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Author: Tafheem Ahmed

He is the Only He is ALLAH He is the Only He gives us what ever we want He is the Only He takes from us what ever He wants He is the Only He is the Greatest He is the Only He is the Only super one He is the Only Who forgives our sins He is the Only Who loves us more then our mothers He is the Only Who made heaven He is the Only Who made Hell He is the Only Who control this universe alone He is the Only

We wana peace l! dnt "lame us We wana peace l! dnt kill our people We wana peace We are muslims Our religion never allows us to kill any one without reason We are from that nation Who forgives even enemies We wana peace We are followers of that #essenger of ALLAH$ %&%'%H( Who had come Only for peace We wana peace We are akistanis We are not terrorists We wana peace We had taken this country Only for peace We wana peace We are not suicide "om"ers l! leave our country We can stand on our foot We wana peace We wana peace We wana peace)))))

We are akistanis To win is our nature We are akistanis *ver remains undefeated are our ha"it We are akistanis To play with danger is our style We are akistanis To create more and more adventure for our success is our identity We are akistanis +o inconsidera"le is our logo We are akistanis +o un"elieva"le is our satisfaction We are akistanis To show miracles is in our "lood We are akistanis To win is our nature We are akistanis roud to "e akistani akistan ,inda"ad" ,inda"ad

- never hate those peopleWho leave me alone and deceive meWhen - was in trou"le/o! they taught meHow to deceive trou"lesHow to face trou"les))) Thanks 0or +eceiving 0ragrance and odor are two such things of the world which can never "e hiddenA person1s personality is also like those' are good or "ad' can never "e hide urself from others2o pl! &e good and 2ee good))) When a person call u friend-ts never means that he3she fulfill the definition of friendshipThe person whom u know as ur "est friendHe32he can "e ur worst enemy 2o pl! 4st analy!e the person then make friendship)))

-f u wana win the race of lifeThen don1t think how much ur competitors are strong

&ut only keep in mind ur aim2uccess will find u on its own self))) -f u is sincere in any relationThen there should "e nothing like ego-f there will "e egoThen u will nothing foundAnd ever remain hurt))) A person has never same "ehavior with every one in every situation&ut others e5pect this same in every situation+ue to this clashes occur2o pl! understand the demand of situation' will never hurt)))

-t is a factor "y which a person loose every relationHe32he remain ever unsuccessful 6 find a good friendAnd ever remain Hurt2o pl! don1t "e egoist personality 7therwi! u will ever remain hurt

*very one wants to "reak already made laws-f we consider illegal as legalThen no one will do wrong2trange "ut true))) -f u wana satisfy urselfThen always look "elow urself&ut if u wana make progressThen ever look a"ove to urself &ut never "e 8ealous from any one))) ' will never hurt-f you "ecome 4st others hopeAnd keep ur very silent hope from others))) ' can avoid from many of serious mistakesWhich can change ur life-f u 8ust leave 6 see only in front of ur eyes' must

8ust analy!e the whole situation then make ur final decision There is nothing like friendship in this worldWe are only needing of one another Once need has fulfilled then this world will kick out u))) A "itter reality of world9ever show ur sorrows in front of others/o! there is a few persons who can "e sympatric to u&ut there is allot of persons who 8ust make ur fun 9othing else))) Girls are the most dynamic things of the worldAnd life is 8ust like a girl+o ur work with in timeOtherwise -t can take turn at any pointAnd u can go in "ottom))) O"serve every thing in this worldThat u are gaining some knowledge from that-n this way u can "ecome most e5perienced person of the world in small ageAnd can compete older ones))) +ifference &3W this world and the ne5t oneHere in this world*very thing attracts

its opposite#en attract WomenOpposite poles of magnet ever attract one another2un always sets in its opposite side of rise&ut we can never achieve heaven with sins 0eel The +ifference and "e preparing for ne5t Height of 2hame ness When ur s7me special relati7n "reaks unwillinglyAnd u can1t do any thing*ven u want)))))

- never hurt when my love says me that 2he want to see me in pain&ut - really hurt when my friend said me that he is always with me &ut he left me at that timeWhen - had really need him2o don1t trust every oneAnd not to make friendship with every person))) :ed color is a sign of danger and we also use it as a sign of love on ;alentine1s +ay-t means there is no difference "3w love and danger

Love<:ed /olor +anger< :ed /olor Hence Love<+anger And -f Love<+anger Girl<+anger
2o don1t love with girls)))

Whenever - fall in trou"leWhen ever - feel very lonelinessWhenever the whole world even my love leaves me-n that situation there is some persons who stand with me They are called friendsWhenever - see them my all tension get finished#ay ALLAH keep us ever sympathetic for one another +edicated To #y 0riends))) We have no need of money for chilling and en8oyingWe 8ust need friends&ut friends must "e friends not "e %%)))

When a person have to live against his rulesThen his life is nothing 8ust like a cardOne who play with him=ust get 8oy and through)))