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prawn romey4 mw? DUI WNT 2 Roman Boulevard Monsey, NY 10952 (845) 352-4591 . RABBI MOSHE GREEN. DEAN OF YESHIVA OF MONSEY Jily 13, 2007 1; Rabbi Moshe Greed) am the din of Yeshiva D'Mansey, which is located at 14 Rofnan Blvd. Monsey, NY. 1 have, beon the dean of this yeshiva for over 30 years: Thousands of former students over the last 30 yoars have requested z20 io officiats at their weddings, Jeis my obligation to ensue thet everything wil proves desording fo ; the laws of Moses and Israel wisea I officiate. In the event that Lam asked to officiate at a wedding of a remarriage of a womuo, I cofiduet & thorough investigation as to the authenticity of'her Jewish Get. IFT deem the |" Get invalid, Twill nof officiate, a knee wom ey ot recy me be circumstances. A Get in which Rabbi Tzvi Dov Abraham luis u part in is not a universally adecptcd Get. Rather, it is deemed extremely controversi, to say the Jeast, A broad spectrum of the Onhodox women will not acvept such « Get: Men will not remarry a worman wish a divaive through sacha Get. ‘The reason for this stringericy, that a woinan may not remarty with a Get thet i in any ‘way controversial, is because offspring of that union will be forever blenaished and unable to many into the Jewish people, Therefore, | reiterate, I will never ever officiate at any wedding which a bride was previously divorced by Rabbi Abraham's Get as itis definitely a Get which I believe is. not worthy of being uccepied.. Rak Ma Rabbi Moshe Green