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Mrs Smalls expectations of class behaviour when in the Learning Centre.

One must act like one year group and not like one that is lower,
.i.e. Year 10s must act like Year 10s and not like Year 7s this applies to every class
that Mrs Smalls takes to the Learning Centre.

No one may get out of their seats whilst in the Learning Centre, not even to converse
with Mrs Smalls, instead students should simply raise their hand until Mrs Smalls
comes to see them.
(If this takes a while, you may call to Mrs Smalls but the student should never rise
from their seat.)

All tasks and instructions set in the Learning Centre must be completed to an
appropriate standard.

Students must only use sites approved by Mrs Smalls, these being history sites and
no other sites unless approved by Mrs Smalls.
Should any child caught on games or on anything unapproved of by Mrs Smalls will
be taken off the computer and may even lead to the withdrawal of the class from
the Learning Centre.

Students uniform must stay intact for the whole duration of the lesson, meaning that
top buttons stay done up, shirts tucked in (properly and all the way around). Being
in the Learning Centre is not an excuse to let standards slip in any way.

Students must keep conversing to a minimum and must not exceed the sound level
or distract other class mates or any other classes in the Learning Centre.

Should any of these expectations be broken by any student, the consequences are as
follows: the whole class will be withdrawn from the Learning Centre and returned
to the classroom for the remainder of the lesson (NO exceptions).

By Holly Joscelyne History 10C