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Ewing Township Environmental Commission

7 to 9 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Municipal Complex, 2 Jake Garzio Drive

I. Call to Order - Open Public Meetings Statement

The notice requirements provided for in the Open Public Meetings Act have been satisfied. The
Ewing Township Council properly gave notice of this meeting in the resolution on January 1,
2009, which was transmitted to the Times of Trenton and the Trentonian, filed with the Clerk of
the Ewing Township and posted in the Ewing Township Municipal Complex, on January 2, 2009.

II & III. Roll Call & Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes - Scott
IV. Community Days Participation; advance or decline?– John, Pete et al

V. Environmentally Advanced Assisted Living Facility in Ewing – by Special

Guest Rebecca Lynn [@ ca. 7:45 pm]

VI. Statements/Comments from the public on items on the agenda.

We encourage participation in our meetings. A member of the public may use five minutes for
specific remarks and questions, unless otherwise engaged in a dialogue with a member of the
Commission. The Chairperson must authorize further remarks or questions.

VII. Progress & action plans on:

John: Green Team to meet at EIL 9/30 & a solar church 10/28?
Ann: Invasive Asian water chestnut on deaf school pond; eradication quote?
Ann: Tree Ord latest; comb w GT ords e.g. land & water cons, steep slopes.

VIII. Reports of Committees and Special Events

A. Hal M [absent; see Hos]- Planning Bd & Site Rev.
B. Lee: Wells Fargo Wachovia donations.
C. Lisa: ANJEC special workshops

IX. Correspondence and Communications - Scott

X. Additional Old Business/New Business
XI. Statements/Comments from public on items not listed on the agenda