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Windows 7 RTM GUIDE

Windows 7 RTM GUIDE


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Published by: catalinoo9 on Sep 11, 2009
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Cleaning up Windows can be a tedious task as there are so

many temporary and unused files stored everywhere.

Manual cleaning may be more thorough, but would take

hours. Luckily there are two programs suited to this job.

The first of these two programs is the well known

CCleaner. CCleaner is a freeware system optimization,

privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from

your system—allowing Windows to run faster and freeing

up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your

online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally

it contains a fully featured registry cleaner.

Another program I use frequently is Advanced SystemCare

Free (ASC.) ASC is a comprehensive PC-care utility that has

a one-click approach to helping protect, repair and

optimize your PC.

I prefer ASC but CCleaner is great too. You do not need

both of these programs; one of these programs is


Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide 158

5.3 Remove Entries from Add/Remove


There may be several reasons for removing certain

programs from the add/remove programs list. One reason

may be that you have no intention of removing some

programs and they are cluttering the list—or you may want

to remove that net monitoring program so your kids can’t

remove it. In this section you will learn how to remove

these programs.

I recommend you back up the Windows Registry before

doing this.

1. Open the Registry Editor (Appendix D: Launch

Windows Registry Editor.)

2. Scroll to the following entry:



159 5 System Maintenance and Management

3. In the left pane are the programs (some

represented by numbers and letters, and some by

their name) and in the right pane you can see the

display name.

4. Find the key that corresponds to the program you

want to hide. Click the key in the left pane and click
File > Export.

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide 160

5. Choose a name for the file and save it. (This will

allow you to restore the key when you want to

uninstall the program.)

6. Now the key is backed up, you can delete the key

by right clicking on it and choosing Delete.

7. Restore the key by double clicking on the reg file

you saved in step 5.

161 5 System Maintenance and Management

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