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Sept09 Bill Reichart

Sept09 Bill Reichart

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September Heartchangers Letter to the ministry partners of CMDA Atlanta
September Heartchangers Letter to the ministry partners of CMDA Atlanta

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Published by: BillReichart on Sep 11, 2009
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Partners in ministry

making a difference

September 2009

Carolyn and Susan—PCOM student leaders meeting incoming first years

Dear Ministry Partner, This month I would like to share with you an email that one of the doctors received from one of the students in her mentoring small group. I have enclosed the email in full. I hope you will be encouraged, as I was, on how God is at work in bringing medical students to Christ simply through the faithfulness of students who love the Lord. Here is the email:

“I wanted to share with you a bit from an incredible conversation I just had with my roommate. I asked her if she would share with me
the story of the spiritual journey she's been on over the past few years. She told me this incredible story of how God carried her on this journey without her even knowing she was on a journey until just recently. During our 1st year of med school when she didn't even believe God existed, she saw something she really loved and admired "radiating" from me and 2 other Christians in our class. She said there was something really different in the way we acted and treated other people and the only common denominator she could come up with was that we were all 3 Christians. She also said she felt really comfortable around me b/c I'm "so normal and not weird at all" and yet somehow everyone knows I'm a Christian. She said all of that was God loving her through other people, which was so gracious of Him b/c she didn't even believe He existed. So then she went through a long period where she wished she could believe in God b/c she could see how it could change people's hearts, but she just didn't believe and she couldn't force it. She tried going to Bible study but had some bad experiences and then she just quit trying. Then this spring she kind of on a whim decided to start going to church b/c a friend of ours said "You know you're always welcome to come to church with me." And that was just the right thing at just the right time. So she started coming to church with us with no intention of believing in anything. Then she started noticing that all the sermons she heard really made sense to her, and she realized she kind of agreed with them. And then she started really agreeing with the sermons. And one Sunday she went to church not believing and some time during the service she just realized that she actually believed in God and Jesus and she was okay with that. She actually really liked the fact that she believed it. She said it was such a relief because she wasn't trying to force it and she wasn't faking it. She just believed. So now she's still trying to figure out how this fits into who she is and how this might change the rest of her life. But her relationship with God is the biggest part of who she is now and she really likes that about herself. And she said the most amazing thing is that she never did any of it. God did it all. I told her how I can see a change in her and I knew she believed in Jesus now even though she hadn't told me. I told her I could just tell something was different because she has loved me so well and been such an encouragement to me this spring. And she said, "It's definitely not me. It's God through me." She said a lot of other really awesome things, but that's the basic story. How beautiful is that? How great is our God? Such a perfect picture of His love for us, even when we refuse to acknowledge Him.”

Serving Him Together,

P.S. You too can make a difference in the lives of medical students by mentoring 3-4 students in a small group. Contact me, if you are interested or would like more information.
(770) 350-8539 (o) billreichart@cmdaatlanta.org www.cmdaatlanta.org

CMDA Atlanta Area

1415 Mountclaire Dr. Cumming, GA 30041

Thank you very much for your faithful support of this CMDA ministry.
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Bill Reichart Atlanta Area Director

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