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Tribunal canadien des droits de la personne Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Cotas, Canada KAA MA January 12, 2009 By r & Emai Mr. Arthur Topham The Radical Press 4633 Barkerville Highway Quesnel, B.C. V25 6T8 Dear Mr. Thopham: Re: Tribunal ~ Harry Abrams and The League for Human Rights of B’Nai Brith Canada y. Arthur Topham and Our File: 1360/9008 The complaint of Harry Abrams and The League for Human Rights of B’Nai Brith Canada dated April 14, 2007 against Arthur Topham and has been referred to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for an inquiry and decision, Before the hearing of this complaint, the Tribunal is offering mediation in an attempt to achieve a settlement of this matter. If the parties are of the view that mediation would be of assistance, the Tribunal Chairperson will designate a Member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to meet with the parties to help resolve the complaint. Our Mediation Procedures are enclosed to assist you in making this decision. Please call Nancy Lafontant, the Registry Officer assigned to this case, at (613) 947-1137 by January 28, 2009 to provide a response to the following questions. Alternatively, you may respond in writing or by email to:, 1 ‘Do you agree to mediation? Ifyes: 2. Do you agree that the mediation take place in Vancouver, British Columbia? 3. Do you agree that the mediation be conducted in English? 4 [fall parties agree to mediation, the mediation must take place before March 13, 2009. Please provide a list of all dates that you are available for a one-day mediation in this time period. Canada Should any of the parties decline to participate in the mediation process, the Tribunal will commence the planning process for the hearing by holding a case management teleconference with all the parties on February 6, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. (Ottawa Time) Written confirmation of this call will be sent once the parties’ responses to mediation are receive If you have any questions with respect to the mediation process, please do not hesitate to contact Nancy Lafontant, at (613) 947-1137 (collect calls are accepted), Yours sincerely, Ager A Gregory M. Smith Registrar Enel.