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Muhammad Akbar Yasin, E1E1 09 068 VISUAL BASED HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE IDENTIFICATION USING LOCALIZED ARC PATTERN AND LVQ NEURAL NETWORK (xviii+76) Minithesis, Faculty of Engineering, 2013 Keywords : handwritten signature, localized arc pattern, Learning Vector Quantization

Handwritten signature is one of human biometrics. Handwritten recognition and handwritten signature recognition is developed as an option to build identification or verification that based on human biometrics. In this research, identification consists of four steps of process such as acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction, and matching. Acquisition is using some techniques that used in computer vision. Feature extraction is using Localized Arc Pattern method. Feature extraction outputs a vector. Then all the vectors as the result of extraction process will be trained using LVQ. Output of this process is a trained vector that stored in databases. Data in database will be used in matching process using Bray Curtis Distance method. Test results of 33 registered handwritten signatures to the system achieve 71.875% of correct identification, 21.875 of unidentified data, and 6.25% of false identification. While test results of 15 handwritten signatures of unregistered participants achieve 86.77% of correct identification and 13.32% of false identification. The correctness of identification is influenced by the consistency of the signature itself. In this test, distance when capturing object is 13 cm. In training process using LVQ, learning rate is set to 0.05 and epoch set to 30. In matching process using Bray Curtis, threshold value that used is 0.21 as a filter of identifying process.