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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

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Published by Jilliane Oria

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Published by: Jilliane Oria on Sep 11, 2009
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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

Submitted by Jillianr Joy Oria Rizza Boquirin Edcelyn Luz Fabro Gatnoli Ofrecio Rhoderick Padilla

(Literature 2- MWF- 12:00-3:00pm) I. Summary It is a pastoral poem which is generally centered on the love of a shepherd to a certain maiden. The shepherd pledged to do the impossible only to make the female accept his pleas. It displays sexuality and imposes young love. The shepherd promises and offers many things to induce the maiden, like romantic entertainment and clothing, as if the time will stand still. The nature seems to be idyllic too, as if the world is too safe and nothing can go wrong. II. Characterization The Passionate Shepherd – he’s the voice in the poem, although amorous, he’s exaggerated, ridiculous and improvident. The Shepherd’s Love – the object of desire of the Shepherd, she’s passive since the author did not give her any voice. Swains – Young country fellows whom the Shepherd mentioned in the last part will dance for his love. III. Conflict

The conflict in the story is Man versus Himself for he cannot contain the feeling of wanting another person that is why he thinks of all the things he can say or even offer (although impossible) just to make the woman he wants, come and live with him. IV. Theme

Although the theme of the story is said to have been Carpe Diem which means “seize the day” or to enjoy the moment without worrying about the future, we cannot deny the fact that the shepherd has some issues. He just wants to take advantage of the feeling and of the maiden, for he promises no future, just the enjoyment of all the pleasures available at the moment. He just hoped to convince the maiden’s mind, but not her heart. Besides, there is no declaration of love, really. So the lesson to be learned here is to “Use your mind and not just your heart.” It is true that if we follow our hearts, we will be happy, but sometimes, our hearts get so filled with emotions that it becomes inefficient. That is where our minds should take its course, for it is never wrong to think things through, to balance things out and to control the things our hearts can’t especially in love. V. Symbol

Madrigal – represents a promise of romantic amusement Myrtle – sacred flower to the goddess Venus and is considered an emblem of love. May-morning – spring; mating time VI. Association to the Present Life Situation

The actual flow and implication of the story is true in many ways. It is actually happening nowadays especially on teenagers. When they like, want or even love someone, they get blinded by their emotions. Some are really easy to convince and too hasty to believe deceptive promises without even thinking twice, people tend to live for the moment and consume the pleasure that it offers without even contemplating about the consequences and damages it might bring. Hence, a number of people who stopped studying for the sake of their unexpected child, a ruined future that used to seem so bright back then, frustration, depression, and all outrageous and terrible things you can imagine.

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