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Yathi Mahalaya - Bhadrapada Bahula Dwadashi is meant for

Yathigalu. On this day, hastodaka will be given to all the

yathigalu who have entered Vrundavana. On this day, paksha
not to be done for other forefathers. We have to yathi
Dwadashi shraddha to get ourselves free from Yathi Runa, that
is why it is called as “Yathi Dwadashi”. These yathigalu having
prepared so many shastra granthas, vyaakhyaa, Teeka granthas
has helped us a lot in learning ancient granthas. So, we have
Runa to them – yathi runa. That is why we have to Yati
This shradha to be done by Yathiputras only. Who are
yathiputraas? - Those who have Grantha/Shastra Runa from
the yathigalu are termed as “Yathiputraas.” Yathi Shraddha
does not mean that we need to give panda pradhana to
yathigalu. This is annasantarpana/hastodaka to yathigalu in
the form of bhojana to brahmanas santarpane.

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