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Curvier You - For a Bigger Butt and Shapelier Hips

Curvier You - For a Bigger Butt and Shapelier Hips


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Curvier you-Female Figure and Buttock Enhancement supplement.
For sexier hips and a bigger butt. Release your inner sex kitten and inner goddess.
Fill out your clothes and look great from behind.
Curvier you-Female Figure and Buttock Enhancement supplement.
For sexier hips and a bigger butt. Release your inner sex kitten and inner goddess.
Fill out your clothes and look great from behind.

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Published by: Noir97 on Sep 11, 2009
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Curvier you Female Figure and Buttock Enhancement supplement.

For a Curvier, Bouncier , Backside.

For the woman that desires a fuller, curvier, bouncier backside. Curvier You® is an all natural effective buttock enhancement herbal supplement. Look feminine and shapely, feel sexy, increase your self esteem and fill out your clothes ! Buttocks, Butt, bum, bottom, bubble, onion, badunkadunk, backside, heritage, ass, trunk (as in “junk in”), caboose, bottom, derrière, fanny, rear , beautiful bouncy delights, bumper, love handles, jelly, bootylicious goodness, man toys, pillow, men‟s kryptonite, … whatever you may call yours, Curvier You® guarantees you a natural way to enhance your backside to a more desirable size and fullness. It has been scientifically and sociologically proven that the waist-hip ratio in women is often considered a key feature in physical attractiveness and mate selection. Scientists have discovered that the waist-hip ratio of any build is very strongly correlated to attractiveness across all cultures. Women with a 0.7 Waist-hip-ratio (waist circumference that is 70% of the hip circumference) are usually rated as more attractive. Since the beginning of time, the Buttocks have always been one of the two most important determinants of the Beauty of the female

torso. Until now, those who have less curvy backsides have had no real options for having rounder, more desirable buttocks, Curvier You® offers you an option. Curvier you gives you a beautiful, bouncier, curvier backside.

Benefits of Curvier You®
Curvier you contains Concentrated Herbal Extracts For Buttock Enhancement.

100% Natural! Guaranteed and Visible Results Affordable and a small investment for beautiful feminine curves Adds size, and fullness to your Buttocks, Thighs and Hips without expensive or dangerous surgeries More affordable then butt injections or implants May increase your bra cup size, and decrease the size of your waist Discreet shipping No known adverse effects Look shapely from behind and fill out your pants and jeans 100% money back guarantee!


Fenugreek Seed Extract- contains some of the highest concentrations of the plant elements recommended by herbalists for feminine curves . It is also a hormone regulator that has been used to balances the female system. Fenugreek seed, which is also known as Methi in Urdu and Hindi, Hulba in Arabic is a popular supplement for minimizing symptoms of menopause.

Maca Root-Maca is the root of a Peruvian plant Lepidium meyenii (Brassicaceae), growing in the Central Andean Region of Peru between 4000 and 4500 meters of altitude, mainly in Junin and Cerro de Pasco. Increases energy and endurance, Increases stamina, Alleviates chronic exhaustion (fatigue) syndrome Improves sexual function in men and women, Enhances fertility in people and animals, Reduces hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause Can regulate hormonal imbalances.

Watercress Leaf- Watercress is one of the best sources of vitamin E. This is the fertility vitamin, essential to buttock enhancement and enhancement of feminine curves, Vitamin E helps the body to use oxygen, which increases physical endurance and stamina and improves heart response.

Dong Quai- female hormone balance is Dong Quai, also known as Angelica sinesis. Dong Quai is well-noted for its reputation as a female tonic. It has both anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Dong Quai does contain estrogenic substances that may exert some regulating effect on estrogen levels and on estrogenic biological mechanisms because of this it is an excellent ingredient for butt enhancement.

Wild Yam- potent herb used for female hormone balance is Wild Yam, also know as Dioscorea. The plant hormone diosgenin nourishes female organs and has a balancing effect upon the body‟s hormones similar to the effects of DHEA and progesterone.

L-Tyrosine is a direct precursor to Thyroxine, a primary thyroid hormone, as well as Adrenaline and Nor-adrenaline. Thyroxine has been found to increase metabolic rate and control growth rate.

Kelp is the common name for seaweed. It absorbs fats and has been shown to fight against obesity, cellulitis and rheumatism. It is rich in nutrients, containing 30 minerals. Kelp contains iodine which stimulates the thyroid. Kelp has also been reported to improve skin, nails and hair, and treat obesity.

Blessed Thistle Herb (Cnicus benedictus L.)Used as a hormonal regulator and aid in digestion and circulation. Because of it's powerful estrogenic properties, it is considered one of the best herbs used for buttock and curve enhancement.

Dandelion Root is a perennial plant found almost everywhere. Dandelion root effects all forms of secretion and excretion from the body. This boosting of secretion is key to buttock enhancement, and the boosting of excretion is key to the cleansing of the estrogen receptor sites which become clouded with environmental toxins that mimic estrogen. By acting to remove these and other toxins from the body, it acts as a tonic and stimulant as well.

Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, plays a role in the body's ability to utilize oxygen. It also protects Vitamin A from destruction in the body and unsaturated fats from abnormal breakdown. Vitamin E is reported to be the anti-aging vitamin. In addition, Vitamin E keeps youthful elasticity in tissue

- The Science behind Curvier You™

Curvier You is formulated with natural herbal ingredients that causes buttock enhancement, fuller bust and curvier hips. This is a revolutionary breakthrough for women who want to naturally increase their buttock size, fullness and bounciness without surgery. The importance of Phytoestrogens, Estrogen and Fatty tissue The herbs that even ancient healers knew would enhance and create a curvier, feminine figure are now called „phytoestrogens‟ by the scientific world. Phytoestrogens are substances in plants that have a similar effect on the body to estrogen. Because estrogen is the hormone that produces female curves, fooling the body into thinking it has more estrogen causes a more feminine figure to develop. The body produces a feedback mechanism to prevent any adverse negative effects and thus making phytoestrogens very safe to consume. Phytoestrogens, sometimes called "dietary estrogens", are a diverse group of naturally occurring non steroid plants that, because of their structural similarity with estradiol have the ability to cause estrogenic effects. Their name comes from phyto = plant and estrogen = estrus (period of fertility for female mammals) + gen = to generate. Estradiol is the most important form of estrogen found in the body. Most of it is made in and secreted from the ovaries, adrenal cortex, and placenta. Estradiol plays a key role in the development of female curves and plays a role in the distribution of body fat in women.

The development of secondary sex characteristics in women is driven by estrogens, specifically estradiol. These changes are initiated at the time of puberty, most enhanced during the reproductive years, and become less pronounced with declining estradiol support after the menopause. Thus, estradiol enhances breast,buttock and hip development. It is responsible for changes in the body shape affecting bones, joints, and fat deposition. Fat structure and skin composition are modified by estradiol. Estrogenic fat is a feminine secondary sex characteristic, which develops at puberty and is maintained by estradiol throughout a woman's fertile years. After menopause it diminishes or, in many cases, is slowly replaced by other, non-estradiol-sensitive forms of adipose tissue Curvier You buttock enhancement herbs create more curvier feminine figure by stimulating growth and enhancement in much the same way that estrogen would. Curvier you has been given a safety rating called “GRASE” by the FDA, meaning it is “generally regarded as safe and effective”.
Research References

Yildiz, Fatih (2005). Phytoestrogens in Functional Foods. Taylor & Francis Ltd. pp. 3-5, 210-211 Varner, J E, Bonner, J (1966). Plant Biochemistry. Academic Press Naz, Rajesh K. (1999). Endocrine Disruptors: Effects on Male and Female Reproductive Systems.

(Body shapes) Curvier You and Your Body Shape

Many women fall into 4 different body shapes. These shapes are determined by genetics and can be altered through surgery, pregnancy, aging, menopause, exercise, diet, nutrition and herbal supplements. Depending on a woman‟s body shape, Curvier you will have a different effect. Visible results from taking Curvier you will be determined by genetics, age, and lifestyle

Apple (triangle downward)
Apple shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips. Apple shaped women have (much) higher androgen levels compared to women with other body types. This shape will require a longest period to see results from curvier you. Lower body exercises are recommended to create a waist line and draw attention away from the upper body. Banana or straight (rectangular) The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement. The body has a relatively high androgen level compared to the estrogen level, and this physique has a more masculine look and is often described as a “ruler”. This shape will require a longer period to see results from curvier you. Pear or spoon or bell (triangle upward) The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement. The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips and thighs. This shape will see results in a shorter period of time then the Banana or Apple from curvier you. Hourglass shape (triangles opposing, facing in)

The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This is the ideal shape and results are quick and visible from Curvier you.

Curvier you Vs. other Buttock Enhancement options
* Buttock Implants/ Lifts Cost of butt implants: $ 5,000 + Cost of Brazilian butt lift : $3,000 to $10,000 Possible risks: nerve damage from incision and insertion of the implants, post-surgery infection, prolonged pain. Buttock implant surgery lasts about two hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Because of the position of the implants, the recovery period makes sitting, driving a car, or general physical activity difficult and should be avoided for several weeks post-surgery.

Complications: Infection, bleeding and muscle damage are major risks with butt implant surgery. It is also possible for the implants to slip after surgery, causing asymmetry since the buttocks region is constantly shifting with sitting and physical activity involving the legs. Recovery: Since this is an area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and so many other movements, patients might experience great pain during the recovery period. The patient can expect to not be able to comfortably sit down for at least a few days or weeks, and will be advised not to sleep on their back. Fat Transfer Cost from $6,625 Fat is taken from other areas of the body, processed and then injected into the buttocks. Complications Infection and bleeding are major risks. Also, while the patient will have a rounder butt instantly, the fat re-injected into the buttocks may shrink as much as 60% in the next year as it is reabsorbed into the body. This fat re-absorption may produce asymmetry if one side of the buttocks absorbs more than the other, making the results of this procedure difficult to predict precisely. Recovery The patient can expect to not be able to sit or sleep on their backs during the first few weeks without pain, and may require some help getting dressed.

Silicone Butt Pads Advantages: Can be easily worn and easily removed. Can instantly increase your buttocks by 1-2‟‟ Disadvantages: Gives unrealistic look and feel, temporary, can become costly with constant repurchases. Can appear fake under certain articles of clothing, and look unnatural.


How many inches can I expect to gain? That is matter of genetics, diet and lifestyle. On average women have reported 24 inches spread in hips with 2.5 inches being the average for hip and backside enhancement. This occurred over 2-6 months of following the regimen. Your results may be greater or less depending on genetics, diet and lifestyle How soon will I see results? Depending on your body shape, genetics, diet and lifestyle, results can be visible in as little as a few weeks or 3-6 months. Most customers reports visible results during the second and third month with direct use. Women with fuller body types and who naturally gain weight in the hip and buttock area have reported results in as little as 3 weeks. Some women reported obvious visible results after 6 months of usage. We encourage all customers to take before and after measurements along with before and after photos to track their success. In addition we encourage all customers to send in such photos and if we use your photo as a testimonial you will receive a free months supply of Curvier you . Can a pill actually give me curves? Yes, the same way that a pill can help you lose weight, prevent a disease, prevent a pregnancy, grow your hair, or give you better skin, a pill can also give you curves. Curvier you herbal enhancement pill contains Phytoestrogens, sometimes called "dietary estrogens", are a diverse group of naturally occurring non steroid plants that, because of their structural similarity with estradiol have

the ability to cause estrogenic effects. Their name comes from phyto = plant and estrogen = estrus (period of fertility for female mammals) + gen = to generate. Estradiol is the most important form of estrogen found in the body. Most of it is made in and secreted from the ovaries, adrenal cortex, and placenta. Estradiol plays a key role in the development of female curves and plays a role in the distribution of body fat in women. Do I have to eat fatty foods with Curvier you to get a bigger butt? No, for general health we recommend that you eat a nutritious balanced meal. We encourage increasing your protein intake, but we do not recommend eating fatty and unhealthy foods. Are there any foods I can eat to enhance the effects of Curvier you? Along with eating a proper diet, you can eat adequate amounts of lean protein. Is the Curvier You Enhancement Formula healthy? Yes. Curvier you is completely safe, and made with 100% natural organic ingredients. In our conducted studies when participants took Curvier you as directed there were not any reports of negative or adverse side effects. Will Curvier you make my hips bigger too ? Yes, Curvier you will enhance your female curves, including your buttocks, hips and thighs. Will curvier you make my breasts bigger too? Curvier you will increase cup sizes of some women. Can I continue Birth Control pills while taking Curvier You ? Yes, curvier will not interfere with the hormones in your birth control pills. I am doing a cleanse or a fast can I take Curvier You? If you are doing a cleanse it is best to take curvier you after you have cleansed your body and have resumed regular eating. A cleanse or a fast is a great way to rid your body of unnecessary deposits and prepare it for optimum absorption of the supplements. Will your herbal supplements make me fat? Curvier you will enhance your hips, buttocks and thighs, creating a curvier ,feminine figure. You will have the appearance of a trimmer waist with the distribution of fat that will be visible in the buttocks. You will notice more fat on your frame, but it will be in the buttock, hips, thighs and for some women breasts. Do you ship Internationally? Yes, we ship worldwide. All orders are shipped via USPS with delivery confirmation.

What is your return policy? We offer a full money back return on all 6 months orders. Buyer is to pay for Return shipping. Item must be shipped back undamaged, untampered or unopened in its original packaging within 60 days of purchase date. A 20% restocking/relisting fee will be applied on such returns. Can I exercise while taking Curvier you? Yes, you can perform any sort of exercise that does not cause you to lose weight. You do not want to counter balance the effect of Curvier you and burn the results off. Slow to moderate daily exercise is fine. You should modify your exercise depending on the sort of backside your desire. Doing squats, donkey kicks, and lunges or exercises with weights will give you a more “ toned” backside, whereas not doing squats and other exercises will yield a softer, bouncier result. We encourage you to exercise, preferably with weights to activate the butt muscles to increase the development of a shapelier backside. A bigger, shapelier butt is very attractive. You should do “butt” exercises 2-3 per times a week. These exercises may include stair climbing, squats, donkey kicks, and lunges. In addition we encourage you to add cardio for general health and better fat distribution. What method do you recommend for taking Curvier You to get the best results ? We recommend that you follow directions ,and eat a full balanced meal. Curvier You herbal supplements have been tested and do work if you follow the regimen as directed. Is it best to take the pills in the morning or in the evening? That is a lifestyle choice. Some customers have seen optimal results taking Curvier you in the morning while others reported that taking curvier you in the evening before going to bed yielded faster results. Is Curvier You FDA Approved? Curvier You is an herbal supplement. The Food and Drug Administration does not approve dietary supplements. Curvier you has been given a safety rating called “GRASE” by the FDA, meaning it is “generally regarded as safe and effective”. Unlike new drugs, dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by FDA based on their safety and effectiveness. Most dietary supplements that contain a new dietary ingredient (a dietary ingredient not marketed in the United States before October 15, 1994) require a notification to FDA 75 days before marketing. The notification must include the information that was the manufacturer or distributor's basis for concluding that the dietary supplement will reasonably be

expected to be safe. After dietary supplements are on the market, FDA evaluates their safety through research and adverse event monitoring

I am a vegetarian can I take Curvier you? Yes, Curvier you is fine for vegetarians. Are Curvier you pills tested on animals ? No, Curvier you is not tested on animals in our lab. Curvier you was tested on women with different body types. Curvier you is animal and environmentally friendly. Will I get faster results if I take more than the recommended amount in a day ? Yes, but it is not recommended, and is highly discouraged. You may see stretch marks, and perhaps unsightly dimples as the skin stretches too quickly to accommodate the new curves. Can I take “Curvier you” while breast feeding? Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking Curvier you. I am under 18 can I take Curvier you ? Curvier you is an herbal supplement formulated to enhance your buttocks and female curves. We highly suggest that you contact your physicians before beginning any herbal supplement regimen no matter what your age. Can men take Curvier you too ? Curvier was formulated for women and results will be more visible in women due to higher concentrations of fat cells and deposits in the buttock and hips area. Men who are unsatisfied with their backsides have purchased Curvier you and have reported positive visible results to their once flat or unflattering backsides. We have received confirmation that Curvier you works for men as well as women, however our main focus and formulation was for the female body. If I double up on Curvier You , will I get faster results ? Doubling up is not recommended as it can lead to the formation of stretch marks if your skin expands too quickly to accommodate the new developing hips and buttocks. It is best to follow directions as recommended. Can I take the individual ingredients by themselves to achieve the same results ? Yes, but that method can be costly and time consuming. If you follow this method you will first have to find very potent herbal ingredients as not all herbs are formulated the same way and then you will probably have to consume 9-10 pills a day to get the full benefit. The herbalists at Curvier you have developed a propriety formula that has been test and guaranteed to work. We have

formulated the right herbal ingredient in the right portions with the right potency to give you optimal results with only one pill.

I noticed that Curvier you contains the same ingredients as herbal breast enhancement pills and other butt enhancement pills. What makes Curvier you different ? The formula, concentration, and potency of our herbal ingredients is what allows us to guarantee that Curvier you will work if you follow the proper regimen. Phytoestrogens are used in Herbal breast supplements as well as herbal buttock enhancements, but are mixed and blended differently to yield different results. We cannot speak on our competitors but Curvier you contains very potent herbal ingredients that have been formulated to give guaranteed results. I feel embarrassed about taking a product called “ Curvier you”. I do not want my boyfriend to laugh at me, what do you recommend as a discreet way to take your pills without being found out ? We understand your position. Although we strongly feel that you shouldn‟t feel embarrassed by our product name, we can recommend a few things. First Curvier you herbal supplements are formulated in our laboratory and shipped discreetly in a non descript packaging, so the mailman or any other person that handles your mail will not give you any funny looks or smirks. Secondly, you are more than welcome to transfer the pills to a vitamin tray or another type of pill bottle that you would not mind people seeing. You may feel embarrassed by the product name, but we know that you will be happy with your new curves. If I do not have any visible results after one month what do you recommend? Depending on your body type, lifestyle and diet results may not be visible in one month, especially if you have a high metabolism or improper diet. You may need to take Curvier you for 3-6 months for visible results. Some women who have a higher metabolism and gain weight at a slower pace will require more time for Curvier you to be effective. In addition some women who do not eat a proper diet may find Curvier you to be less effective if their body is deprived of nutrients and they cannot hold onto or store fat. If you are anorexic , obese, pregnant, or nursing please do not take Curvier you.

Is Curvier you right for you ? Are you a woman that desires a full, curvier backside with a trimmer waist? Do you have healthy eating habits? Can you commit to vitamin regiment for 1-12 months? Will you consult your physician before beginning any herbal supplement program? Are you committed to reshaping your body and achieving a curvier, feminine figure ?

If you answered affirmative to the above questions you are ready to start.

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About Us
Curvier you was created by team of certified herbalists dedicated to providing quality and effective herbal supplements for women. Vasta Labs International believes in the beauty of the female form and wants every female to enjoy her feminine beauty.

Contact: Curvieryou@gmail.com

Curvier You™ Female Figure and Buttock Enhancement Formula.
“ For a Curvier , bouncier backside !http://www.curvieryou.com

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