

Fall 2013

-iMovie -Video Techniques

EDUC 515

Summer 2013

-Twitter -Unconference Conference -Apps -Create website -Livebinder -Website -Vita -Action Research -Growth Assessment -Technology enhanced unit

EDUC 526

Fall 2013

Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2

6 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment Evaluation: I will have my students use iMovie to edit their dance performances to create more of a music video feel rather then just turning in a straight forward, front shot video. This way the video will be more exciting, and the students can have more fun editing it, choosing different angles, and locations to make the videos more exciting to watch. This will also be a fun way for students to fully create how they want their video to look, from location, outfits, make-up how it is filmed, etc. Program Evaluation: Overall I think this program is wonderful. I think that it is such an important program to be a part of based on where education is heading. I really enjoyed all my professors, and seeing how involved you can get in incorporating technology into your class, and doing it the right, productive way. All the professors were so supportive and knowledgeable on their topics. I truly enjoyed my experiences in their classes. I also really enjoyed learning the content. I think it has made me feel really confident in my knowledge of technology use in the classroom. My only downside of the program is I was learning about a lot of the same technologies in many of my classes. It is a nice reminder, and a way to solidify and make you feel more comfortable with the technology. But at times, I felt like I was wasting my time learning how to use edmodo for the 3rd time, or how to make a blog for the 4th time, etc. I think that something that would be helpful would be if the professors discussed the technologies being used in their classes. So that way you learn more new technologies then continue using the same ones throughout the classes. But

Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2

7 Dec 2013

Running Head: Growth Assessment otherwise, I absolutely love this program. I am beyond happy with my decision to do this program as opposed to the regular Education Master’s program.

Caitlin Klipp EDUC 526 Growth Assessment Ventura Regional Center Fall 2

8 Dec 2013