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4D: Special Track MashUps

Time: Thursday, 24/Sep/2009: 3:30pm - 5:30pm Location: Galerie Draublick
Session Chair: Sandra Schaffert Track D
Session Chair: Martin Ebner

4D: 1

ReMashed – Recommendations for Mash-Ups for Learning

Hendrik Drachsler, Dries Peccau, Tanja Arts, Edwin Hutten, Lloyd Rutledge, Peter van Rosmalen, Hans Hummel, Rob Koper
Open University of the Netherlands, Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC)

4D: 2

Personal Learning Environment – a Conceptual Study

Behnam Taraghi, Martin Ebner, Gerald Till, Herbert Mühlburger
Graz University of Technology, Austria

4D: 3

Enterprise Mashups for Personal Learning Environments

Andreas Auinger, Harald Konnerth, Dietmar Nedbal, Werner Wetzlinger
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

4D: 4

Tracking the dynamics of social communities - Visualising altering word clouds of Twitter groups
Wolfgang Reinhardt
University of Paderborn, Germany

5D: Special Track MashUps (cont.)

Time: Thursday, 24/Sep/2009: 6:00pm - 7:30pm Location: Galerie Draublick
Session Chair: Martin Ebner Track D
Session Chair: Sandra Schaffert

5D: 1

An Architecture to Support Learning, Awareness, and Transparency in Social Software Engineering

Wolfgang Reinhardt, Sascha Rinne
University of Paderborn, Germany

5D: 2

Using Machinima Documentary in Virtual Environments to Re-invigorate Students Learning Systems

Naomi Dreher, Heinz Dreher
Curtin University of Technology, Australia

5D: 3

Educational Mashups for small contractors: facilitating access to e-mentoring services in South Africa
Boitumelo Nkaelang, Florah Modiba, Jabu Mtsweni, Ernest Ngassam
SAP Meraka UTD, South Africa

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