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ARH 101

Egypt Part 1 Review:

-Neolithic Era brings agriculture people are settling down
-Nile provides fertile soil to grow food

-Upper and lower Egypt combined to give us Old kingdom

-Time divided into Dynasties based on Pharaohs
-The First Dynasty: King Narmer. Helps combined Upper and Lower Egypt
-Menes (3000–2938)
1st Pharaoh of the 1st Dynasties Helps combined Upper and Lower Egypt Creates damn
and canals to control the Nile

-Mastabs= first tombs with 2 structures one above ground and one below

-Djoser (2667-2648) 1st Pharaoh defined as a GOD makes first “Step” Pyramid with
architect Imhotep
Djoser had two tombs one for Mummified body one for his organs

-Snefru (2613-2589) 4th dynasty had Quest for engineering perfection made bent
pyramid and Red Pyramid 1st true pyramid

-Great pyramids at Giza The Pyramid of Menkaure( 2533-2515), Khafre (2570-2544), and Khufu
(2601-2528) Peak of Pyramids

Bust of Prince Ankh-
Haf (h.50.5 cm)
Painted limestone
dating to the reign of
Khafre, 2558-2532 BC
4th Dynasty. Giza
Ti Watching a Hippopotamus
Hunt, Tomb of Ti, Fifth Dynasty,
Old Kingdom Egypt, c. 2450 -
2325 BCE.
The Middle Kingdom
Portrait and Bust of Sesostris III
1836-1818 B.C. (Middle
Kingdom, late Dynasty 12, reign
of Sesostris III)
Medium: yellow quartzite
Dimensions: height 17 3/4”,
width 13 1/2”,
depth 17”
Statue of Lady Sennuwy,
Egyptian, Middle Kingdom,
Granite 68”
Dynasty 12, reign of
Senwosret I (1971-1926 B.C.)
Feeding the Oryxes.
1928-1895 bce.
Wall painting, tomb
of Khnum-hotep