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His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan


Email to Press Attaché at '’

Respected Sir

I have sent repeated emails to your Press Attaché and have made appeals
on the Internet through various channels including Scribd, Feedmap, etc.,
and have humbly pleaded for the resolution of the matter of Habib Bank
Agricultural Loan Fraud.

Your Highness believes in Justice for all, irrespective of colour, gender,

culture or creed.

Why is it, Your Highness, that I am being treated differently? Is it because

you own Habib Bank and that makes it personal? You know very well what
Habib Bank have done to me for the past 9 years. Time and time again, I
have proved beyond any doubt of the wrongdoings of Habib Bank Limited

Can you still allow this to go on?

Is this Justice? If Habib Bank has done nothing wrong and I am truly a
Guarantor and a Defaulter, why are Habib Bank Staff reluctant to show the
ORIGINAL loan documents to the Court or my Solicitor to prove us wrong
and that would be the end of the case?

Please, please look into this matter and have Habib Bank contact me and let
us resolve this matter amicably.

Khalid Memon